Number 37 - WHY?

Why do we reflect continuously on devastating human calamities at the end of the Fifth Teutonic Sub-Race and modern civilization?

Because in this civilization men experience unbearable pains, destroy what they have built with so many efforts, and are insensibly agonizing; defenseless, they are unaware of realities of the present time and incapable of finding a solution for their troubles. The Teachings contain salvation keys and for this reason these Teachings are in the world. We are reflecting on human sufferings in order to tell men directly, come and meet Santiago Bovisio and the Lord Maitreya in a time of hope –the Masters are in the Teachings, and live in these Teachings in a magnetic way.

Just as physicians are such by healing the sick, fire-men perform their mission by extinguishing infernos, and school teachers educate being present among pupils, so also the Teachings bring their wonderful potentials into action by speaking directly to men –ignorant or illustrated, wicked or kind, wealthy or poor, violent or peaceful, believers or unbelievers, in short, all the spiritual sick in modern civilization.

The Teachings germinate where there are needs. And as needs are universal in this planetary racial change, the Teachings are sowed all over the world, germinating in souls of servers. This was not possible before, even being written down; we needed an advanced, global and instantaneous spread system in order to sow them everywhere –Internet. Potentially they can stay in each house where a PC is plugged. In the Web Site the Message of Renunciation is greatly expanded, but not so much according to its possibilities –it must be within everybody’s reach. No man, however far off may stay and however poor may be, should say in his final days, “The Savior of Humanity is alive, but I did not know!”. All human beings should know him, so that the Teachings that speak about Him may germinate in their souls, or at least may encourage their expectation of a fruitful sowing in next incarnations.

Why do we reflect on History of Races and their characteristic change?

Because in this time the ancient age becomes the New Age, and men are neither ready nor seriously informed. There are many vested interests around the old system, and the powerful refuse to change; they stick to their possessions, although their selfishness leads them to annihilation. Please see those builders of mass destruction weapons (the United States, Russian Federation, France, United Kingdom, for example), and you’ll understand they live blindly. In Reflection Number 34 we reproduce the “Pauling’s Paper” of 1964, about the appalling atomic danger. Where is the danger –in him who has the bomb, or in him who don’t?

Master Bovisio describes a situation like that when, in the beginning of the present Aryan Teutonic Sub-Race, 24,000 years ago (1,500 Years’ War), when the last Atlanteans attacked the Aryans and were defeated. In Chapter 15, Book XXVI, “Anthropogenesis”, he says, “They built iron men and animated them by means of elementals; these iron men responded blindly to their orders. For centuries they strove hard by building electrically charged missiles, powerful airships and any sorts of corrosive and destructive acids. As they were aware of the 192 basic chemical elements, had discovered a fluid to become invisible. At the end of the sidereal year, the earthly axis changes position, and this happened in those days. It rained for forty days... and so on”. The Ramayana describes partially this fight, and many sages investigate traditional writings in search of evidences and trails of these ancient weapons that were as powerful as the present ones.

May we believe that a nuclear power –even as little as North Chorea or Israel– in the event of being heavily attacked and running the risk of being defeated shall not counter attack with every possible means for its own protection? So, for what did they build bombs? And he who has this power never dismantles it; they defuse bombs obsolete by the course of time and technical breakthroughs, but replace them immediately. Our salvation may depend upon a new change in the position of the earthly magnetic axis, an inversion of poles, as that already detected by Finnish researchers, by putting out of action present electromagnetic systems used by modern warlike monsters, so that things again may be simple as before. Perhaps we have to wait for other 1,500 years as in the beginning.

Why do we insist on Meditation and other mystical-ascetic exercises that Master Santiago teaches in extension and detail by means of models, recommendations and good examples for their best performance?

Because men will change internally and externally, by transmuting their old habits, tendencies and bad customs for a new way of living, and by leaving behind the collective mind, society of masses, eagerness for possessions, and an inborn perversity in human relations, families, business, sport games, arts, streets. And for his own transformation, the man must fight from the moment he becomes conscious of following wrong ways. It is indispensable a good guidance, created by him who knows all routes and paths on new territories to travel, and where they lead to. These Teachings are the best guidance in order to leave old streets of the past that only turn and turn around ancient courses, but arrive nowhere. Master Santiago received these Teachings from other more ancient sages, experienced them, and made his disciples practice them for many years. And he left them written down by his own hand so the Teachings were rightly spread at the moment that he Announced –Hidrochosa, the New Age of Sakib, today.

Our Planet Earth is severely damaged because its resources have been plundered for centuries. How long shall we take to change our way of thinking in order to rebuild what has been destroyed, namely, prairies, forests, brooks, lakes, human relations, all of us, and to start the formation of the Aquarian man? We have no time to waste. This task begins with the first Teaching and first meditation.

A final question, why are published so many tough prophecies about the transition of Races?

Santiago Bovisio asks: “Will be the Sons of Renunciation consequent with their mission in order to prevent from the impending destruction that will precede the Age of Sakib?”. Many times he deals with the subject of war dividing old and new times. In fact, all Teachings –they are hundreds– are prophecies in one way or another, even the Historic prophecies. Neither though nor soft, they are exact. Prophecy was the relevant gift of Master Santiago, not only in relation to the time to come in Humanity, but also for individuals in particular. There are many ways of prophesizing; some predict specific events with dates and actors; others glimpse extraordinary phenomena of nature. Master Santiago predicts forms of living in the time to come, and teaches disciplines for their practice. We might say he is the educator of the future, a Spiritual Director of new men.

Every prophet has various parapsychological resources to exercising his office with higher or lower efficacy. In Santiago Bovisio one could see and discover (if and when he wished) clairvoyance on various dimensions, voluntary entry to the Grotto of Ras, ability to become invisible, astral journeys (see Book VII, “The Becoming”, Chapter 3: “Inner Life of Earth”); he was an expert in palmistry, astrology, physiognomy, and other arts that you may deduce from his Teachings, for example, “Magical Exercises”, “Science of Life”, “Renunciation in the World and Souls”, and so on. All these capacities worked with such a harmony that we might define this as an artistic-musical intuition, with wonderful future results when he educated and guided those beings that trusted in him.

Master Santiago used the gift of prophecy specially as a spiritual guidance when he would deal with his disciples not only of time to come but also of a remote past, as if those scenes passed before his eyes. Many of his first disciples witnessed personally his gift, and know who they were in past lives, which is very helpful to find again the lost identity.

But also he prophesized about the destiny of Humanity, and many Teachings are revelations tending to guide men who have to cross bridges between the past and the time to come in Aquarius.

Many queries arise spontaneously from reading these Teachings. And also responses are numerous and at the same time give rise to other questions. Here is the spiritual wakening when one works as an organism that is progressing step by step in search of the truth. It is neither a rigid formula nor a conceptual dogma; worries and satisfactions of each individual are building the egoentia of being in Teachings and in the new spirituality that is emerging in the souls.

Cultural systems of the past, religions, philosophies, political states, economies, even mega-systems as the Roman Empire, Catholic Church, Soviet Union, United Nations, and others, offered collective rules to the collective mind, but nothing to innermost needs. An individual has his own needs, which are a result of his intimate story throughout many incarnations, along with strictly personal solutions. No system, however sage it may be, shall give him what he needs. He shall start the journey walking with an efficient guide, and as long as he goes toward the future, seeds of egoentia are going to sprout from his being. The spirituality of the future shall be built in this way. Master Santiago says each one will be his own Redeemer by transforming his own Renunciation into a Holocaust.

September, 2003