Reflection 24.– Priests

Priests are professional, and have to study for many years to exercise their profession, so as engineers, physicians and lawyers do. Religions are many, ancient and modern, and every one of them have a team qualified for their doctrines. And as after centuries religions have increased by way of diverse churches, sects and ways, priests are specialized in the doctrine of their groups to exercise the office as best they can, so as physicians are specialized as surgeons, clinicians, pediatricians, oncologists, and so on. An orthodox priest defends dogmas different from those of a Catholic priest, a Lutheran bishop, a pastor of the Evangelical church, and from many others, even though all of them are Christian and preach the Gospel of Jesus.

In two books of this Collection, Master Bovisio describes the most important religions, some of them ancient, which nobody practices, and other that still are in force: Book XXIII, “Comparative Religion”, and Book XXIV, “Ten Great Religions”. The Chapter 3, Book XXIII, “Hinduism”, mentions some of its numberless schools and currents, and their priestly bodies, rites, customs, ceremonies and followers. The same occurs in other great religions: Chapter 25, “Christianity”, Chapter 26, “Islam”, and so on. There are thousands of different non-traditional currents, and they are neither officially registered nor systematized. Every one of these groups has its priests, trained for the doctrine that they promote anywhere, in buildings of the Christian Unified Church, in mosques, synagogues, temples, cathedrals, chapels, tabernacles, soccer stadiums and public squares. Sometimes a priest consecrates in the presence of a dozen of churchgoers; other times, a prelate officiates in the presence of a million of persons. Differences are quite significant regarding quantity and quality, and there are confrontations; but all of them speak about a unique God creator of men and also of them, the priests. In the world, the priestly institution faces a general disorder, not for their separatist differences, but because they did not achieve an equitable arrangement regarding their diversity. Forms and colors are varied in nature. In a big symphonic orchestra there are many instruments with different sounds, but they perform a harmonious music. In the cacophonic orchestra of priests, their scores are intermixed or incomplete, and the music that they play is an incomprehensible Tower of Babel at the end of a final age, to give room to other harmonies never heard on Earth.

a. Not to Repeat the Crucifixion!

A road engineer builds bridges and roads, a cardiologist heals heart disorders, and a professor teaches History in Colleges and Universities; but we do not know for certain what the priests, of whatever religion, do in these times. In this Reflection we’ll try to discover not only their outer activities but also what they are, their position in the spiritual world economy, what relation they keep with God and, over and above, with human beings. Does a priest constitute a special class, a metaphysical structure different from the ordinary ones or, simply, does he make things? What means to enter the Sacred Order? Does his inner nature experience a change?

Spokesmen are unnecessary now, when the Divine Initiate is on Earth, and lives with men in order to teach them directly the new way to live, without intermediaries and strange interpretations. While Maitreya is alive, just his word is legitimate and true. Priests of the world, particularly Buddhist and Christian priests, face crossroads, because both traditions announced the Redeemer’s return. Jesus announced clearly in the Gospels that he would return triumphantly at the end of his Christian cycle. If priests accept and recognize him, they have to be quiet and wait for the renovation of the Gospel, such as the Redeemer may want to impart it. If they reject him, they will become deadly enemies, such as it occurred two thousand years ago in Jerusalem, and they may repeat that deicide committed by the Sanhedrin with unpredictable effects. Some few years after the Crucifixion, the Romans destroyed the Temple, and the Jews were dispersed. History repeats, but on a higher level; Humanity is in a crisis of change of Races, there are thousands of nuclear bombs spread among enemy nations, and the Planet experiences natural and social convulsions of all kinds. Maitreya will give soon his Salvation Message, and universal events will take place according to the human response. The Aryan American Sub-Race started being strongly present, and nothing can prevent it from achieving its destiny. The responsibility for the future belongs to men. The Book XVIII, “The Way of Renunciation”, Chapter 9, 34, says, “What to do to mitigate this tremendous and frightful strike? A future war will be fulminating; in few months, everything will be destroyed, or by war, or by collective despair and psychosis. Is it possible to do something to mitigate it? If the Divine Providence does not enable us to go beyond the veil that covers Maitreya, we know that the more numerous souls adhere to Renunciation and live the life of the spirit, the more we can help on to save the world”.

b. Where Do They Stay?

