Number 38.- The Mystery of Redemption

In the beautiful film “Joan of Arch’s Passion”, by Carl Dreyer (1926-1928), which for world critics is one of the best movie-picture productions, there is a dramatic scene in which the Inquisitor asks the French mystic whether she felt in state of grace. The Confessor warns, “Beware, Joan, it is a dangerous question!”, and Joan replies, “If I am in state of grace, I ask God for preserving it; otherwise I ask him for granting it”. In fact, she had just one chance, a potential answer, for in the event of affirmation, this would mean to be accused of witchcraft, and in the event of negation, her mission would be considered deceitful, untruthful. In both cases, she should die at the stake, as finally it occurred, although her answer was right.

Religions that promise liberation to their faithful followers just can potentially redeem the human species, as in the specific Joan of Arch’s situation. An effective redemption has to be conquered by each individual by his own efforts and by stages, as the Mother’s Revelation points, from the beginning of the Aryan Root Race. The Teaching 13, “Second Revelation of the Idea-Mother of Aryans”, Book XXV, “Theology”, reads: “Liberation of man, that he has to achieve by himself, not suddenly but by stages, by dying, re-encarnating, going through hells, purgatories, and heavens”. The Sopena Dictionary explains, “To redeem (from Latin, ‘redimere’): To rescue or take a captive out of bondage, by paying some price for it”. Christian Theology has taken this concept from Roman Right and applied it to Jesus; the price for Redemption was the Cross for the human species in general. Master Santiago says Maitreya, Great Solar Initiate of Fourth Category, like Jesus, now shall teach men how to redeem themselves individually, without intermediaries, by their own efforts, by living Renunciation in Holocaust (an holocaust is ritualistic sacrifice through fire when the offering –usually sheep– is totally consumed by flames; holo: all; kaustos: burnt). The clearest Teaching about this Mystery is “Mystic Ash of Saint Paul of the Cross”, Book XVIII, “The Way of Renunciation”, Chapter 8. As you perform it, this sacrifice stops being potential and inaccessible and becomes a concrete redemption that liberates searchers.

Theology, a very old discipline, uses words and syntax that now are out of use. Read the “Hymn to the Divine Mother”, in aripal, –“Ahehia ote Hes”– a complete synthesis of Aryan Theology, and you won’t understand. Even more recent religious dogmas are hard to understand. All those things, whether ignored or not understood, are classified as “Mysteries” by sages, as if what is impossible rested on the object, not in sages themselves. For children, the school is full of mysteries; but things are clear and simple for the teacher that educates them.

Theology and Natural Sciences contain many mysteries and unknown things, although both disciplines know much more than in the past; perhaps at the end of the Aryan Race, these gaps of knowledge may be unveiled along with the Idea Mother of the Race. Natural Sciences have discovered numberless phenomena that official theologians were whether unable to explain, or wrong, that is, heliocentricism, plurality of worlds, medicine, history, geography, and so on. Last few years, breakthroughs in diverse sciences and their application in daily life –genetics, organ transplants, communications, and so on– have produced huge anxiety about the future. Mystique, Prophecy and the word of Maitreya will answer great questions asked by modern man when he has to leave the old world in order to enter new, fascinating territories.

The theme about redemption is quite old, recognized by History and Philosophy, but sages were unable to define and even less explain it. At most, they have moved redemption to a supra-physical dimension –Heaven, or Astral Plane– where man can arrive after death, or by clairvoyance. But none of these factors gives liberation, –they give an approach to the reality, an experience. Just Renunciation in Holocaust, perfect detachment liberates, in whatever place, or on Earth or in Heaven. On the contrary, man has to re-incarnate many times until being free of ties and desires.

Redemption is not a concept of the mind, it is a holistic reality that occupies entirely one’s being with achievements of many lives, without any strange particles, until the time when being authentic, we may arrive at the gates of Paradise. We will get freedom when God opens these gates and calls us by our very true name. So we won’t re-incarnate ever more.

