Number 35.– Living in Two Worlds

With the entry of the Aquarian Age and presence of Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate, Humanity lives in two different, dynamic and multifaceted worlds: one is where we are born and move, our actions are under its control, and the majority of our projects are ruled by it with realism and impiety; the other is new and potential and, according to wide explanations given by the Teachings, inexorably its development is toward the future. It is not only society trapped at these crossroads but also, with no exception, each individual whose future is at stake for a long while and many lives; he cannot elude his existential situation, and is obliged to choose, winning or not, because these two worlds, which now are mixed up, move in opposite directions, and will soon come apart, some men on one side, and others on the opposite side, structurally. This ever happened as races change over; it is the system used by Evolution for its progress to more perfect human types.

A modern technological communication system (TV, radio, PC, Internet, and so on), aviation breakthroughs (rapid trains and private cars) have led to heterogeneous, diversified socioeconomic forms of living, to what we call planetary globalization, and to chaos, not to an international order. You can see this on armed cultural and national confrontations. Examples: armed Moslems resisting in Iraq a “liberating crusade” orchestrated by invaders; millions of European civilians protesting massively against this illegal war waged by the United States and England; rebel terrorism bombing out everywhere. Here are collective disagreement expressions; from the Twin Towers’ collapse to a despaired drug addict injecting himself heroin in a lonely room of New York, quantity and size make the difference, but that destructive power pushing them towards the end of this terminal age remains the same.

An ordinary man going to-and-fro sees the world as one, and even homogeneous and usable; he does not understand this world, but lives it. He can easily get those things he uses, even though he should have to travel from one extreme to another of the continent. Carried away by whirlpools carrying masses in all directions, he neither resists nor questions; he does not claim for anything else than sufficient money for consumerism and self-gratification. If not, he tries to get money by any means, even degrading himself. He does not care. In his opinion, you cannot change society, even though society is continuously changing, and he strives to take as much advantage as possible of his own circumstance, rich or poor.

Perhaps in past centuries, with full Pisces, this attitude was justified because there was still a long while ahead to achieve its developing civilization; but this time finished; collectivities and materialism in their summit delivered their conquests on a bigger or lesser proportion to men. Now we are on a New Age, and the Great Solar Initiate begins to change things, influences the old system, and privately offers to each individual needful ideas for survival, –Master Bovisio’s Teachings.

In this collection you’ll find books expounding the Way of Renunciation. Teachings vibrate in potential state, and are given to men as such; as they germinate in the souls of servers, these Teaching may become substantial individual realities, growth and maturity in order for a harmonious New Humanity.

But if one lives in two worlds, this entails hard enigmas to solve, mainly if we do not know or get certain keys to open different locks and rooms. Those who have acceded the Teachings and adhere to Renunciation principles, how can they move in the old world, not losing their usual identity? Man is an individual unable to sustain verities opposite to his own spiritual nature, and not to lose heart. Master Santiago lived in the past century and was living example of the Renunciation Doctrine, anticipated as a forerunner of the coming life.

In order to live in these different worlds, one has to act positively with new ideas, by developing and enriching them by means of daily living contributions, active practice of the Renunciation Doctrine and, at the same time, by denying, not recognizing and refusing offerings from an obsolete and destructive world, so that this world may gradually disappear. According to Master Santiago’s Teaching in his “1948 Message” (Book XIX, “Messages”, Chapter 2), “Be foreigners! Live in the world as if you did not belong to the world! Be souls, simple, bare souls living in a world different from that of today, which is nothing more than an abyss of frenzied movement and destruction”.

In numerous meditation exercises, the reader may find tools fit for working on this spiritual dynamics, examining diverse social systems, experiencing the Renunciation Way and, at the same time, detaching himself from collective structures. For example, take diverse gradual meditation subjects, from those purgative ones, “The Black Lady” and “The Abyss”, which are perfect to Awakening in the soul strong feelings of hatred and refusal of the world that the meditator tries to move away from him, to those attractive subjects inspiring ideals for inner progress and telling him of the New Age, as “The Standard” and “The Veil of Ahehia” (Book XV: “Affective Meditation”). Also see “The Twelve Rays of Love” on the first Book, “Spiritual Development”, and you’ll find a stupendous guide to detaching yourself from the world.

