Number 36.– Spiritual Tools

First tools of cavemen in the beginning of the Teutonic Aryan Sub-race –now coming to an end, after the 1,500 year war against Black Atlantean magicians– were rudimentary stones used to chop, hit, dig, hunt and other tasks for survival (Book IV: “History of Man”, Chapters 14, 15 and 16). Master Santiago’s Teachings are tools of the first Aquarian individuals to work spiritually and survive in a destructive world sentenced to extinction. Here are the fundamental stones of the New Age that our inheritors will develop and perfect. They will conquer and re-build harmoniously this Earth, but –here is their main mission– they will occupy even inner spaces of being, unknown at present, and will make of the two worlds –inner and outer– a unit.

Man lives on several dimensions, whether visible or invisible. Constituted by various bodies (physical, double ethereal, astral, mental, and so on), he is aware of some of them, and not of others, according to his grade of evolution and cultural instruction. Mystics, clairvoyants and deep psychology have revealed many areas of the soul, which ordinary men do not accept, and believers of religions obey in terms of dogmas but do not look for personal experiences. The public opinion admits just a part of the reality, sustained by academic authorities and accepted sciences, but rejected by other expressions of the universal wisdom. This scientific cosmos, with gaps of ignorance and unknown territories, in spite of its great achievements, demands to go beyond, to places where neither reason nor technology can enter, in order to answer great questions of the soul: Who am I?, what about after death?, how does reincarnation occur?, shall I return?

Reason alone cannot respond to worries about our need of happiness and for the reason of our unhappiness, because reason only deals with material issues, and one has to apply to other sources that are drowsy and undeveloped in the soul. Here is the task of the New Aquarian Age, –to use and perfect spiritual tools in order to reach that inner peace looked for by men in vain. Just as efficient engineers, physicians and architects have studied for long years in Universities in order to become later skilled professionals in society, so also men must learn disciplines of the soul in temples-universities, as in the antiquity. Master Bovisio describes one of these temples of knowledge in the pre-Christian Egypt, North of Tebas, 1,300 b. C., devoted to Ammon (Book XVI: History of Esoteric Orders”, Chapter 4), from which wise men went away and traveled through nations teaching to live in an integral way, –Pythagoras, Solon, and others.

Tools here offered, that is to say, Teachings, are closely mixed up and form a complex organism working in depth in the soul, and give it not only information by means of images and concepts, but even transform it, according to inclinations, personal condition, cultural formation, and an imponderable magnetic factor between Teacher and student. The initial inclination of the latter is decisive; he will increase only his information reservoir if he wishes to acquire new knowledge, like a university student willing to become a professional; but he will be a man of the New Age if he works on himself with spiritual tools in order to perfect himself physically, emotionally and mentally, by imitating a carpenter carving wood, or a peasant ploughing the earth and sowing wheat in order to get bread later. Somehow like those old utopian socialists of the nineteen century who said, “He who does not work does not eat”, we can state that in the new time, “He who does not work with his soul, will wander in the shadows of ignorance for endless times”.

Master Santiago devoted his life to perfect these spiritual instruments and their attunement according to times of racial change and idiosyncrasy of American men, assisted by a great Astral Being, the Monitor. If the Teachings are universal, it is in America where they took birth and are better established. In statistics of this Web site, the United States are at the top with 50 percent of successful contacts, and transfers of files; after them, other Spanish language countries.

Peoples of America, that speak mainly Spanish, English and Portuguese, have no spirituality of their own. They live with ideas and symbols taken from remote religions and beliefs, with other stories and other times. Even they fill inner voids with bizarre sects that are primitive, demonic, or fetishistic and valueless. Souls remain indifferent before outer rituals, even practiced with great ceremonies and stadiums full to bursting. Only an intimately active, genuine and personal life can meet urgent needs of the existence.

Great Initiates of the Aryan Race, who forged the development of Humanity since remotest times, belonged to the ancient continent, and there Manu, Rama, Krishna, Menes, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Mahomet, and so on, worked, while America remained isolated and unknown until Columbus’ arrival; even the discovery meant a violent disappearance of cities, traditions, records and languages. America has to stay clean so that men may build there the new Aquarian civilization at the announced time: now.

