Number 28.- Pole Reversion

It is dramatic the information received from the Danish Planetary Sciences Center. They are detecting and measuring significant changes in pole zones, where satellites have ascertained big holes in the terrestrial magnetism, both in the Arctic and in the South Atlantic as well. As this subject has been considered in the Teachings referred to a special historic moment –the 1,500 Year War against the Black Atlantean Magi, who were destroyed by a change produced in the magnetic terrestrial axis– we are going to deal with it in this Reflection, bacause this phenomenon is like that produced by the present “Black Magi” of the international politics and destruction sciences, with their whole deadly arsenal accumulated in a Satanic race for the domination of the world.

In order to understand those frightful confrontations that took place among nations one century from now, it is proper to get information from esoteric disciplines developed by Master Bovisio: Book XXVI, “Anthropogenesis”, Chapter 15: “1,500 Year Fight”, and Book IV: “History of Man”, Chapters 14, 15 and 16. Another invaluable source is the Hindu Ramayana. It is impressive the similarity between historical references, as much modern as ancient.

1. An exhausted evolutionary period –Piscis– comes to an end and gives rise to another new period, Aquarius. The ancient Fourth Celtic Race gave way to the Fifth Aryan-Teutonic Race, 24,000 years ago. As the latter ended up, between 1972 and 1977, the Sixth Aryan American-Aquarian Race began with patent signs.

2. Every Sub-Race remains a sidereal year of twelve Zodiacal signs, of two millennia each.

3. By Law of Reversibility, in every sidereal year, the Earth changes its magnetic polarity, and big alterations take place in its inner and outer structure, energetically and morphologically.

4. During the Atlantean fight, as the polar change took place, the Black Magi underwent alterations in their cerebral centers and lost power over the iron monsters. Now, the inversion of the magnetic poles, among other effects, will leave out of order computers and satellite communications as well; the world will become chaos.

a. The machine

The terrestrial sphere is a gigantic integrated machine working on the space by Solar energy and by its own means. It is a special machine that contains more elements that those registered by natural sciences. It is regulated by beings with big power and, obviously, more intelligent than the heads of the United Nations Organization, Superpowers, or Nobel Prizes all together.

One needs subtle instruments to know the Earth within. The ancients used them in abundance, for example, in the Egyptian Temple of Amon. These abilities got lost along with the advent of reason. In modern times, some extremely gifted persons can know what is hidden; trained clairvoyants can try astral journeys at will and enter regions inaccessible to an ordinary man. They do not need physical devices; they are instruments of knowledge, and transmit to Humanity their acquired wisdom.

The Teaching “Inner Life of Earth”, Book VII, “The Becoming”, describes experiences of an astral journey made by Master Santiago to the depths of the planet, with a direct and personal contact, which very few can achieve without danger. As he came back, he said, “I could hardly escape because the magnetic gravity of the nucleus is terrible”. Later we wrote the Teaching for benefit of his spiritual Sons. Some legends refer to similar journeys; Orpheus looking for Eurydice, Jesus descending into the Hell to saving souls, Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, and Jules Verne and his fantastic journey.

As one reads the Book XVII, “The Planetary System”, Chapters 13 and 14, we can understand to certain extent this super-intelligent and super-wise cosmic machine, under permanent transformation, and ruled by Great Solar Initiates. We men are a part of this machine, as an evolution outpost; we undergo changes, and the times to come open in us. The Masters traveled through these ways, and they guide us, and when the jump is big, then a Great Solar Initiate incarnates and builds a vibrational bridge toward the other shore. At these moments, Maitreya is vibrating and making vibrate his Faithful Disciples in tune with the magnetic wave of Aquarius. There is no other choice, except this bridge. The old and deteriorated ship, full of economic, environmental, military, moral and technological holes sinks slowly; magnetic shocks of the Mother Earth are signs of this shipwreck.

b. An Energetic World

The Atlanteans had significant psychic powers; their physiology was different from ours, with organs to perceiving and using subtle energies that a modern man ignores. Their civilizations developed air and water navigation, transportation of big bulks, artificial light and wonderful instruments. As their mission came to an end, they disappeared and left the planet free so that the Aryans might do their work.

The Manu Vaisvasvata founded the Aryan Race 120,000 years ago, tending to develop rational mechanisms in the human mind. You cannot go beyond these achievements rationally; man needs other tools, another way to think and to feel, something more insightful, rapid and complete; he needs the intuition in order to harmonize both spirit and matter. The work of Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate, will develop psychological mechanisms for a reconciliation of man with himself, polytheism and monotheism united in only one cosmic vision: knowledge by love. This is not possible at present human, social, magnetic, educational and moral conditions. It is indispensable to change the vibrational state of the individual being so that changes may take place not only in the magnetic field of the Planet, but also in the soul. Earth is life, sustained harmoniously in the individuals when they are in coherent harmony. The evolutionary stages of Humanity become manifest, first through terrestrial vibration, because it is the home that lodges and feeds human beings, by means of elements fit for new forms of living. Today, wheat is not the same as among the Egyptians, and the same happens with air and Solar radiation; Nature evolves continuously.

The destiny of man is written on the Universal Revelation from the beginning of the Aryan Race, and is taking place exactly. After one stage, the following begins. All this is not posed by men but by Gods. There are no choices or alternatives. It is the energetic Seven-Chakras Wheel ignited by the Solar Initiate in the globe from inside, and that Master Santiago has described in his Teachings. The ordinary man has to be in tune with the new vibrations by following the Way of Renunciation, because the old paths lead to the nothing. Renunciation will deprive the man of his dirty and shabby dress so that he may wear forms of life, offered by Maitreya to men.

c. What can I do?

Much. Everything. These fireworks that we see in the Planet are not kindled by a whim, but for the benefit of men. And what can I do? Much! The soul, main beneficiary of these telluric changes has to do everything: renunciation. Just through renunciation to the old world a human being can be in a position to start a new world. It is an extraordinary chance to stay on the crest of the wave beside Maitreya, and to progress toward unknown territories of the time to come. There is predestination, and also there is will to be on the vanguard of events that are running in the future. If one stays grasping rocks beside the reef of attachment, covetousness or fear of losing our possessions, we run the risk of being carried away by the undercurrent and sunk in the abysses, when the surge comes back to the Ocean.

This time is a unique change in millennia, reserved to courageous and heroic persons, able to surrender to the big game of the higher life, by facing dramatic Earthly alterations in order to become, even them, in the correct direction. If Mother Bhumi, who lodges and feeds us, changes the course of destiny, and transmits us transit signs, which are natural as this magnetic change, and spiritual as the Teachings, and puts a Master (Maitreya) of flesh and blood as our guide through the bridge, let us not miss this unique offer. Just as the Mother leaves her stable positions and starts the change, also she lets us dispose of our comfortable but useless stability, and liberates our spirit for the big jump of achievements.

Maitreya does not present any mysterious and unknown continent. We intuit it, but we did not explore it: it is our own soul, which we neither know nor are aware of its treasures. As Master Santiago Bovisio has taught, the gates of the inner life open automatically through Renunciation, and deliver us its sanctuary so that we may live free. The outer world –so far so harmful in all our social and economic activities– stopped vibrating, and the Earth shakes it by sheer strength to renew it. The magnetic wave of Aquarius vibrates in the active centers of the soul, and from there we are united with each other in the Mystical Body of the renewed Humanity.