Reflection Number 32 GERMINAL

The Earth is occupied by millions of Teutonic men, who are only aware of a way of living: fight of the pair of opposites, wars, sport games, business, social life, sciences, politics, and so on. Destruction will go on until exhausting pending karmic debts. But some few essential resources let foresee no more than a century of survival, not taking into account atomic destruction weapons that can unexpectedly put an end to the ancient race. Whatever way they may go, they should evacuate the Planet with no exception.

Where may germinate the Aquarian seeds continuously spread? As in Jesus’ parable, many seeds are falling upon suitable lands, and will yield renewed fruits with inner transformations, spiritual practices, good behavior, spontaneous approach to the Way, numerous births in consecrated families; by predestination Aquarian are born in tune with Lord Maitreya’s vibration.

But necessarily, an intergenerational transfer of essential functions of life has to take place from Teutons to Aquarians. How? Where? The space is unique, but forms of life are different. The old ones know their habits, but the new ones not. Master Santiago’s Teachings describe development forms of the New Race. In these Reflection we are going to point out those ideas that facilitate to live together with the old Teutons. As the starting point, we recommend the Full Moon Message, 1948 (Book XIX, Chapter 2), which reads: “Be souls! Live in the world as if you were not of the world! Be strangers! Neither the language, pleasures and aspirations of men are yours; even their thought forms are not yours!”.

How to be foreigners in a globalized world, in which to be to Moscow, Chicago or Rio de Janeiro is the same, and thought forms and collective passions are the same? He who writes these reflections has studied his first Teachings, “Hidrochosa”, and so on, in 1951, and found wonderful prophecies in them. Now, at the Third Millennium, half century later, when he has to disseminate and explain them to the big public, sees life germinating in them; these prophecies are fulfilled in those Aquarians that are waking up.

Living the Renunciation is as hard today as in the past century, and there is no other procedure to mark a distance between the world and us; the Teachings are the same, and the collective society is equally cruel, perhaps more illusory. Now Teutons fight for their survival at any price. Our planet got wrinkled up as the result of mass communications, and predestined adversaries are coming nearer and nearer, and finally meet each other, alone on a plateau by the abyss: the bear and the lioness (see Book XVIII, Chapter 15, 28).

We Aquarians should learn to live together with the Teutons, and preserve a faculties balanced and in harmony; you reach peace by building it from nearness: thoughts, home, neighbors, work-mates. No more efficient way to be a transmitter of harmonious actions than being in tune with another fellow man and starting the formation of a net.

Master Santiago’s Teachings have been dictated from the astral plane, and keep their particular vibration imparted by their creators, in tune with the New Age and the magnetism of Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate, while they remained preserved in secret chambers. Now those locks are open and given as Human heritage in the time for the civilization of Hidrochosa to begin (see Book I, Chapter 1).

The Aquarian man does not come by conversion but by spiritual development. It is not a title or adhesion, as in Religions (Christians, Jews, Moslems, and so on), but an integral achievement, –physical, psychic and spiritual. As the time goes by, everybody will be Aquarian as the high vibration of Maitreya extends through the world. Those who are unable to grow, will die subject to natural laws and losing a wonderful chance.

The Teachings explain the characteristics of the New Age and disciplines to reaching this state, not in an academic form, because systematization would lead the reader to an illusory separativeness. Every one should look for what is more proper and create his own personal method, his own system, and follow his way until finding positive achievements that meet the needs of his soul. What is good for one, may not be so for other. Even a way is good for a while, and useless later; we should change. Every one has to be his own Redeemer –the Master says– until finding his liberation by himself through Renunciation as a holocaust.

So that the Teachings may germinate in the soul and start growing in fertile soil, one has to do as gardeners working in tune with Nature; their plants never need water, they remove weeds that vie with each other, and prudently fertilize the earth so that plants may grow in good condition. They take care of them, and protect and give them freedom. Eventually these plants will be beautiful trees, an oak, a fir, an apple tree, –what they had to be. The Aquarian men will be self-gardeners from the beginning to the end. They will yield beautiful flowers and tasty fruits.

