Number 25.- DRUMS OF WAR

In the beginning of the twentieth century the atmosphere was unusual among the German, English, French, Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empire, and after five years of manslaughter, the world was deranged. A little later, the Second World War (1939-1945) broke out, sixty million people dead, the same protagonists, and another world catastrophe. Now we face the psychosis of the Third and Last Planetary War, which in fact began on September 11th, 1001, in New York, and with the Declaration of “Infinite War” by the President Bush. The North-Americans want war, and terrorists as well. It is a great warlike scenery: the planet shivers shaken by continental telluric movements, we witness the end of a civilization, 6,000 millions of inhabitants wail in despair, there are millions of atomic, chemical and biological weapons (even on the terrorist side), economic and educational chaos, general crime, famine, drug-addiction and epidemics. A war of global destruction is the inevitable result of History; the tam-tam of drums of war is the background music in a civilization that collapses, and as the silence comes back, the reality will be frightful.

Humanity evolves by previously fixed stages in the divine plan of the Creation, and between one stage and another a sudden change –not pacific but violent– takes place by reversibility of values. The individual –a miniature of the species– is also destroyed at the moment of his death to be able to start other experiences. Building and destroying are permanent and alternate; but when a great cycle of civilization ends up, destruction affects the planet as a whole, vegetal species, animals and men, physically, psychically and spiritually. Very few survive after these transformations. When the 1,500 Year War ended up, after the destruction of the last Atlanteans (see the Book XXVI, “Anthropogenesis”, Chapter 15, and Book IV, “History of Man”, Chapters 14 and 16), those who started the Teutonic Aryan Age were some few survivors –acromegalics and savages– coming back to the stone age, hidden in caves, and using flint axes. The ancient and brilliant Celtic civilization –their ancestors– had entirely disappeared amid Cataclysms in the Mediterranean. But from this early man –who had the gift of reason– the splendid technological civilization emerged and evolved until the space conquest and secrets of matter unveiled. Now the old world comes to an end, and another unknown world begins –Aquarius– and we will hear only drums of war for an unpredictable time. What can do the lonely man in front of frightful confrontations displayed through the space by aircraft-carriers, bombers, remote-controlled rockets, and the most dreadful secret weapons that expect the red destruction signal? Outward, he cannot do anything; he must revert and explore his own inner space.

a. The Inner Space

Man lives in two worlds that are seemingly different, but intimately intertwined by a permanent exchange of forces: physical space outside, and spiritual space inside. He remains in the physical dimension for a while to get experiences in the matter; later he goes, and comes back after centuries, until he mainly achieves to be the owner of himself. Later he does not come back again.

The type of experiences offered by the civilization came to an end, and other disciplines begin through an integral development of the intuition under the guide of Maitreya. The Planet is violently experiencing a change along with everything and everybody it contains: men, civilizations, species, works and nations fighting for their survival in this “Every man for himself!”. Where to take refuge? Leaders faced on the infinite war have been clear and are fulfilling their threats; they will look for the enemy wherever he is, whoever he is, and will destroy them. The Palestine war proves their deadly goal and how the battlefields are everywhere: sea, passenger air-crafts, offices, home, schools, oil field, temples, supermarkets, tourist centers, and wherever victims are. War breaks our first in the heart, and later expands outward.

Earth belongs to national powers, and the inner space to every one of us; it is a vast territory with unknown limits and capacities. The mystics have given vast descriptions of it, and pointed out ways to travel through it and use it. It will be the universe of Maitreya, who is expecting his guests: the Faithful Disciples. At present, the economic matter prevails, with its concerns and weapons ready to defend possessions. What does it matter who has it now? Tomorrow, after the stage, the power will revert and go to the contrary side, such as we have seen this throughout History. In the inner spaces there are neither opposite sectors, nor exclusive propriety, nor one stronger than the other, because they are ruled by one law: Renunciation; he who gives, takes; he who loses, wins; the weak one is the stronger. “Blessed are the poor in spirit!” These have been the keys of the Great Masters Buddha, Lao-tse, Jesus, and now Maitreya. He who peruses Master Santiago’s Teachings will find these principles on every one of their pages. He says, “Renunciation is the law of the future world for Humanity as a whole, and there is no other law. You will take by giving, you will find by losing, and you will live by surrendering your lives. Renunciation is source of life and happiness, and its achievement is the only source of world salvation” (Book XIX, “Messages”, Chapter 13, “The Way of Renunciation, 1959).

