Reflections Number 34. Transition

As one examines the Teachings as a whole, their dynamic ideas and disciplines expounded and considered in abundance call our attention, from the most abstract ones –as those referred to theological symbols– to simplest indications about gymnastics of Cafh. These Teachings do not constitute a thought system, big or little, open or closed, but certainly describe ideas and images of the past, present and future, which are indispensable to experience new proposals of the Aquarian Age.

We are experiencing an exchange between entirely different ways of living, –an agonizing world with wars, natural disasters, diseases, hunger, and all those things that you read in newspapers, walking toward Renunciation and detachment, individually and collectively. The newborn world is coming up with new forerunners, such as these Teachings are.

As we said, proposals of the Western civilization are concluding their magnificent and tragic works, on space and Earth; seas and continents have been conquered, wars have devastated nations, and confrontations go on who knows how long. New times mark the Renunciation way, but superpowers covet more and more possessions of others. As the result of this we see destruction, death and misery of helpless people, until a time when military colossi confront themselves face to face and with atomic bombs. (See explanatory notice at the foot of this Reflection.)

Master Santiago talked prophetically because on his days Teutonic laws still were in force and the new race had not started yet. The Great Solar Initiate would appear between 1972 and 1977, and the Master passed away in 1962. The time has progressed amid storms, this Millennium opened its gates ajar, these Teachings are not promises any more and, like everything now on this plane, now is heritage of Humanity; by means of powerful communication media, they belong to each individual and to Humanity as a whole.

These Teachings, which were the riches of the Order of the Fire, on Earth and on Heaven as well, such as we explained in our previous Reflection, won’t go to be secret or prohibited because History goes in this direction and all men have to experience them some time; they are indispensable “bridges”. Between a race and another there is an abyss wider and wider as time goes by, crossed by bridges that still are joining borders together: Master Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings.

These Teachings are universal, and delivered to everyone, without differences, by using the most advanced tool of modern civilization: global, instantaneous communication, free of charge, at every address, through local, easy and understandable languages, –genuine Teaching coming directly from a Master of Wisdom. Having them, reading them, recalling them is to experience them and travel the distance between two different worlds, one world, that of the will disappear soon, and the new world will choose at will. These Teachings belong to the individual, and also it is he who makes his decisions.

All places on Earth have names and posts with relative distances and they place individuals in a reciprocal relation, independently of their personal values; so they recognize each other personally and know how to socialize. This transition –between two Ages swiftly permuting their values and being unaware of their courses, like a weather-vane unceasingly revolving– does not offer permanent guides. Whom may we trust? Where do the Masters of Wisdom are? These guides do exist, but we should discover them.

In these Teachings you may find repertories –some of them dark, other obvious– helping the student recognize some place in relation to others. Book I, “Spiritual Development”, contains two quite clear chapters: the number XI: “Real Love”, expounds a motionless, universal position, beyond changes; and the following one, “Twelve Rays of Love”, sets an upward scale, from the most primitive love to the highest Christ’s love, where the student can ascertain which is his place in life.

Paragraph 8, Chapter 11, says about the “Twelve Rays of Love”: “In an ancient Rosicrucian text, not known to any man, with the exception of seven men constituting the Sacred Brotherhood, these twelve loving hues are related to figures represented on Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “The Last Supper”. According to this text, the Communion represents the Divine Love, central point delivered to men; and that the twelve phases of love are divided into face, garments and expression of every one of the twelve disciples, from Judas Scariot’s passionate and murderous love to John’s, the Evangelist, very soft love, resting his head on Jesus’s chest.

Here is a written, progressive list:

Animal Love
1st Ray: Animal love (Paragraphs 1 and 2)
2nd Ray: Self-defensive love (3 and 4)
3rd Ray: Love for his own body (5 to 8)
4th Ray: Love for pleasures of life (9 and 10)

Human Love
5th Ray: Feeling for others what you feel for yourself (11 and 12)
6th Ray: Loves becomes attractive (13, 14 and 15)
7th Ray: Love extended (16, 17 and 18)
8th Ray: Compassionate love (19, 20 and 21)

Divine Love
9th Ray: Divine love (22, 23 and 24)
10th Ray: Friendship (30 to 33)
11th Ray: Ecstatic love (30 to 33)
12th Ray: Real love (34 to 36)

The Rosicrucian text is a true scale of Christian perfection in the right direction of new Aquarian proposals, and the student can use operative exercises given by the Teachings in order to be ready to face the dynamic variability of change of races. During a crisis you cannot find stable, permanent places, but everything is change between the opposites; white may become black, and vice versa, in few seconds, and revert again a little later. It is important and useful for a spiritual researcher to be aware of inner trends and to lead them through routes that, by continuous exercise, we follow in our search for those trends promoted by Maitreya in Aquarius.

