Number 40.- Diogenes, the Dog

In Vatican City, Rafael Sancio’s master work, “School of Athens”, represents the founders of the Western thinking, Plato and Aristoteles, center, on top, along with main philosophers of the classic age; further down Heraclitus, “the Obscure”, of the dynamic transmutation current, and even further down, lying on the last grade, Diogenes and his dog, of the Cynic School. These wise men created the reasoned philosophy, principle of social freedom and democracy. Keeping in mind the meaning of this work in our days –painted 500 years ago, in the Renaissance– we should place it upside down and all those sages face downward, Diogenes on the top, and Plato and Aristotle close to floor.

Diogenes of Sinop, called “the Cynic”, “the Dog” (413-323 b. C.), characterized by his way of scoffing at things and men, systematically looked down on every social rule according to this motto: “Living in agreement with nature”. Like a dog, he responded to the call of nature in streets and even on stairs of the Temples. Many times wrathful citizens would beat him up, but Diogenes never mended his ways. His philosophy flourished for several centuries, and eventually Christianity made it fall into disuse.

In the beginning of the nineteenth century, traditional rules of life together have vanished and dissolving forces have rushed in all social strata –modernism, sex liberation, drug-addiction, Satanism, plastic and literary arts, movie pictures and TV, extreme poverty in metropolis, and so on– and cynicism came back along with violence everywhere, and “dogs”, who live according to their liberal nature are defiling with impunity banks, public offices, Temples, books, TV programs, streets, schools, laboratories and any place they walk through. Like in ancient Athens, highest leaders of the world, even in the UN, wage annihilation wars, smash nations and subject peoples to their will in the name of freedom and democracy, –two entities that never had real existence, except if one mentioned them cynically.

The Third Millennium begins with a promise of living that differs from the above-mentioned –the end of the Aryan Teutonic Sub-race– and we are bound to characterize without excuses this old decaying system if we want to understand the New Age. In Aquarius, life is individual, intimate and ego-focussed, not collective or political, and emerges by Renunciation in the soul. Likewise, democracy, being a conventional political concept with vested interests, nothing has to do in a society in which intermediaries between a teacher and a pupil, between a producer and a needy person, and between God and man shall disappear. Political and social laws, and even the democracy of cynics, have to be laid aside as soon as individual beings learn renunciation, work for the sake of work, giving without any expectation of reward, and following Buddha’s, Jesus’ and Maitreya’s precepts.

In Book XVIII, “The Way of Renunciation”, Chapter 1, 6, Master Santiago says, “Renunciation is the way of Cafh, and there is no other way for the world salvation. This fundamental doctrine is not new; it is of all Great Initiates, of all great beings that have imparted the Message to humanity and were not heard. But the Son has been given – for his present moment– the invaluable gift of knowing that Humanity has ended its evolutionary cycle of oscillating permanence, like shadows reflected on the wall of the world, by the world shock of a truly supernatural power, of an energy never known to man, and has to reach a clearer vision of real human life”. This Teaching has been received by the Master in 1985 from Savonarola’s thought, and what yesterday was a gift to his direct disciples, today is heritage of Humanity and subject of Meditation in the whole planet.
Changes from one Sub-race to another are deep and substantial. When Teutonics replaced Celts, during the war of 1,500 years, by annihilating Atlantean Black Magicians 240 centuries ago, they were entirely different from their beautiful predecessors; they started their way from the stone age, as primitive instruments who fought permanently for their survival. Likewise shall we start our own way in caverns and deserts? Seemingly yes, if we observe the warlike madness of great powers, as similar as that of Black Atlanteans. As they are sentenced to disappear devastated by a lethal whirlpool, what can be left of Aquarians, how shall they be, which will be their work, how shall be transformed? New forms of life, released by the Strong Liberator, have been prophesized in Master Santiago’s Teachings.

There is neither reconciliation, nor understanding, nor friendship among Aquarians and Teutonics, as well as there was no reconciliation, understanding or friendship among the latter and their enemies. Their different vibrations are not interchangeable, and one of the two shall disappear.