b. The New Vibration

Life is fundamentally energetic and becomes manifest in man by means of the seven ethereal wheels placed along the spine, according to the explanation given by the “Zatachakra Nirupana”, a traditional Hindu book commented by Master Bovisio, next to be published on this Web site. Every Root Race vibrates in a different way according to the human type to develop, and likewise the Sub-Races change the type of vibrations they need. Just the Great Solar Initiates have the power to regulate the cosmic waves (their astral aura comprises the whole Planet), and this is their exclusive function, from which all dependent human activities derive: civilizations, moral, organic and psychological alterations, and so on. When Humanity has exhausted the energetic stream of a cycle, a Great Solar Initiate comes to be among men, and by means of his power lowers the lever (to say this simply) of the new vibrational cycle. Here the Divine Maitreya is changing, by means of his person, and even by means of his body, the vibrational scale of the planet and men. This Earth, old and tired of so many abuses, claims for a change, and its protests entail cyclones, earthquakes. fire and other alterations, in such a way that, as the time goes by, the Earth is in peace again. Men of the ancient civilization, tough like stones, also protest, and begin their drumbeats of war and brandish their frightful weapons. The Extermination Angel will clear the planet for the future. Deserts and seas will be in peace, rivers will bring pure water, forests again will yield trees, and the atmosphere will have no soot any more. Human pollution and corruption will be the remote memory of certain civilization unable to take advantage of its lessons. Earth will be purified so that the Aquarian children may inhabit there.

If Maitreya has the keys to open the gates of the new world, there is no other choice that to put it in tune with his waves; we could try the whole life to turn the dial of a wrong receiver, but we never might detect the least signal. Our modern society is full of useless technologies and doctrines for those broadcasts that we need to perceive. Maitreya’s vibration can be only sensed within, by natural sympathy, by intuition, such as the “Hymn to Maitreya” describes it (Chapter 3, “Commentaries”). Here is the key from the first line: “Beloved Maitreya, inhabit us”. We are direct receivers of the Great Initiate, and the dial is in the heart. The man –flooded with rancor, covetousness, envy and many other passions occupying his mind– will never discover the secret syntonizer. Renunciation is indispensable so that the heart may reject the garbage, and as soon as the heart is clean, it will be able to vibrate in harmony with the Redeemer.

c. Jesus Christ and Maitreya

May one understand the life and Gospel of Jesus Christ if we do not place it in the context of the Roman Empire? Undoubtedly, no, because even the administrative forms, right and language of the Church have been taken from the Roman government. Could we approach Maitreya and his mission by laying aside the crisis of the modern world, the ambition of superpowers, inequities, international terrorism, nuclear power, misery of the masses, and threats of a planetary holocaust? No. That is why we have entitled this Reflection “Drums of War”, as the starting point to reasoning, and we would like to finish it with the Redeemers. It is to progress from the dark to the light, because men lived ever so when the Holy Masters come and show them the Way of God.

Master Santiago’s explanation is quite clear about the mission of the Redeemers in the Book XII: “Spiritual Life of Cafh”, Chapter 13, “The Strong Liberator”. He says, “Christ redeems them to the full by means of his Passion by participating as a human being in the sorrows of Humanity”. Even in flesh. But the potential redemption of the Divine Incarnation of Christ has to be updated in every being. Every man has to become another Christ in order to make the Divine Incarnation effective. The descent of the Divine Incarnation on this Earth, on the next appearance (Maitreya), has to achieve this purpose as a whole”,

In the Gospels you can see how Jesus surrendered freely to martyrdom as the central Redemption act, and did not enabled his Disciples to detach him from his mission. We would not understand anything about events of the last two thousand years without the Crucifixion. Men were potentially liberated, and are able to reach full individual freedom thanks to the new divine presence: he is already here, in the beginning of the new time.

Jesus was easily arrested by treason; Maitreya won’t be trapped, even by all police forces of the world together. Henceforward, no more humiliating crosses; Jesus accepted the cross because it was a degrading execution applied to Roman slaves, and he potentially liberated all men from the slavery of flesh by means of his passion. Now, through a high Renunciation vibration that begins to be felt in the world, Maitreya will teach his Faithful Disciples to lay aside useless and harmful things: consumerism, television, eagerness for possessions, sexualization, injustice, drugs and all those things we see by the streets. Renunciation liberates when one practices it freely, in tune with the Redeemer. Reader: before war may take your life, give your life to God; distribute your possessions among the poor; work for the sake of work; and surrender your heart to Maitreya before your heart stops beating.