Number 29.- War again?

In the twentieth century terrible wars broke out in the world. The American continent remained free of battles, even though the United State carried their weapons, including atomic bombs, elsewhere. This situation is different after the air attack against the World Business Center, in New York, and the Pentagon, in Washington, an this hegemonic nation, head of a financial and military empire, became the center of international hatred. After a public- opinion poll, made by the magazine Time, “What is the most dangerous country for the world peace in 2003?”, over 318,000 votes, here are the replies: North Korea, 7%; Iraq, 8%; the United States, 84% (La Nación newspaper, February 2nd, 03). From September 11th, 2001, the United States became a battlefield, but this war that President Bush wants is different from previous wars.

What is the end of this belligerent psychosis of the world diplomacy? Neither the “Desert Storm” expedition nor the air-raids on Afghanistan were wars such as those described by military texts, by the absence of two opposite fighters, but one would strike, while the other simply would suffer. Old wars waged by the Roman Empire, authorized by the Senate, were business expeditions to taking prisoners that the Senators sold as slaves. (Bondage was the motive power of enterprises in those days, such as the oil is today.)

The United Nations Organization has been established a little after the Second World War in order to prevent from new confrontations. In the second half of the twentieth century, many wars have taken place, some of them fostered by those who guaranteed peace. So, people wonder in anguish about their destiny, not only in Iraq, now the “chosen” nation, but also all over the world. In the quake of current planetary communication techniques, any event strikes Humanity, as in the Twin Towers’ case.

The inhabitants of Afghanistan did not know how to protect themselves against air-raids on their cities; we, beings of this planet, do not know how to defend us from this psychosis of war that overwhelms us. Even though one is far from Iraq, we see horrible scenes at a meter of distance, on our TV set, at the very moment of that destruction. This strikes our body, offends our mind, and hurts our soul.

a. Monomania

This paranoia, by which a powerful nation promotes this war through communication media, leads Humanity –before bombings– to fear, existential anguish and collective psychosis, such as it happens now in the United States. The fall of the Columbia has sunk the North-Americans in a quite intense stupor and sorrow, while they wonder, “Again! Why us!”. In the Aquarian Age, the task of a ruler should not mean revenge, but healing the ills of his people. The Talion Law, “One eye for one eye, and one tooth for one tooth”¸ belongs to a past of unending hatred. It is he who suffers most its instigator. What peoples suffer more than the Palestinians and Israelis? Is God punishing them?

Humanity is threatened by an epidemics of hatred, spread like AIDS, through the five continents, and we, men, should form an impassable barrier against this perverse destruction orchestrated by the instigators of war, by rejecting it by means of pure thoughts, prayer and constructive actions, so that peace may come back to us.

Can we stop such an irrational, violent and incomprehensible impulse of some powers concentrated on this killing monomania? The world is against it; the world does not want war, but goes toward manslaughter. Beyond diplomacy words, nobody is going to defend innocent persons that have to die, children, women and old men. It is enormous the ethical responsibility of those who will be far away from bombing; every one has to assume individually this responsibility.

Bush’s revenge by the attack of September 11th, began against Afghanistan with no possible result; on the contrary, that country, destroyed and in disorder, is fighting the invaders, as usual. Now is the turn of Iraq, and we are told about a regional chaos, in the world oil center, while the North-American economy goes on to fall. Tomorrow will be the turn of others: Iran, North Korea, Syria, and so on. Those devils that move these actions have an infinite war in their heads. Will the Aquarian men sit back and do nothing, watching TV, while the fire is devouring nations? They have the power to stop this by themselves through Renunciation; they should forget their little daily miseries, and concentrate on the presence of the Savior of Humanity.

b. Renunciation Power

How can a minority, shielded with key tools of an enormous military power, carry Humanity to destruction, in opposition to peoples of the world, and these peoples do nothing to avoid it?

Men do not know themselves; the majority of Humanity is still living under the ancient sign of pair of opposites, hatred and revenge, and in their opinion they can solve their troubles by means of violence, separateness, and annihilation of their adversaries. Nothing remains of the Christian injunction, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”. So they say to arms!, and kill each other. This frightful Piscean age has ended in the Zodiac calendar at the end of the past century, but its followers refuse to stop and covet possessions. They will disappear in their own karmic actions until the purification of Earth.

Aquarian men, Faithful Disciples of Maitreya, those who begin to build new ways to live in Renunciation, have much to do, –they have to save the world. Master Santiago says in “Renunciation Message”, year 1957 (Book XIX, “Messages”, Chapter 11, 9), “May the Sons of Renunciation be so consistent with their Mission to impede the impending destruction that will precede the age of Sakib?” (Aquarius). And later he adds, “This need is urgent, this is the time”.

There are many faithful disciples of the Savior, and Internet statistics point out hundreds of thousands of copies of these Courses that teach to live the Renunciation all over the world, not in a corporation for an agreed action, but free, without intermediaries, every one at his place and according to his possibilities and probabilities. There are not interested negotiators between Maitreya and his disciples, but the pure love of beings working for Humanity at this crucial moment of change of Races, by beginning to go through the Way of Renunciation. Master Santiago Bovisio adds in the same book: “Prepare this world in which intermediaries between God and man, between a teacher and a pupil, and between a producer and a destitute one will disappear” (Chapter 11, 12). We are convinced that the Faithful Disciples, through active Renunciation, will impede the madness of this infinite war, not suddenly, but gradually, as the real peace is conquering the heart of the new men.

c. Infinite Renunciation

When a being learns to live, his Renunciation is infinite, and does not finish or becomes exhausted; on the contrary, this being improves as he comes near God, in this life and in other future lives as well. The Infinite Renunciation defeats this infinite war because lands to conquer, or oil to defend, or weapons to fight won’t exist any more.

Men willing to wage war belong to the old world. If one reads the history of the last four thousand year, we soak up violent blood; the infinite war began long ago, and just a total change can impede it. The sacrifice of Redeemers, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and others, seemingly did not achieve their proclaimed aims, and men go on to kill massively. The Redeemers have potentially taught so that men may learn Renunciation. Now we face a complete change in the planetary vibration. Maitreya will tell every one individually, “You are the Christ; if you want redemption, you must climb on the Cross and reach it by yourself. None will do for you. There is no other change. Renunciation is yours”. Master Santiago says in Book XXXVI, “Lectures in Embalse”, Chapter 28, 3, “I believe that Maitreya, the new expression of the Divine Incarnation will teach: the form, the way to convert us into little Christs, little holocaust, little wafers”.

Human beings are at a crucial evolution point; they cannot follow the direction of the last centuries; they have discovered the greatest secrets of the physical matter, and use them massively in daily life; the experience of the matter is heritage of all men. Henceforward, they will start a new course, through a hardly-explored energetic dimension. So, they have to leave the old materialistic useless being, by laying aside possessive forms of living.

Maitreya teaches the new forms of living. Today, February 15th, 2003, while writing this Reflection, in more than 600 cities of the world, in America, Asia and Europe, Africa and Oceania, for 24 hours, millions of beings with different languages, races and religions, irrespective of races, are assembled and demonstrate against war wanted by Bush and Blair against all reason and justice. It is the conscience and voice of the new Humanity that say NO! to aggressors. It is the vibration of the New Age expressed through Renunciation. It is the simple presence of the Redeemer in the living souls, saving Humanity.