It is indispensable to know a fundamental Evolution law, applied to Nature, species, man and his civilizations: as an Age has fulfilled those purposes for its creation and offered its potentials as a whole, then the Holy Masters stop sustaining it, and leave it free to face its own destiny, while displaying a lot of benefits for the newly-born ones in order to develop other adventures in the New Age that is expecting. 1,500 years have gone by from the last Atlantean civilization to the Aryan success, in central Africa, and even far longer in America with Azteca and Inca (Atlantean) natives, until the arrival of Aryan Spaniards overwhelming them with a handful of soldiers.

We do not know how long the two Sub-Races may stay together with their characteristic way of living. Last Atlanteans survived in America, and Aryans in Eurasia, but they did not meet for millennia. Teutons occupy the whole planet with collective societies and mass consumerism. Aquarians do not form collectivities, and live their individuality by developing inner worlds. For a while they will co-exist in peace if Maitreya’s disciples know how to sustain their inviolability within –the newly-born ones, by creating forms and life that will be wonders for future Humanity. As maturity comes, they will spread in abundance on the face of Earth.

He who writes these Reflections was aware of Master Santiago’s ideas in 1951, as he entered the Sacred Order and started his studies in Hidrochosa, a text given to new students as the starting point for all those things to come later: “New ideas and works are prepared for the world. While the race of the Christian sign of the Fish has developed collectivity states and significant mass movements, the sixth sub-race will specially develop egoentia of being”. On this short sentence-prophecy I found a synthesis of the Renunciation Doctrine widely expounded through the Teachings, a method to live them as a whole, images of the coming world, and solution for problems of the soul. Not only I studied but even was with the Master on different stages of the Work: the first years in the common society, later in the Community Ordination until his death in 1962, and years later in solitude until 2001 with the initial planetary expansion through the Renunciation Message, in various languages, by Internet.

I witnessed the Work along with hundreds of companions who faithfully lived the Teachings with their families, at work and in Cloister Communities, distributed along the American continent. Results were excellent, with Perpetual Renunciation Vows until death.

As a proof of good spiritual results obtained for many years under the personal Founder’s guide, he also told of the same results with other souls anywhere and under any circumstance. So the Master claimed for his Message’s delivery to Humanity: it was urgent and needful, and we should not wait any longer. At the propitious moment, the first day of the third millennium, with the patent presence of Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate, the first 23 Books are suddenly delivered. Results were beyond our expectation, and now, on the third year, and completing the proposed Teachings by Internet, millions of copies have been down-loaded on private files all over the world.

Just as Master Santiago did with his disciples, pure doctrine, absolute respect for the souls, and spiritual freedom for accepting or not those ideas, so they continue without changes by Internet. These reflections are even only personal thoughts arisen from the reading of the Teachings, at the sight of terrible events stirring the world. These Reflections may enable to understand and find a guide in the search of a proper Teaching, when one’s mind does not find solution for some disturbing issue.

As Santiago Bovisio left Genoa toward America with the mission imparted by his Superiors of the Order of Fire, he started a wonderful adventure: to live along with his followers the future time, the Aquarian Age, which would come up a hundred years later, in the Third Millennium. A Master had to guide him from the Astral Plane (Girolamo Savonarola), and gave him basic ideas about new forms of living.
In America, Master Santiago lived harmoniously in both worlds: the Aryan Teutonic one, shining with its last splendor in sciences, atomic power, space conquest, Second World War, communications, and so on, and the Aquarian one, still non-existent in society, but real in his soul and in the souls of his disciples. He needed to experience and ascertain that the Renunciation Way was not only ideal, but even the only salvation means for men that had to face frightful events, such as it is happening right now.

The majority of the Master Founder’s disciples have passed away; they were contemporary, or a little younger. If one wants to find those few able to testify their direct education under Him from youth, we should look for them in Communities, in which they live cloistered: silence, loneliness, observance and prayer keep them subject to doctrinal purity. Their mottoes are: Not to earn anything. Not to fear anything. Not to be anything. Those who wish to know more in depth who they are, how they live, and why they are living Master’s testimonies, should study “Intimacy of the Perfect Ones”, Book XXI. But if one wishes to ascertain it personally, we should look for them in Communities, and see them such as they are now: old perfect, pure and luminous beings.

The Teachings contain the same ideas received by Community Ordained Ones from Master Santiago’s lips. From 1958 I was part of it, along with companions that still are alive, and I testify that life to be such near the Master. Likewise, Teachings imparted by Internet have the Master’s magnetism and blessing, and produce in the souls the same transforming effect of his old sounding word. It is the beginning of the New Aquarian Age.

August, 2003