Number 26.– The Android Surge

Several times Master Santiago anticipated the phenomenon of change of races and suggested in many ways the end of the Teutonic civilization, from an atomic Apocalypse to a degenerated human condition. North-American bet to the first choice and proclaim it loudly by mean of their “Infinite War”. Argentineans practice the second choice, on a global scale, in Buenos Aires metropolis, –opulent and expensive, filled with picketers, both violent and armed persons, general corruption, beggars with their garbage, and infinite androids. The fall of the old world is becoming manifest in this continent, which lacks an original civilization, through the destruction of all cultural types, as much in the North as in the South. The atomic fission was discovered in Berlin a little before the War, but it was in the United States where the first bomb of massive destruction is created, and exploded and threatened Humanity. Buenos Aires, yesterday the “City of Light” in Latin-America, now comes ahead with the android phenomenon. In fact, many Hollywood producers use Buenos Aires as the real scenery for their movie pictures with perverse anticipations.

In this Reflection we are going to deal with the Argentine version of the disappearance of the ancient Teutonic Sub-Race –which has 24,000 years of existence– and that is ending up with fierce death rattles. The Argentine case is a sample of the planetary future, which neither sociology, nor moral, nor politics can explain; its origin is karma. Also by karma, the American-Atlantean civilization have disappeared in the wake of a little group of Europeans that conquered the Aztec and Inca Empires, by killing millions of persons and destroying their beautiful cities.

The phenomenon of dehumanization in Argentina calls the attention of researchers that, being unable to explain it, wander and erratically diagnose. A self-sufficient modern country, with industrial and natural products in abundance and an acceptable cultural level, in spite of it remains impotent amid its own decadence; you can understand the latter because, from the bottom of the collective unconscious, dark History impulses and regressive powers erupt and run in everywhere. The weakest beings sink in a primitive existential state; their form is human, but psychologically they seem elementals; they are androids.

a. Living Together in Harmony

In the cities, quite different persons live together, at the subway, in offices and workshops, by the streets, without behavioral rules that may enable to live together in harmony. And at the end of the working day, people seek refuge at home in search of rest, but rubbish television, radio news, and family dilemmas sink these persons again in the indifference. Can you live in harmony in an android society? In this dark forest, the only thing is to learn how to walk through the Path of Renunciation, clearly and surely described by Master Bovisio’s Teachings. (See Book II: “The Sacrifice”, and Book XVIII, “The Way of Renunciation”).

The collective unconscious keeps human experiences from remotest times, and the individual lives protected against this irrational power by the physico-astral immune system. AIDS is destroying the immunity of the physical body through the biggest epidemics of the modern times. The astral immune system is constituted by energetic defense wheels, described in the Zatachakra Nirupana, a Book to insert in the Internet site, and when these wheels are adulterated, the devils of the unconscious invade the individual being. One can glimpse all this through nightmares, drug-addicts, heavy-drinkers, and crazy people, and also through horror films, satanic sects, and rock music. Even modern arts are not free of such epidemics: painting, shows, stage and literature. Here is a civilization coming to an end and downward, to the abysses of the collective unconscious. The planetary vibration inaugurated by Jesus two thousand years ago has finished, and the souls come down, come down, and become androids: uninhabited bodies, clones.

Nothing can change without Maitreya because he is the only One that holds the keys of the vibrational system, –the vehicle for new ways to think, feel and act. Every civilization has a program of specific activities, and a portion of energy for their achievement, under the Being that brings them into motion by following the Divine Plan. This Civilization, known to us as the Western Civilization, after fulfilling their destiny, knowing the matter, and occupying the planet, is undergoing their terminal fire. Now another age is coming, Aquarius, and Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate, is bringing it into motion. In “Commentaries”, of this Web site, you can examine texts referred to his mission and characteristics.

b. A premonition of the Redeemer

As an evolutionary cycle comes to an end and brings another cycle into being, the collective laws, uncertainty, social freedom, and particulars of the terrestrial system remain in abeyance, during the physical presence of the Great Solar Initiate, who is bringing the wheel of destiny into motion in the direction that he only knows; his power is absolute. Master Santiago, whose function was to announce him, was able to progress a little, to have a premonition of ideas of the future that he poured on his Teachings. Those men willing to progress spiritually at this critical moment of reversibility of values, can have a premonition of Maitreya, by intuiting and guessing, and even though still he did not speak openly, is alive among men. Those men can obtain significant assistance by meditating on the Teachings, which are anticipating the future world.

We should become conscious of this: we are in an unending ebb and flow, pushing destructively from the abysses with drums of war, frightful weapons, and surges of androids that are occupying social spaces amid desperate cries. The new energy begins to radiate from the higher regions of the Spirit, by changing everything gradually. These two universal streams do not collide with one another, as the past does not collide with the future, but cross each other in the soul by activating powers in the individual being and determining his destiny. The past never wins, is irreversible, and becomes memory, karma, hell or paradise, according to the result of the fight in the heart.

All men have chances to be saved, according to the present cultural level of Humanity; some people can renounce in a way, and others in another way. Renunciation, the only salvation of men, settles where every one is and with what one has; it is the way of the reality. It has neither dogmas, nor fixed laws, nor intermediaries, nor absolutions; and both money and status are useless. One needs to renounce. and this mood is so intimate that just the soul knows the secret and its achievement. And when the renunciation starts the transforming task, the soul experiences an unknown grade of freedom: ties get loose, callosities of a vulgar sensibility detach themselves, public idols stop fascinating and the soul begins to feel a light gravitation, another way to move in the world and thoughts, and new forms of life.

c. Human, Not Android

The only way to be saved from this surge sinking everything under its waters is to raise and remain over the surge, and not to surrender to the abyss. 250 fifty years ago, Saint Paul of the Cross stated (Book XVIII, The Way of Renunciation, Chapter 8, 26): “Even for those who live in the world there is no salvation if they do not deprive themselves of things seemingly good and usable”. His mystique is of yes or no. In these modern times, the point is not mystique, but survival, life or death –real, physical and spiritual. The reader may see any page in any morning newspaper and will have a proof about this Passionist and saint. Every one chooses, not a candidate that offers utopias, but a form of living for our own salvation: or a human or an android, yes or no. One should not win or conquest something; on the contrary, we should leave those things that attach us, habits, vices, desires, covetousness, and so many other miseries that convert us into androids.

Even though in Argentina androids call the attention and are filmed as something curious, this phenomenon is planetary because culture is globalized. There are no differences between a soccer stadium in England and another in Argentina, neither by television or by the streets of any place. Even androids are not only unemployed or destitute persons; likewise they come up on privileged strata of the collectivity; it is not a social phenomenon, but psychological, individual, with loss of spiritual substance, and void of contents. During the ebb, the tide carries away life, and leaves the beach filled with waste.

What to do, dear reader? The Ocean is one, and its waters are salty everywhere. The big Atlantis lies submerged in the depths, and the Western Civilization may run the same chance. Neither the United Nations Organization, nor the International Monetary Fund, nor the American Empire, and others terrestrial powers can do something positive; on the contrary, day by day they all sink more and more until their destruction. Only Maitreya, the Divine Incarnation, has the keys to change the human system: a higher vibration, the Law of Renunciation, unusual forms to feel the reality, an active regeneration of centers of perception in the psyche, a redemption without intermediaries, and another non-revealed treasures. May the old civilization disappear as a whole, dear reader; the androids have to leave he planet as soon as possible so that the Aquarian children, who are patiently expecting, may build a new world. (Read the Book V, “Great Initiates of the Aryan Race”, Chapter 16).