Number 31.– Aquarian Gardens

April 18th, 2003 (e-mail received 9:44 pm).
Thanks you for delivering these teachings to humanity.
What is entirely on this plane becomes heritage of humanity, and as one opens locks, we get rid from delusions of separativeness.
These Teachings will continue to germinate in the souls of the servers.

Between the previous Reflection and this one, a pair of months went by, and universal phenomena rapidly occurred on these weeks, which have substantially changed the situation on the planet. The United States have unjustly attacked an unprotected people with a cruelty seldom ever seen. Humanity protested massively against this war in all nations in the defense of peace, but we failed as humans; millions of persons have demonstrated in vain; hopelessness and fear spread all over the planet. As now a threat of destruction extends to other innocent, defenseless countries, the mission of these Reflections that clarify Master Bovisio’s Teachings in terms of the present time, refers not only to international unsolved conflicts, but also to individuals, to every person in particular, and tries to let him inwardly understand the idea of Renunciation. As the epigraph reads, “They will continue to germinate in the souls of the servers”. So, our labor will be that of a gardener taking care of seedbeds where seeds fall, so that the Aquarian little plants, which are ready now, may grow. We set ourselves up as Aquarian gardeners in the service of Humanity.

Following our historic references to the Teachings, we may say that, like the 1,500 Year Fight, when the last Black Atlantean Magi were eventually annihilated in the beginning of the Teutonic Aryan Sube-Race, 24,000 years ago, the present Teutons desperately fight each other in order to control the world from the two World Wars of the twentieth century, and they will continue this way until their mutual annihilation. There is no salvation for the tragedy of old Teutonic nations; it is tremendous and irremediable their racial karma accumulated for millennia. Their destiny will be carried out, and Humanity will go on to evolve.

The Aquarians do not fight each other because their racial mission is the harmony between the pair of opposites, spiritualization of matter, effective individual redemption, and formation of the egoentia of Being. During 200 centuries that expect the new race of air, Humanity has to remake Humanity and remake the Planet Earth. In this time, Humanity will recover the astral vision by means of the Way of Renunciation, and they will be friends of the invisible Protectors. Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate, alive at present among us, will teach men how to acquire these wonderful potentials.

The Aquarians neither fight nor will fight the Teutons of the ancient sign; they do not compete against anybody because, as we said, their mission is the harmony between the pair of opposites, by spiritualizing the matter. They will reach peace through the Way of Renunciation. Later, social institutions, families, economic enterprises, religions and nations won’t compete with each other; they will live in understandable harmony.

Readers of Master Santiago Bovisio’s site: if you see nations at war, or factions fighting each other, or religions competing for the conquest of souls, or enterprises destroying their rivals, you will see nothing more than remains of the ancient Teutonic race in its last self-destruction gasps. If your are men of peace, do not fear; your place is in Aquarius, by cultivating the Teachings of the New Age, through the Way of Renunciation.

Master Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings are prophetic because they describe how the future men will live; if you peruse these Teaching, you will understand harmonious society forms, and ascetic-mystical spiritual exercises tending to such a harmony in all affective, intellectual, physical, social, economic and political actions. We, his servers, by means of these reflective proposals, will try to help and clarify ideas for the use of an Aquarian that is learning by means of the new vibration of Maitreya.

In the last war we have understood how millions of persons, Humanity as a whole with protests, were unable to do anything in front of their own karma; it was an authentic world confrontation trial at the end of a historic cycle: the Aryan Teutonic Humanity, who had acquired experience by means of the fight between the pair of opposites, and conquered the energy, now is destroyed by instruments of their own conquests, as in the case of Black Atlantean Magi. When the irreversible destruction of this civilization comes to an end, the Aquarian men will spread over the planet and make it flourish.

Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings are prophecies that reveal how the Aquarians will live throughout next centuries. In Book XVIII, “The Way of Renunciation”, Chapter 11, “The Unique Value of Renunciation”, he states it formally. There are Universal Teachings for all times. Later, there are Teachings astrally dictated by the Monitor for this initial American time. And there is the third expansion stage of the Teachings for the entire world, such as the Faithful Disciples received them.

When the Aryan-Teutonic men started their cycle for the full development of the reason, they lived a primitive state, like cavemen, and those wise men, who survived the 1,500 Year War, assembled at Mount Kaor, in Central Asia, founded the Sacred Order of Fire –a reflection of the Astral Order– and spread through seven different places of the planet to safeguarding the Ancient Wisdom obtained from the Atlanteans. Under different names and places, the Order of Fire so far secretly kept the ancient knowledge. In his previous incarnation, Master Santiago was High Priest in the Temple of Amon, Egypt. As a natural seer, he would remember all those things learned in the Temple; but the Teachings adjusted to the American man do not come from his memories, but from concepts dictated by a Divine Master, the Monitor, previously Girolamo Savonarola. These Heavenly Teachings reveal forms of the Aquarian life and the development of the future man.

When you broach these Teachings it is like a walk by the paths of a garden in which varied plants flourish, and the soul looking for perfection can find the flowers of his wishes. The garden is there, available to everybody, because “everything already on this place is heritage of Humanity”, as the epigraph reads. It comes from Heaven, and two great Masters carried it to Earth in order to teach men new forms of living. This walk may be the delight of some people by reading at will every one of the Teachings with no specific order, and will benefit from it. Other may prefer a specific subject, for example, physical exercises and postures, and also will take advantage of it. There are many disciplines to progress spiritually: Biographies, Prayers and Ceremonials, et cetera. All of them are efficacious, as a whole and partially, because the cultivation of their spirit is valuable through the Way of Renunciation.

The transfer of this immense volume of ideas was instantaneous at the first minute of the Third Millennium, which we consider the beginning of the Aquarian Age (with new books gradually presented, this Collection will include 785 Teachings or Chapters). Here is the law of reversibility; outside the time, things have fundamentally changed, and ideas prisoners of the old world, were free in the new world. “...And as one opens locks, we get rid from delusions of separativeness”, the epigraph reads.

Likewise, men can traverse the abyss that separates the two ages, by going across the bridge of Renunciation. It is rather a transformation than an apprenticeship or training. At certain moment of his walk through the paths of the Aquarian garden, he feels free, detached from ancient delusions because the locks are non-existent, and the soul refuses to be confined again. He became a man of the New Age.

So, our Reflections will be for that man that has forgotten a past of fights and rivalry, by helping him through the reflection of ideas that thenceforward will start germinating, sprouting and growing freely.

We want to be active gardeners of the Renunciation doctrine, by continuing the work started by the Holy Masters, on Heaven and Earth; these Teachings, as heritage of Humanity, at present are free, directly available at home, for the exaltation of the Great Aquarian Work in the world.

May 18th, 2003