Number 30.– The Door Opens

The New Age begins with two universal shocking events for the human conscience of all latitudes, –unusual, symbolic, shattering events in the wake of their meaning. First, the Twin Tower collapse in New York, an emblem of the materialistic and violent world that is ending, in the World Business Center, by a group of international terrorists trained in various countries of the world and in the United States. Second, millions of pacifists of the world assembled in more than 600 cities, from Australia to San Francisco, the biggest demonstration ever known in History, inexplicably successful and pacific, which open the gates of the New Aquarian Age.

The first symbol points out a door that closes: money, rivalry, imperialism, wars, social inequities and separate nations. The second symbol open doors in man to brotherhood, harmony in differences, peace, human union, new consciousness of living in harmony together. These two ever-opposite symbols –the past that does not come back, and the future that begins– have been prophetically expressed by Master Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings many years ago, and now are open and active, and come to be true through the Great Solar Initiate that walks beside men. In this Reflection we want to elucidate the meaning of the above-mentioned deeds on the Light of the Teachings so that they may be more properly understood and, over all, for a proper acceptance and work on novel impending events. Now Maitreya begins to transform the world: souls, continents, environment, weather, economy, spirituality, politics and institutions. It is the best to be ready by practicing the Way of Renunciation from now.

Master Santiago’s Teachings fundamentally are prophecies, signs for the coming world, whose dawn we are seeing now. The presence of Maitreya, the Redeemer, announced in “Hidrochosa” –Book I, “Spiritual Development”, Chapter 1, 15– from 1972-1977 (now he should be a young man 25-30 years old) has been sensed in the depths of the soul and in society, with great style, some few days ago, on February 15th, on a planetary level. Many other wonderful events expect us, and we will understand them more properly after analyzing them on the light of the Teachings. Here is the subject of this Reflection.

a. Signs

Book VII, “The Becoming”, Chapter 7, “The Grotto of Ras”, 1: “What is hidden will be revealed some day. Christ said even the most insignificant actions of the creatures had to be revealed”.

Book V, “Great Initiates of the Aryan Race”, Chapter 16, “Maitreya”, 8-9: “In old days, man could live a relatively quiet life because he knew nothing and was lead: but for the current man, who knows just a little, this knowledge becomes his biggest enemy and torment. Maitreya comes to Humanity in order to give a solution for this vital problem of the race. How difficult mission!”.

Book XVIII, “The Way of Renunciation”, Chapter 15, “Permanent Renunciation”, 31: “May the Sons ask of Him to come and put His Hand so that the inevitable destruction may not be so tremendous. May the Sons ask of Him that many beings get salvation, and have such a spirit of renunciation that He may attract many souls to the Way of Renunciation, and His teaching may lead many beings to Renunciation as the only salvation means”. (He is patently doing so on February 15th).

Book XVIII, Chapter 15, 28: “The Sons should remember the vision about the lioness and the bear. On a plateau, by the abyss, a big lioness faces a huge bear, and tries to seduce this bear by means of feminine arts (diplomacy). The bear was almost under control when the lioness tried to wound the bear’s neck, but did not succeed and tried to do so in the belly. Suddenly, the bear’s claws broke the lioness’ neck, but the strike was so though that the two fell into the deep abyss: two great powers were destroyed. But a part of the World will be saved”. (The Russian Federation continues to be the other great power, more dangerous than before, in spite of the Western press and dissolution of the USSR, with updated and intact nuclear weapons, and launching vectors. (The decision is not dependent upon the political power, but on the armed forces.)

