Number 2.– Dissolution of Fifth Sub-Race

Master Santiago Bovisio says in Hidrochosa, “Ideas and new works are in preparation for the world”. Everything confirms this particular lesson of the Teachings –dissolution of the old culture, and final disintegration of social compounds on every financial, political, religious and personal level. Learned men’s explanations through communication media are beyond comprehension, and many of them confess their inability to understand not only attacks with anthrax against innocent persons, but even TNT and bread launched over ruins of Kabul, or finances paralyzed in wealthy Japan, or planes flying half-empty everywhere. And dozens of F-16 checking day and night the United States sky, ready to shoot down any aircraft in face of the most insignificant danger. Where is “North-America, the Beautiful”?
Thinkers are unable to understand this, and one is on the brink of thinking how limited are Baudrillard, Chomsky, Ecco and other social communicators who have written about our uncertain time; even the Vatican says nothing. They cannot understand this because these things are beyond History and Philosophy, and even beyond conceptual patterns in force up to present days. One should use dissolution counter-logic. When a body dies, dissolution of its compounds begins at once. How to give an explanation about a mechanic dissolution of organs, tissues and cells, which still move independently, when life is non-existent? And later, how to give an explanation about erratic instincts, scattered feelings, images of persistent memory, language, and complex remains of him who passed away? In humans, this compound disintegration lasts long time on invisible planes of the existence, and different parts are gradually disappearing up to a period when only an essence of accomplished experiences remains, so as to start a new life. Human society moves by inertia of the past, without those magnetic, astral and mental streams given by Great Initiates; the work is done, and energetic streams are exhausted. Survivors only can repeat themselves once and again until exhaustion and self-destruction, like in human bodies. Maitreya is bringing new creative magnetic waves, which now start to become lightly manifest. He is the generator, and there is no other, of new forms of life, which are matrices of the world that we have to build. Master Santiago said, we can do nothing without Maitreya; it is like wanting to watch TV without electromagnetic waves conveying signals. It is always a Solar Initiate who must fix models and give guidelines, and Humanity follows this plan during the whole period of his program. These are Root-Races and Sub-Races; now we witness the initial Sixth Aryan-American Sub-Race, Aquarian group.
As we said, wise men are unable to understand and give an explanation about what is happening. In this world disintegrated, actors struggle for remains of the corpse, with violence and without future. Bush started a Crusade, like ancient Crusades, “Permanent Freedom” against orthodox followers of an Eastern religion, and he smashes their cities with daily bombings. A leader of Talibans, Omar says, his group has a goal, to destroy the United States, and he strikes them by means of terror. Here are paradigms of what is happening in these times of dissolution.
Here we give a seed of the new way to live, which Maitreya is already teaching: Master Bovisio’s Teachings, and helpful Reflections to understand frightful events that overwhelm Humanity. Chapters dealing with Maitreya, and Book VII, of the Teachings –“The Becoming”– may be read to complete this subject matter.

a. Uncertainty

A remarkable planetary disadvantage consists of human beings globalized to such an extent that, as souls, they remain deprived of the most elementary share of personal freedom. All of them are in a huge balloon, which contains sterile and undifferentiated and irresponsive gas. Even world leaders of any type –political, religious and economic– are deprived of this lost freedom, because also they are in this balloon, and proposals and changes offered to people, with strange and cruel forms, are hard to understand. You cannot find a logical reasoning about very violent events of America and Asia. Explanations given by analysts and responsible persons are insignificant and incomprehensible. It is like trying to understand the logic of an earthquake or of an epidemics. Globalized people of the world experience uncertainty. What may happen tomorrow?
It is real what we see all days, although we do not understand. When we lose our intimate freedom –however little may seem– by alienation because we did not defend it in due time, and we gave it to social devils (TV, consumerism, will-to-possess, unconcern about others, and so on), then we cannot retrieve it any more. Worst dictatorship is that of mindless masses. When a being loses identity, he remains in the nothing until death.
What can do this poor creature, without his freedom and without his mind? God’s clemency is infinite, and even in the worst orphanhood, one who has been forsaken may find a guiding light of hope. Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.
When a man is deprived of his freedom and of his mind that enables him to reason, and does not know who is, still he possesses his own being and can surrender his own life. If this man, in this extreme condition, like a dying person, is able to give the only thing he possesses, that is, life, because he has lost all the rest, he is on the level of poor saints, and will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We recommend this paragraph of Book “Sacrifice”, Chapter 6: “What about me tomorrow? May I reach the end? Only sacrifice may elucidate the tomorrow, for one who puts his work in God’s hands never can fall, because it is written, “The one who works for himself has already his reward and tomorrow can claim for nothing; but the one who works for Humanity has his reward in God’s hands”.