This Theology, that we know by tradition and books, may be out of use in the future; a renewed becoming offers other proposals supported by what Humanity so far has achieved. Space conquest, genetic engineering breakthroughs, robotics, atomic energy and other discoveries open dimensions to a new Theology; this has already taken place, laying aside dogmas of Middle Ages. God will ever be an unknown attraction, but now we can reflect about Him in a more satisfactory way. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world”; but Maitreya, the great Initiate, will propose the individual redemption in this world. Jesus has redeemed Humanity by his sacrifice on the Cross; now Maitreya says each one will be liberated by his own effort through Renunciation in Holocaust. Certainly, this is New Spirituality, not a Theology of Religions. See “Commentaries”, Chapter 4; they contain Master Santiago’s references to Maitreya.

But how to achieve individual Redemption? How does a pilgrim know that is progressing on the just Path and in proper times? How to take his first steps, when salvation offers are many, tempting and variable in the world? Some of these offers are potentially true.

The starting point consists in being properly placed; we do not live in the twentieth century or in the Middle Ages; we are living in the Aquarian Age, with the New Redeemer that will change the world. The Teachings have widely anticipated new ideas that, from the first day of the Third Millennium, are distributed all over the planet in the service of men, who can accede them freely, because these new ideas belong to them.
From the quite remote magnetic space we have received this e-mail:

“I am grateful to you for giving these Teachings to Humanity.
All those things already in this plane are heritage of Humanity.
And to open locks entails to get rid from illusions of separateness.
These Teachings will go on to germinate in souls of servers.”

The Universe described by Master Santiago is energetic, vibrational and fiery. His effect on being is transmutation of the soul on a higher level of existence, in the new dimension of Hidrochosa.

What does Redemption mean? Christian Church, or Islamic Church, or Hindu Church? What do Freedom, Equality and Fraternity mean? French Revolution, Soviet Union, United Nations, IMF, Globalization, and so on? No! The old world of the twentieth century is dead. Ahead, with hardly three years of Hidrochosa, wilderness, insecurity, fears, the unknown, the Teaching, Maitreya, and hope are waiting for us.

Redemption is not a mystery, –it is a whole achievement that the individual being proves continuously in himself and applies in his daily behavior; it is to live in the energetic, vibrational and fiery world described by the Teachings as a permanent transformation toward higher states. The individual being that is in tune with the Aquarian modulation will get rid from psychic burdens and can enter new magnetic fields of the future by means of meditation, concentration, and detachment, and by repulsing specters of the old civilization and striving to vibrate on Maitreya’s frequency.

At the start of the stage of the Sub-Race, Aquarius in next 24,000 years, this Sub-Race enters a new vibrational field, a new sidereal cycle, precession of equinoxes, change in the magnetic axis, and alterations in the morphological structure of the planet. Humanity is part of Earth, along with other living beings, and necessarily must share changes. Those individuals that do not adjust, do disappear, even entire species, according to discoveries of Historic Sciences.

These global changes, from extinction of vegetal and animal species to economy of nations, behavior of big cities and secularization of religions are evidences of changes, beyond good and evil. Passions of the collective mind –the result of an obsolete civilization– point those beings that are going to die without any possibilities of entering the new age: sport game stadiums, political and religious meetings, TV, movie-pictures and so many other expression of man-mass.

Man can easily detect where he stands, –this is like day and night. In the event he is along with thousands or millions of church-goers in Piazza San Pietro, or in the Mosque of La Mecca, or in the Indian Wesak Festival, he clearly knows he is living a twentieth century that is over. If he cries “Goal!”, in whatever football ground, or watching TV home, he belongs to the collective mind of the past. Likewise if he gathers on summer beaches, being motionless and displayed on the sand. If he runs after money, or gets confused in nightclubs, and is fascinated by momentary idols, it is the same. All these are evidences that such individuals are misplaced in the historic moment of change –they stay on the wrong place by the abyss, and hardly can go across bridges.

Master Santiago points Saint Paul of the Cross as a model of spirit of Renunciation, of absolute detachment from all things of the world; he says about the mystic of ash: “His words are fundamental. ‘There is neither salvation nor spiritual perfection without a life of detachment and mortification.’ He will be harshly combated by this; not admitting that a soul may live the life of God and the life of the world. ‘There won’t be salvation even for those who do not deprive themselves of things that are seemingly good and usable.’ His mystique is this: otherwise not”.

If the words of this Saint sound harsh at the start of the Industrial Age (eighteen century), today, amid the decadence of a civilization that has produced that Age, at the end of old things, those words resound as an unappealable sentence of destiny. Maitreya has opened the gates of Aquarius for the man of renunciation.

October, 2003.