Book XIX, “Messages”, Chapter 14, “The Treasure of the Teaching”, 11: “The Being has to achieve a new, egoentic, spiritual state of life. His action in this wider magnetic field will depend on his current automatic emotional states, from his more ordinary rational knowledge, so that he may have a wider field devoted to studying and developing higher problems more in contact with the Cosmos”. Master Santiago is the Forerunner, and Maitreya, the Achiever.)

b. Redemption

The system of human evolution offered by the Teachings is universal, and coincides with diverse Eastern and Western revealed traditions. Man acts on the planetary system and will become extinct on it, by fulfilling the destiny fixed by the Builders from the beginning. (See Book VII, “The Becoming”, and Book XVII, “The Planetary System”.) He evolves in many planets and on various dimensions, some of them visible, and other, hidden. When Humanity faces insuperable troubles to progressing to the goal, and runs the risk of getting lost in abysses of shadows (this happened twice, at the end of the Uranian Race and the Hyperborean Race), in these times of nuclear threats, perfect beings with great power, the Great Solar Initiates, come and live peacefully on Earth in order to offer indispensable solutions. “Christ anticipated his triumphal return to this world”. (Book XII, “Spiritual Life of Cafh”, Chapter 1, 20.)

He has announced, “Triumphal”, and we hold that the demonstration of February 15th –planetary, successful and free– carries the Redeemer’s impression. Memory preserves the name and work of some Solar Initiates, Manu, Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Jesus, and other unknown beings that stayed among men. Nothing would have meaning or future without them. Every one fulfils a special mission, and all of them form an indivisible community, a Spiritual Mystical Body. It is incorrect to say when One comes He is a lonely sniper, as some Christians state. These beings are permanently united and come along with many Lunar Initiates and Initiates of Fire. The “Strong Liberator”, Chapter 13, of the above-mentioned Book XII: “The idea of the divine descent on Earth makes itself sense simultaneously, at the same time, all over the globe”, and later it adds: “Each man has to become another Christ in order to make in him the Divine Redemption effective”. Those who in Baghdad organized human shields state that this self-offering is to avoid another war. Are we publicly, openly watching the redeeming task of Maitreya on TV screens, and personally? May be this their way to change the world, with the highest transparency, so that all may believe by themselves these evidences, directly, without intermediaries or theological arguments? If so, the Revolution that Maitreya is preparing will be formidable, never seen before. And those changes eventually produced in 24,000 years of the New Aquarian Age will entirely change the human life.

c. The Collective Law

We are at the edge of war. We do not know when the United States will strike Iraq and other nations considered enemies; we do not know if this conflict will be restricted to an area, or will spread without barriers through the Near East and eventually to other continents, Europe, America, China and Russia in possession of thousands of atomic bombs ready to burst. Terrorists with powerful means are active everywhere. Nobody knows the immediate future. A minimum of conciliation does not exist even in reduced circles of the United Nations Organization, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and others. Seemingly, the Twin Towers continue to fall again and again. It is sufficient a simple Ben Laden’s threat by a recorded tape so that the North-American people may be scared stiff from coast to coast.

Are we in a blind fatalism? No; the man has a quite powerful margin of freedom, but one should start working and sacrificing through Renunciation as a Holocaust. Master Santiago says in Book VII, “The Becoming”, Chapter 12, “The Destiny”, 14: “The Collective Law is also the Law assumed by a people as a whole, by a nation as a whole, by a community as a whole, and by a family as a whole. When a country declares war, the people is collectively responsible for this war”. Now Humanity, collectively threatened, has to assume individually the responsibility as a whole. One solves nothing by blaming Bush, Sadam, Laden, or anyone else. We act correctly only by taking charge personally, and through Renunciation. On February 15th, millions of persons understood it spontaneously and stopped the military offensive for a moment. Master Santiago says, “If just a man with atomic power can destroy the world, only a consecrated soul can save it”. (Book XXXVI, “Lectures in Embalse”, Chapter 33, 15.)

Men have learned an unforgettable Teaching: if they stay united, are stronger than an atomic bomb. What they started –through demonstrations for peace, and now continue with human shields, by sacrificing their lives– now should continue day and night, tirelessly, every one at his place, at work, in Universities, every one in close relation to his personal goods and doings: thoughts, professional tasks, social relations and possessions. Detachment is a distinctive characteristic of the new Humanity, and as Renunciation men are more and more, our hope for peace will be greater and greater. The Collective Law can be defeated by a continuous individual practice of Renunciation as a Holocaust, on the Way trodden by Maitreya.