Following with Leonardo’s painting and the Roscicrucian interpretation, we can state they represent Humanity, specially in these times and changes: Jesus said he would return triumphant, and now he is under Maitreya, the Redeemer, at the center of the scene. He said “triumphant”, and it will happen this way; the old Teutonic world is destroying itself, and we the Aquarians will build it again in harmony, from roots. See ideas and proposals about the Redeemer, anticipated by Master Santiago, and joined together by the link “Commentaries” in this Web site, and let us go to it and pay attention to the scale of “Twelve Rays of Love”. The study may find in Master Bovisio’s work more than twelve books specifically devoted to spiritual exercises, in order to practice and progress on the way: affective, discursive, sensitive, active and passive, contemplative meditation, concentration, retrospective examination, et cetera. The starting point is at “Archaic Symbology”, Book III, with stages that a soul has to practice on its journey to the Divine. These subjects on Meditation are related to “Twelve Rays of Love”, and also to the text of Book XXXVI, “Ceremonials, Prayers and Hymns”.

How fortunate is the reader: he has reincarnated in the time of the living Redeemer, when his magnetism is more and more intense on Earth. He said he would come back triumphant, and he did. Those who not succeed in crossing the “bridges” and stay behind should shudder in fear. This Age, that now begins, will last about 24,000 years, as other Sub-races, and human and social changes will be complete, planetary. In those Teachings concerned you will find enlarged concepts that may be needful.

To this question (may peace be with Him): “Oh spirit of God, here on Earth and beyond, on the other world, what is the biggest and more terrible thing?”, and He replied: “The wrath of God” (may He be exalted and glorified). And later, to this question: “¿Something may prevent from it?”, Jesus replied: “Yes, break your wrath to pieces, and crush your rage” (Rumi, Fihi-ma-fihi).

Explanatory Notice: Pauling’s Report

At present, an ordinary nuclear bomb is of 20 megatons (1 megaton is equivalent to a million tons of dynamite). Soviet Union has exploded one bomb of sixty megatons seemingly constituting only two first stages of a 100 megaton bomb. Now, this 100 megaton bomb contains just about three tons and a half of explosive material, and only one big rocket may carry it from one continent to another. But those 100 megaton bombs seemingly do not respond to any logic; one 20 megaton bomb is sufficient to destroy any city on Earth.
A 20 megaton bomb exploding on any city of Earth would entirely destroy this city and kill the majority of its inhabitants. This bomb would produce a crater of 20 kilometers of diameter on earth, fires at a distance of 50-100 kilometers from the explosion, a tremendous “fiery storm”, people harmed by immediate and quite intense radiation, and fallout. Even people living at 300 kilometers from that place would die as the result of this explosion.

During the Second World War, there were intense raids by allied bombers against German cities. In one of these raids, that is to say, just during one night, a hundred airplanes, each of them carrying four tremendous one ton bombs, destroyed a big portion of Hamburg, and killed about 75,000 persons. In the event of a raid of this kind in Paris today, for example, and other one by 1,000 planes tomorrow, and other one the day after tomorrow, and so successively during fourteen years, after this period of time, the power of explosives used against those cities would be like a 20 megaton bomb.

I estimate depots of atomic bombs created in the present world comprise about 16,000 bombs of 20 megatons, or their equivalent. But as there are not 16,000 big cities in the world, one should wonder why such an irrationally big quantity of explosive material has been produced. I’ll answer this question by saying this happened because the scientific education system has been defective, therefore, those who would make related decisions were unable to have a clear idea about their acts, if and when there was someone making decisions, because it is dubious that this enormous nuclear depots accumulated are the result of a decision, and not of an accident, or of a delegated responsibility in this respect, mainly in the United States and Soviet Union, and perhaps also in Britain, at least to certain extent.

So I estimate here is the volume of present stock of nuclear weapons in the world. If 10 percent of this depot (32,000) megatons were used during a nuclear war, with an average of bombs exploding at a distance of 150 kilometers from the target (it is not necessary to hit the target for getting results) 60 days after this only day of war –perhaps comprising Europe as a whole, all Soviet Union and the United States–, of 800 million persons living on these areas, 720 millions would die, 60 million would have serious bodily harms, and other 20 million people would have minor wounds and harms, but they should cope with this issue: entire destruction of all cities, metropolitan districts, communication media and transportation, and even a completely disorganized society, death of all cattle, and an intense radioactive pollution in plants and grains as a whole. This would take for granted the end in that area of the world; nobody has been able to estimate in a reliable way what kind of harm this would produce in the rest of the planet.

Linus Pauling
Chemistry Nobel Prize, 1954; Peace Nobel Prize, 1962.
Source: Correo de la UNESCO; November, 1964.

July, 2003.