Number 27.– Expansion of the Teachings

Master Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings expanded all over the world, and according to statistics from the Internet Server, an average of 1,706,069 Teachings were copied from January 1st, 2001, as we started this task two years ago. This year, the growth in relation to the previous one is 108%, more than twice. In the North-American area these Teachings are mainly studied, with 56% of copies as a whole (Report of January 1st, 2003).

49 countries and areas have copied the Teachings: the United States, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Canada, Belize, Ecuador, Bolivia, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom, Holland and Yugoslav, Belgium, Sweden, Rumania, Eastern Europe, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, India, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Arabian Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Sub-Saharan Region, and other not specified places.

Those readers willing to understand the meaning of these figures and name, may get information from Master Santiago’s words through two key Teachings, in the Book XIX, “Messages”, Chapter 11, “Renunciation Message”, 1957, and Chapter 16, “The Expansion”, 1962. The spirit of the Master is among men with his original, authentic words, walking through nations of Earth. As some asked him this question, “How might you do this, if you do not know English”, he replied: “Quite easily; through a translator”. Statistics prove that his prophetic voice is now fulfilled again: more than a half of his readers live in the United States and speak Spanish and English.

Now we are pleased to announce that a translation into Portuguese of the entire Collection has been started by Faithful Brazilian Disciples, and hopefully the first Books to appear in March. Also, soon we will add new titles: Commentaries on the Zatacharka Nirupana; Commentaries on Meditation; Magical Exercises; Exercises and Examples of Meditation, The Tarot; Spirit of Cafh; Relationship; Ethereal Wheels; The Seven Deaths of the Ordained Son; Ascetic Exercises; Method; Meditation Method; Rules for Superiors; Oratory; and Basic Theology (15 Books).

a. Many are called

We are receiving many e-mails from old disciples of the Master, who were connected or not with associations, colleges, groups and communities, generally without mention of their sender, so that we can reply as we do in these cases, “Study the Teachings; they are such as the Founder wrote them, thinking of the souls and his needs, authentically, originally, without alterations. You will find a solution for your troubles”.

Spiritual organizations undergo alteration in relation to their objectives and doctrine as the time goes by, however strict may be their rules, after their founders die and when other actors and interests come up. Human society is movable, and the same occurs in sacred institutions. In History are well-known the efforts made by those who fought to preserving the purity of the fundamental doctrine in Benedictines, Cistercians, Franciscans and Carmelites. The same happens with Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and its countless variations, generally impairing their original sources. Generally they tend to materialism, moral laxity and fanaticism, and eventually, dissolution. Where to find those extraordinary Esoteric Orders and Masonic Lodges that flourished in eighteenth and nineteenth century? Only specters and dusty ruins remain.

The visible Work of Master Santiago –expounded in detail through his writings, because he would lead his disciples by means of ideas– was unable to impede certain doctrinal deviations after his death. A group of these disciples left and hide themselves amid multitudes, others were scattered, and others remain in the old structures without future or hope. Cafh, the central and tangible Work, ended up long ago through by change of the Regulation, alterations in the text of the Teachings, doctrinal changes, and group promiscuity.

But the spiritual mission assigned by the Great Initiates –by announcing and preparing the coming of Maitreya, the Redeemer, is more active than ever before, and in full growth. The spirit of the Masters is alive on Earth, and he travels through it all days, tirelessly, by means of his words, his advice, his stimuli for perfection, and his unending claims and calls to the Faithful Disciples.

b. Without Intermediaries

The Master says in the Book XIX, “Messages”, Chapter 10, 12: “...preparing this world in which intermediaries between God and man, between a teacher and a pupil, and between a producer and a destitute one will disappear”.

Master Santiago’s Work has three stages. At the first stage –intermediation– from his arrival in America, 1926, until his death, 1962, 36 years, he prepares and founds the Renunciation Doctrine and brings it into action by means of groups, institutions, colleges, speakers and open lectures.

At the second stage, from 1962 to the end of the millennium, the intermediary Work fades gradually away in the dark, institutions disappear, the disciples scatter, and the doctrine is altered in words and deeds, and the Founder’s name is forgotten and replaced with other names.

Third stage, from January 1st, 2001, the Master Santiago’s Work is world-wide revealed through the most modern communication media: his direct and original written word, without intermediaries¸ all his teachings, creations, organizations and prophecies, explained by his own ideas without interpretations or deviations, are at home within the reach of anyone willing to know them. It is an authentic explosion of the Message. And the expansive wave continues at an average of 100,000 copies of the Teachings monthly. Curiously, the United States download 50 percent of this stream. No doubt, this hegemonic and challenging people, with consumerism and material opulence, is the most devoid of spirituality and that most needs the Master, who offers himself freely, with an style of future, without intermediaries.

The ancient world became extinct, and its millenary, obsolete institutions collapse. None is going to demolish them; they destroy themselves by means of their own instruments. Just as a dying person carries in himself deadly germs, so civilizations die and become corrupted inside. After the Founder’s death, colleges, cultural associations and the extrinsic Cafh –which belonged to the past century– ended up because they did not meet any more the most urgent needs of the Aquarian men. The idea and the mission certainly remained. Master Santiago’s Work is the Master Himself teaching to walk through the Renunciation path, so that every one may discover his identity and his spiritual name by his own efforts.

c. Exhortation

Men are predestined to spiritual freedom, in whatever time and incarnation they may need to conquer this freedom. The doctrine expressed by Santiago Bovisio is like the Universal Revelation given by the Manu in the beginning of the Aryan Race, which was known to the most diverse Religions, Theologies and Philosophical Systems, not to speak about those beings that were near the Master! Predestination lasts forever.

Many Spiritual Sons, who knew him directly or indirectly after his death, believe that, after he left the Meetings, their chances are over, and their lives ruined forever. It is not so; Renunciation is of the soul, and not of protocols. The Divine Mother looks at the soul, and stays therein hidden until the time when the individual being discovers her. Read the Book XVI, “History of the Esoteric Orders”, Chapter 9, “Initiatic Trials”, and you will understand many secret things.

On this Reflection about two years of Teachings in the time of Aquarius, we’d like to express this to all those souls discouraged by an idea of personal failure, whether in the field of the Master or not: the mission announcing the Redeemer is in the full vibrational dimension of the new age, at a higher level than that known to them previously. These forty years of darkness were indispensable so that the Master might potentially accumulate the power to comprise nations of the Planet. When an organic or conceptual body has completed its function and is unfit for the task, you should leave it because is useless, and use another new one. It is against our longed spiritual liberation to attach to worn-out dresses, to continue ancient rituals, to repeat meaningless formulations, or to weep because the latter got lost. Meanwhile, Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate, walks among men and looks for his own.

Those who still believe in themselves should consider troubles and barriers in the way, however hard may be, as needful trials to overcome stages and adversities of the human nature. Now the Founder is high up, leading the Message that announces the Redeemer, as ever. You reach him through the soul, prayer and systematic study of the Foundational Doctrine. Disciple: the Teachings –free, generous and magisterial– are at your disposal. It is up to you. Master Santiago came back!