b. Economy

If we want to reflect on Economy on all levels, from world Economy of great powers to family Economy in poorest peoples, we should keep in mind the Teaching “Providential Economy”, Book XII, “Spiritual Life of Cafh”. Modern Economy has lasted about 200 years, like industrial revolution, and cannot be understood as science or as politics, because of its own injustice, and also by suffering caused by to Humanity. Such as it has been developed in our days, it is a universal psychosis inevitable to as much to wealthy people as to the destitute; ones because they possess much more that what they need, and others because have nothing to eat and because starve.
The Teaching says, “Possessive means of man turn him poor and miserable. Accumulation of terrestrial goods means to deprive others of their natural belongings. All Mother Earth’s children are given necessary food, not in excess. Continuous and enormous accumulation by speculation, not by fair distribution, deprives someone else of his needs, and charges the possessor with the unrest of many people”.
Great leaders of Humanity particularly emphasized the subject about possessions, and gave examples of lofty life to their followers. Jesus said, “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth”. Today, the richest and most exclusive corporations in the world are Christian.
Why did the will-to-possess is a mind disease for rich and poor, a monomania, a paranoia? Because money is the only universal vector of everything, over any other value, even including them. And as all suffer from the same evil, those who have nothing are going to fight and possess what other have in excess, so as the latter did regarding the former. Confrontations will continue along with economic inequality, as always happened.
The Teaching says, “Economic problem can be solved only if we move it to the Divine Plane, that is, material bread and spiritual bread are not two problems but a problem alone. It is as important to eat as to know. We believe that Maitreya’s Gospel is going to be more powerful and specific than that of Jesus as to material matters. In a terminal age as ours, when goods of Earth are being destroyed and we walk toward the center of an holocaust, those who be saved won’t have a choice; they will survive with all those things that remain standing.

c. Resignation

Everyday, irrespective human and family situation, men have to face numerous and overwhelming adversities. Being rich, or well-to-do in a consumerist society is not advantageous, and entails many troubles of any kind, as much in the city and in the country, in Argentina or elsewhere. Last destructive events shocking one’s conscience demonstrated that sure places on Earth do not exist, catastrophes do not make the difference between both rich and poor people, and in face of death there is no privilege or choice. So what to do in front of so heavy and all-powerful adversity –a ceaseless and harmful adversity against which we hardly have any protection?
Master Santiago says, the Aryan Race is born for war. And it was always like that from its foundation, by Manu, 120,000 years ago, throughout its long evolution. Its main characteristic was a fight between pairs of opposites, business rivalry, sport game confrontation, armed conflicts and death, and violence in sex, in financial matters, in religions, and even in children’s games –winning, always winning. Although obviously, at least a half of people are always losing and suffering.
There is a hope: one of the Solar Redeemer Maitreya’s missions will be reconciliation of the opposites, human development of mind activities leading necessarily to harmonize differences, and matter spiritualized by Renunciation.
In his Teaching 13, Book “Spiritual Development”, final paragraphs, Master Santiago offers a beautiful concept and explains how we can cooperate now with the Redeemer’s work and, at the same time, helping ourselves in this painful confrontation that we have to stand everyday, “Perfect and complete perseverance is manly and resigned. It faces all things according to the Divine Will, adapted in any form and aspect; in short, as it were, it is the crown of this virtue. A man achieves the virtue of Perseverance when he lives patiently, believes sincerely, waits serenely, discerns clearly, and takes his own destiny from the hands of God with resignation”.
We recommend particularly to study and meditate on this Teaching, “Perseverance”, subdivided into five subjects, because is very instructive in these times of orphanhood and anguish.