But how to start travelling through these vast 785 Teachings coming up before us as soon as we open the gates of wisdom, and unending pages come one after another in the most varied and heterogeneous disciplines of the past and future? How to take some steps by those paths in the wood, looming behind the titles and suggestive images of the first paragraphs? What is the method to read and progress in our apprenticeship, not running the risk of leaving everything behind by boredom or annoyance in front of difficulties?

The task of these Reflections is to help the reader that is suddenly in front of a complete esoteric library explaining the keys of a time gradually deleted by contradictions of the present, and announces characteristics of a time to come. There are many ways to start understanding, and we shall expound some of them, which can be applied at once.

1st: The most practical and pleasant way to approach the Teachings is to transfer all of them, and to have them at hand and read them at random, like a walk by the country, by choosing accidentally, with no previous intentions or search, so that your spontaneous curiosity may point out the most attractive titles. There is a power in the subconscious, and your impulse should be the best guide to travel through the paths. History books, biographies of famous personalities, gymnastics and posture books, meditation books? You should be aware of them at least vaguely, being acquainted with them and beginning to interconnect them with mother ideas uniting them. The Teaching is one, the Master says, and is in everything and in every one of the parts. It is valuable to understand the spirit of the Teaching that can appear at any moment and unexpectedly at any page. So, to examine, explore and wander through their pages without determined purpose is valuable in order to grasp the magnetism that makes them attractive and needful.

2nd: A second way to broach the Teachings is to concentrate on certain matter, for example, Meditation, and to consider this matter in depth. Many books deal with the subject Meditation, with modes and varied characteristics, for it is a daily, continuous and indispensable tool of the soul. For those readers who practice it, or have ever been interested on it, it is the best to broach it from the beginning, by taking as a basis those doctrinal Teaching spread through al Courses. As meditations are founded upon seven basic subjects, you need to study the Archaic Symbology (Book III) in order to understand and develop them. Some reader may prefer and develop another line; they can look for the matter of their concern throughout the Courses, and get particular notes with indications so that may find the sources. For this purpose, the reader can find quite determined books, with Roman numbers, and chapters and paragraphs with Arabian numbers. A careful and studious reader can write another Teaching –his own personal Teaching– for inner use.

3rd: A third way is to look for in a vastness of concepts and images of this wonderful world the mother idea that reunites and gives unity to the work. Master Santiago has called it the Way of Renunciation; but also there are other conceptions able to explaining it. Each man will find his own conception after looking patiently for it.

4th: Another extraordinary task is to prepare an Index according to the most important worlds of your concern. It will be quite useful for an interrelated study of texts in general.

The Teachings are the heritage of Humanity, and do not recognize owners. Those who manage the library of Internet are their humble servers and do their best so that these Teachings may reach most of people all over the world. No person, institution, Order or Foundation owns them on its own right. The Teachings are free and available to anyone, not questioning who is.
Now the reader has the Teachings for the simple fact that he is human, with full right to use them in the sense they promote. Teachings here offered are original such as Master Santiago left them and he wanted to be disseminated: for the whole Humanity, without barriers or restrictions. Such as it occurs. So, if the reader works on these Teachings and studies them in order to understand changes that are taking place in the society, which influence so much the individual, he can foresee what will happen in his soul, and take the best steps for his own good, and for benefit of those who surround him.

So, the reader should not fear to deal with the most difficult fields of knowledge and inner experimentation. If and when his heart is free of covetousness and desire for psychic powers, if and when he only looks for the truth and good, he cannot experience anything wrong. The Work is protected from supra-physical dimensions by the Holy Masters that, in the Order of the Astral Fire, promoted the transfer of the Teachings to the terrestrial plane for the sake of Humanity, and now expand to all corners of Earth.

The Teachings must germinate in the souls of the servers. They are seeds of truths to develop in the future society. As soon as more souls accede the treasures hidden in their pages, Aquarius blooms and its advent is less painful. The promising future is not gratis: men must build it day by day.

June, 2003