But even immense material and cultural resources of modern civilization cannot be useful for new creations; they are structurally contaminated by abyssal powers that are sinking Humanity in a holocaust; karma is ineludible. The purification task may last thousand years, but the plan is inexorable, and the New Age will grow with no mixture. Also our familiar world will disappear as American pre-Columbian civilizations also disappeared. In the future, travelers may visit the ruins of New York and Brasilia, as we visit now Machu Pichu and the pyramids of Teotihuacan, recalling the name and nothing more.

Master Santiago does not describe the future world; he only traces a general guideline of possibilities. He says in Hidrochosa: “Ideas and new works are being prepared for the world. If the race of the Christian sign of Pisces has greatly developed collective states, big mass movements, the sixth sub-race will specially develop the egoentia of being”. But he has offered, along with wisdom and in abundance, tools for spiritual work, and the reader can ascertain this in 47 books of this library by Internet. The future society is in germ, and secretly in Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate, and He will reveal it in due course. Now what to do in front of this annihilation of the old sub-race fighting on all terrestrial spaces? It has to disappear; you cannot do anything with those men full of hatred and desire of revenge; you cannot compromise or establish alliances with them. Evil devours them by means of holy wars, crusades for democratic freedom, and gigantic reservoirs of mass destruction weapons.

Santiago Bovisio devoted his life to design the best spiritual tools of all times, and preserved them expecting the sowing time. Now, in the beginning of the sixth sub-race, he made distribute them all over the world by means of his servers.

Let us take as an example a big and complex transmutation instrument –individual and collective– designed and managed for years by the Master, for men and women, Communities of Renunciation about which there are many writings: Book XX, “Superiors of Community”; Book XXI, “Intimacy of the Perfect”; Book XXII, “Interpretation for Ordained Ones of Community”. Almost in all these writings there are references to life in Community, as prototype and excellence in a society of time to come, organized by intimate values of being, not by outer possessions. These community groups were, and are few persons, and according to the regulation, these groups cannot grow indefinitely; at certain point, these persons leave the group and form another community. They become tools of being as a whole in search of perfection, according to the above-mentioned books. (In a modern mass society, with millions of beings crowded together in big metropolis, it is difficult to imagine a form of life applying collectively the Law of Renunciation; you can practice this Law just in silence and in small groups on a lesser scale.)

A second group of Books, explaining inner working methods by means of the most perfect range of procedures, refers to methods about meditations, whose titles the reader may find in Commentaries, chapter devoted to Mystical-Ascetic Books, in addition to these three to appear soon: “Exercises and Examples of Meditation”, “Commentaries about Meditation”, and “Methods of Meditation”. Religions have recommended diverse types of meditation according to their dogmas, from Saint Ignatius’ “Spiritual Exercises” to modern types of Yoga and other new currents based on psychology and psychoanalysis, in quest of results with higher mental and emotional power. Meditations included in these Teachings do not seek for any achievement, with the exception of liberation and detachment. They have been designed for this critical time when men have to open locks and doors that are confining them in dead spaces, and in this way to go ahead through the unexplored land of Aquarius.

A study of books on History –six in this Collection– also offers knowledge of other ages and currents of thought, on which one needs to stay in our changing age, by widening our consciousness toward unexpected frontiers; as opening tools they describe a world richer that the current one, in relation not only to a time that passed by, but also to immense possibilities of developing the human condition in immediate and distant terms. If we want to organize the future by correcting the current social chaos, we should study the past in order to understand why we have reached this blind alley.

Two excellent Courses are offered to sustain strength and good condition of the physical body: Book XXXII, “Gymnastics of Cafh”, and Book XXXIII, “Postures”, complementing previous books devoted to inner life. Here are integral tools considering a human being as indivisible unit to develop as a whole.

Master Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings entirely represent liberation. Unlike other spiritual currents –both ancient and modern– promising heavens and paradises, powers and material, emotional and mental possessions, these Teachings clear the way for each man and invite him to tread it on; each one is free to take what he wants, and becomes responsible for his choice. Hidrochosa says: “A concept shall become familiar: now Humanity does not progress by eventual presents, and the new human types shall provide themselves with happiness by their own means”.

September, 2003