Manu, Solar Initiate of First Category, founded the Aryan Root Race; since then the Planet, men and life were different and progressed toward the conquest of the reason. Other Great Solar Initiates, Rama, Noah and Krishna founded new and progressive Ages for the benefit of Humanity. Buddha and Christ, Great Solar Initiates of Fourth Category, were the last that in East and West renewed the human soul by principle of compassion and detachment from material things. Now, the new Solar Redeemer is alive among men and will develop the wonderful gift of intuition by the Way of Renunciation. So that this may come true, men have to forget everything that they learned by means of reason, which has carried them to the edge of the abyss. They will forget through Renunciation, or through destruction (Consequent Renunciation). Here, priests of any current, with their enormous persuasion capacity over persons that believe in them perform a fundamental role, a mission.

In this Reflection, we do not deal with religious institutions (churches, synagogues, ashrams, mosques, sects and other similar corporations) because temples do not speak, but men do. Institutions have consolidated their dogmas and are unable to change; otherwise, they would disappear. To survive they prefer to hold on what they already have, and what one can see are material possessions and social power.

But the priests have a share of privileged freedom because of their human condition, and can exercise this freedom if they want. Our question was this: where do they stay? No doubt: before Maitreya, or nowhere. Because Maitreya is Jesus, is Buddha, is Krishna, all those divine beings that ever helped Humanity. Now he is incarnated beside men, and the priests of the world must follow him.

When a King leaves his place for a while, he appoints a seneschal to rule the Kingdom in his absence; when the King comes back, he occupies automatically the throne and the seneschal disappears. Now that the King came back, all seneschals of the world come back to their ancient condition of servants; they keep silent and obey the Lord. Maitreya did not make his present known as yet, but is on the Throne. Priests should fix their position right now, by telling the faithful where they are placed as servers of the divine word, and by preparing them so that they may have faith and expect in permanent watchfulness the visit of the Savior. The noise of weapons increased in a terrible way, and priests must speak before being late.

c. Exhortation

Priests: Great Initiates, who gave rise to diverse religious and philosophic currents in the world, form a Spiritual Mystical Body, also called “Communion of the Saints”, and tirelessly bless Humanity through the Power of the Great Current; see Master Santiago’s Teachings explanation in Book XII, “Spiritual Life of Cafh”, Chapter15). This pure blessing descends on clean souls ready to receive it. At the appointed moment, one of those Divine Beings comes to live incarnated among men to teach them directly and give them strength. At present, it is among us a being that we call Maitreya. Priests have been led to the sacred order so that they preach that men should be prepared to receive him spiritually by cleaning their souls of selfishness, fear, covetousness, separativeness and violent passions. The blessing of the Redeemer will come just when they removed the dirt from their hearts.

We exhort priests to do three things:
1. All days to devote a time to prayer so that the Savior may help the souls that are expecting him.
2. To talk to persons in touch with them in order to teach –particularly to children– the mission and task of Maitreya.
3. To consider this subject with others priests without fear.

As a synthesis of these Reflections, here is the first part of the Hymn to Maitreya, written many years ago by Master Santiago, which the reader may find complete, along with further information about the Savior, in “Commentaries” of this Internet site.


Beloved Maitreya: inhabit us.
Reveal us the mystery of love.
Immeasurable loneliness of him who is not human, but lives among men.
And he makes himself a man in the purest and unfathomable loving act
and sacrifice.
Purity, eternal light of a stainless love.
Alone, and at the same time one with the souls.
We call you at the gates of the Divine Sanctuary.
We glorify you to be raised to Love.
We adore you in the depths of our hearts.
Sink us more and more in the center of the heart,
Until I stop being an isolated and lost man.
To stop being an illusion.
I put my little heart in your divine hands.