Number 3.– Races

Throughout these Teachings you can read many times words like these, Root Race, Sub-Races and Family Sub-Races, and also information and concepts related to them. At present we have left behind the Aryan Teutonic Sub-Race to start the new millennium with the Aryan American Sub-Race, which will last 2,000 years, as the precedent Pisces did, which also ended up. Solar Initiate Maitreya opens the new cycle. As in esoteric literature these terms contain meanings and applications that differ from those used by modern natural sciences, we are going to expound briefly the traditional meaning easily deduced from Teachings.
In traditional philosophy, the word Race and derived terms, apply to stages of integral monadic development throughout long periods of time marked by changes produced in stars of the Solar system and its related movements. There is a sevenfold classification –seven Root Races, and seven Sub-Races; and we use twelve periods in Family Sub-Races, being each period under an astrological sign. Even there are shorter periods, like present ages named, in Europe, Ancient, Mean, Modern and Contemporary History.
These significant stages mark not only the time, but also proposals made by Divine Builders and conquests achieved, and those of time to come, according to the Divine Plan for men. In Teaching 2, “Anthropogenesis”, we read that the First Race, Urania, tried to settle on Earth, that is on the Antarctica, failed, and had to start again in Greenland. These Teachings say, “The Aryan Race was born for war”, and widens this concept saying the Family Sub-Race, Pisces, which ended up, is characterized by pair of opposites confronted.
Esoteric Teachings offer us valuable information and concepts about our past and how we gradually constructed ourselves until what we are, and they enable us to glimpse race characteristics of the immediate (individual and collective) future. So we can contribute with our efforts to perfect our destiny, walking toward the time to come, not contrariwise.
To widen and meditate on this dazzling matter, we suggest to read Book XXVI, “Anthropogenesis”, because at present we are living a similar planetary experience, with parallel effects.

a. Toward Souls

Periodically, our Server sends us statistical information about Teachings received; readers get 50,000 successful monthly accesses, with an attractive number of copies and transcriptions, everywhere, particularly in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and other more geographically distant countries. This Teachings’ service began the first day of the year, and we expect to give a complete report on December 31st.
What do we infer from this general reception of Master Santiago’s proposals? First, souls share similar needs all over the world and in different circumstances, and in face of sorrow there are no privileges –there is only a significant lack of proper resources. Second, Teachings are prophetic revelations, that is to say, they go to souls and their permanent needs, as much those of the past, as those manifested in the course of the times. They do not refer to transient circumstantial things that come and go, like money, nationality or social level, which we know are devoured by death, but to the reality of the individual being, which goes beyond any mutations.
Today we see Humanity divided by countless groups, fighting among them and on all levels: nations, religions, nationalities in one and the same State, commercial enterprises, social classes, families, individuals in their families, individuals against themselves and against their evil inclinations, and so on. This disjointed spiritual substance of men makes Humanity disappear as such. Master Santiago believed that a degeneration of basic qualities in human beings is more frightful than atomic bombs and natural calamities, and all this is leading to Zero Point.
In his 1957 Renunciation Message, Master Santiago says, “Sons of the Flame: Take your Renunciation Message to all men without distinctions; teach them how the good of peoples is not the result of wars and revolutions, but that of a quality that is fruit of sacrifice, work, migrations and renunciation to superfluous things.
All those who experience death, mutilations, diseases and miseries by general violence, are innocent victims of human cruelty. Innocent? We all form the body of Humanity willy-nilly. And we should assume individually our share of responsibility for life in order to start our Way of Salvation.

b. Peace

According to a Prussian army General and brilliant theorist of the German military school, Karl von Clausewitz (1780-1831), “war aims at possessing”. During the last century, Humanity has been in a permanent war, including two World Wars, with millions of victims, and now this war continues everywhere with new frightful destruction weapons. What do they want to possess at any price? –planet Earth and everything therein contained, including outer space and its stars. Certainly, will-to-possess and human madness are infinite. Our planet is globalized indeed, not by fraternity but by communications of any type –mechanical, financial and digital. Also by war. These swift human contacts make destruction easier anywhere, instantaneously, and who knows when it may end. Moreover, now all of us experience violence psychosis and fear, as if were in a trench
Former Aryan Teutonic Sub-Race started long time ago with the legendary 1,500 Years War, overcoming ancient Atlanteans.
Now the Aryan American age starts with “Infinite War”. Can we repeat the experience with modern destruction monsters so that Earth and man may progress to the future?
Von Clausewitz says, “War aims at possessing”, but this goal has already an owner. Paul VI stated, “Satan is master of the world”. The Pope’s sentence is right if we look at daily horrors.
Master Santiago’s Teachings refer to souls for these times, and give salvation lessons here and now, where every one is, in whatever place and personal situation. These Teachings speak of real and unique peace, which can be reached within when passions expire. There is no other peace. It is an historic illusion this peace that men defend, and violate under any excuse, even defending peace.
Just as the great war ended, in his first 1947 Full Moon Message, Master Santiago’s words were seemingly for these days, “Humanity has moved too much, in peace and war, not to find an atom of happiness”. So let us return to loneliness, Prayer and Silence. Nothing and no one should occupy our thinking. Our lips should stop talking. Our pilgrimages should cease”.

b. A Year of Teachings

In his 1962 spiritual Will, a little before he died, Master Santiago exhorted his disciples claiming as follows, “Take the Renunciation Message all over the world, to the whole Universe!”.
The first day of the third millennium, his Teachings were published in Spanish and English by Internet, and during these months, his Message expanded to many countries, from America to Far East, with an impressive number of transferred files.
Why do people from so many remote places apply to Renunciation Teachings, in spite of their doctrinal rigor and difficult basic subjects, expressed by an esoteric language of millenary tradition, which differs from modern meanings? The point is that fundamental needs of Humanity are very significant, not only by material and social survival problems, but also by lack of a transcendental sense of life. One who has few things, certainly suffers and strives for improving his condition; but one who has nothing material, experiences further suffering because of his lack of goals; he is empty. This absence of inner life can be satisfied only by a redemption message to place the pilgrim on the path of substantial achievements, on the Way of Renunciation. Master Santiago’s Books are a complete system of ideas and revelations about the sense of life in present human circumstances, when this Humanity disposes of postulates of the ancient race in order to accede new Aquarian forms.
Public and violent signs are expressing these changes, and no one can ignore them. The Twin Towers collapse, an emblem of Western civilization, has brought out a psychological shock until our days, and fosters a strange war between religious leaders who have the world power under control. Why do they attack each other?, why do they wish to smash each other? Why this ecumenical hysteria pushing them irrationally toward destroying goods that they have constructed with so many efforts? In the new Aquarian vibration, the times are expiring as to ideas of the past, although these ideas may be rich and mighty, and spaces decrease and are disappearing. Heritors of the old sign fight desperately to occupy those spaces by eliminating physically their competitors.
Now the reality strikes heavily, and many persons, in disagreement with conformist prophecies about illusory paradises, are in search of the truth, although this truth may be hard. Master Santiago expounds all this. Please, see direct doctrinal key Courses, and you can understand the reality: “The Way of Renunciation”, “Full Moon Messages”, “Spiritual Development”, and others. Human redemption can be constructed by realities, sacrifices and Renunciation.
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