At the end of the cycle, a race gives full evidence of its achievements and transmits it to the following race, in such a way that the evolution continuously and uninterruptedly follows the stream of life, and enriches the Human heritage. In the beginning of the Aryan Root Race, the Manus left the Mother Revelation that rules destinies of the 5th Race until its end. At present we start the 6th Aquarian Sub-race, and certain time has to go by for the 7th and last one. See “The Mother Idea”, in Book XII, Chapter 7. In Book XXV, “Theology”, Chapter 3, you read the Mother Idea of Aryans: “Cafh steadily believes in this Archaic Revelation, and also affirms that you still may discover its categorical statement written on some unexplored and hidden area of Earth. This present Root Race will not end until being discovered again, so that all Revelations given during the Race may meet each other, and return to that great union of souls and creeds, which has to be the end of the Great Divine Work on Earth”.

In Book XVI, “History of the Esoteric Orders”, Chapter I, you’ll find a description of the Order of Fire, in Mount Kaor, Central Asia, thousands of years ago. As time went by, and after the collapse of the volcano, its disciples spread through Earth disseminated the wisdom of the Great Initiates, and gave rise to Religions, many of which remain vigorous until our days. All Esoteric Orders known throughout History come from this first fiery Order, with different missions and characteristics and, after fulfilling their substantial mission, they disappear. The Order of Fire, of Cafh, heir of the European Order, after fulfilling its special mission, finished its functions few years after the death of its Founder.

We do not know about the existence of another institution that transmits ideas of the Masters of Fire. (Previous to Cafh, namely Chef, in Europe, has been crushed by fascists before Second World War). Cafh was the only one, and taught the legacy astrally preserved by the Masters. At the end of the Fifth Teutonic Sub-race they decided to give wisdom accumulated during this period of time to the new Aquarian Sub-race, and its Masters were as follows: “Monitor” (Savonarola) from the astral plane as a transmitter, and Santiago Bovisio, on Earth, as a receiver, who transferred this enormous stream of knowledge, proposals, visions and prophecies of the past for benefit of Humanity.

A movement between different planes of the reality (Ired) is continuous and unceasing, and comprises human activities as a whole on Earth and on Heaven as well. All Masters remain active and help on different areas of human possibilities: sciences, arts, industries, family, business, and They transfer Teutonic achievement to our plane, as you can ascertain this on the successful state of modern society. But doctrines of spiritual life have not been transferred on a level of human consciousness. We have progressed as for inventions, atomic weapons, biological engineering, space flights, but inwardly men persist in living as at the Stone Age. Master Santiago’s Teachings contain this needful spiritual wisdom that Humanity is given now.

Great material conquests promoted by Lunar Initiates in other times and nations are now currently used by inhabitants of this world, without differences of race or status; millions of persons can accede mechanical transportation, air flights, planetary communications, domestic wellbeing, advanced medicine, universal art, and whatever an eager individual wants. We cannot go beyond achievements of applied sciences and technologies by using our mere reason. Man should develop new mental instruments in his own psyche in order to see what remains hidden among current senses, but this is a gift reserved to the newborn Aquarian Age.

The spiritual development of man is stranded. The last Teachings of Book IV, “History of Man”, gives this description about first Teutonic individuals: “they were quite primitive, with scarcely developed mental faculties, and lived in a semi-savage state”. As the times went by, they developed an extraordinary art of reasoning, which gave rise to numerous advanced civilizations, and our current civilization is one of them; their psychic faculties ceased to develop: morally they continue to thrive in the jungle, but so far walking by the streets of a city or going to sport stadiums.

The Paradise, lost 25,000 years ago and described by the Genesis’ legend, and the growth of the Teutonic Race amid sacrifices and efforts in the wilderness until getting full reason but far from God, are registered by the Order of Fire in different ways, on Heaven by the Holy Masters, and on Earth, by little known groups. They preserved by means of a hermetic language the perennial wisdom, in order to transfer it as Human heritage. Thanks to Master Santiago’s work, this wisdom is now within the reach of men, through millions of copies of the Teaching-type in 50 nations, and three languages, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

785 Master Santiago’s Teachings are placed in the hub of Human History when an age becomes potentially destructive, in order to give way to new expectations of life, based on the harmony of the opposites. These Teachings are a salvation bridge that still unites the new world looming on the horizon for those men who living on the ancient Teutonic shore and its archaic materialistic customs and thinking with a collective mind and primary instincts, while the world gets lost in the dark.

While the savior of the world, Lord Maitreya is alive –now he is about 30 years old– both worlds will stay united, because his Message is for all men, dead or living, in all dimensions of the Universe, Hell, Earth and Heaven. Current possibilities are unique after many centuries, and by the help of these Teachings that are now on the space within the reach of all at home, can cross this bridge and spiritually settle on the Aquarian Age.

Master Santiago says ordinary souls reincarnate every 700 years more or less. See Book VII, “The Becoming”, and its description of the astral course from death to descent of these souls to Earth. When men that are alive now on the decrepit Teutonic Age, incarnate again on the full Aquarian Age, year 2700, they will die underdeveloped, and it will be quite hard for them to find a place. The spiritual characteristics of the new man are acquired on Earth, by inhabiting the physical body, now that Lord Maitreya is bathing all beings with his magnetism, and by counting on Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings to learning the paths of the Renunciation Way.

Many current and underdeveloped men –called “androids” and “lemurians”, to name them in some way– have to follow a different evolutionary course on some other round. Lord Maitreya’s grace even reaches them if they are fit for renunciation and place themselves at the feet of the Savior. Those who live a normal life have more chances, even though may be selfish and materialistic. In Commentaries, in the beginning of the Collection, you may find all references to Lord Maitreya, and a wonderful hymn written by Master Santiago at request of his disciples, which is not in the Teachings and becomes a precious mystical instrument. We recommend modern men in state of inner need to learn it by heart, and recite anywhere they are.

The Aquarian perfection programs are led by Great Initiates under Lord Maitreya. If beings have about 30 further incarnations, in 24,000 years of the period of time henceforward, they have the wonderful chance to starting their inner transformation from the beginning in order to achieve the proposals with the living assistance of the Redeemer. Because most “androids” and “lemurians”, who surrendered their souls to the collective mind, run the risk of not incarnating any more and remaining floating until the beginning of a new round, in millions of years. The rest of Humanity will follow their predetermined course, by achieving stages after stages, until their spiritual liberation.

The Only Revelation given in the beginning of the Aryan Race says: “The liberation of man, which he has to achieve by himself, not suddenly but by stages, by being birth, dying, reincarnating, through hells, purgatories and heavens”. Now we are at the beginning of these stages, with Lord Maitreya as a living model at the head of it, we have the Teachings that contain the wisdom picked up for us by the Masters of the Order of Fire, and we are seeing the decay of the civilization. Here is a big chance to renounce by leaving aside the bag with bread of the poor man, which stops our steps, and by acquiring the strength of the new life that you can perceive right now on those advanced souls who are going ahead.

We feel that many souls intuit a new way of living in peace and harmony and want to experience Renunciation. They have offered a proof of this with demonstrations requesting peace. They did not succeed, and horror has burst in Iraq. But this experience remained in the soul, and they are learning that the Apocalypses that we have seen in Baghdad will spread all over the planet if the devils remain at large. Just the Great Solar Initiate and the assistance of those souls that renounce can mitigate a little this destruction. May many brave beings, wherever they be, abhor in the bottom of their hearts the old world polluted by covetousness and wickedness, and surrender in spirit to Lord Maitreya, the New Savior of the World. He will listen to them.

June, 2003