In these times of critical transition, thousands of millions of Teutonics are permanently fighting and some few Aquarians –mixed, in disorder, outwardly undifferentiated– are acting collectively in the society of masses. Even the new men do not recognize their own identity, they do not know who are they, and do not know how to define themselves. There is a way of discovering them as belonging to the new race with a higher destiny: their identification with Master Santiago’s Teachings, which are the only written evidences within everybody’s range. As we have said, these Teachings come from the Sacred Astral Order of Fire, contain a synthesis of the wisdom of the Aryan Race from its inception to its culmination, and now, by Santiago Bovisio’s work, are heritage of Humanity.

Souls become not only rich and perfected by studying the Teachings, and also acquire inner identification with their particular destiny, and move them away cynic masses who live without destination or identity, surrendered to the whim of their instincts. They become androids, lose their human qualities and, cynically, practice most degrading pleasures and believe that happiness stays there. The barge and its water-bearer is going quickly ahead through seas of Aquarius, while while the restleft-overs of the shipwreckwreckage remains pile up on desert beaches.
Urgently the reader should study in-depth the Renunciation Message so that it sprouts in his soul and he decides without hesitation. Nobody can live in opposite worlds and remain saved. Yes or no: whether with those cynics that who polluteare polluting the Earth and will die in Earth, or with Maitreya’s followers, who have to learn and to live an offering and self-denying holocaust, and a mystique of ashes. Perhaps more significant and most valuable than any spiritual development is the will to assume a clear and definitive position before life. Renunciation neither admits ambiguities, nor stands a cynicism of double personality prevailing today in all strata of social life. If the reader wants evidences, he proofs can see the city of Buenos Aires, day and night, with picketers blocking avenues and bridges, cardboard-collectors spreading rubbish bags on sidewalks, thousands of vendors selling junk by stores, teen-agers drinking beer and smoking marijuana in down-town parks, along with luxurious business sections, costly cars, and manors in exclusive quarters. This duplicity in Buenos Aires, and other cities of the world leadsare leading men to existential annihilation, nothing, and Apocalypses.

The ancient cynics’ motto, “Living according to Nature” in these post-modern times became consumerist publicity, lawrule violation, even natural rule violations, satisfaction of instinctive impulses and public, mass display of degrading capacities of the human condition. Television is a proof of how far mean are able to reach. Master Santiago called the world, “This permanent hell”, and Pope Paul VI stated, “The devil is master of this world”.

Before this awful end of the old age, with evil and destruction, now the Strong Liberator raises with new Aquarian laws, –he will change everything radically, from Himself to the world, with men thatwho will work innerly detachedk with a detached heart in a society without intermediaries, from inside outwards, always. Master Santiago’s Teachings give an explanation about forms and tasks for the time to come; they constitute an advanced preparation for Aquarians that who are being born and ready to acting in spite of serious troubles to confrontface. They are vibrating on the new dimension of the Great Solar Initiate that who covers the planet with his own aura, like those monitors who also detect waves from the electromagnetic space and convey them by expanding the Teachings in all nations. Maitreya’s vibrations are like ultra-short waves, although with aof higher level, –his fourth dimensional level. No terrestrial device, however sophisticated may be, can detect them; just a human heart, free of attachments and passions, a heart of Renunciation, can receive them, translate them into human dimension, and give them to the soul.

So you can understand the “Hymn to Maiytreya”, composed by Master Santiago, entirely available in “Commentaries” –web site– with mystical language and explained communications of the Great Solar Initiate with those souls who are ready to receive him. He will show directly to the soul the Way of Love, without intermediaries, or churches, or religions, in the new vibration now perceived on the magnetic space of Aquarius.

Hymn to Maitreya

Beloved Maitreya, dwell ininhabit us.
Reveal us the mystery of love.
Immeasurable loneliness of the One that who is not human but lives among men,
And becomes man in the purest, unfathomable act and sacrifice of love.
Purity, eternal light of stainless love.
Alone, and at the same time one with souls.
We call you at the at the gates of the Divine Sanctuary.
We glorify you so that we are lifted to Love.
We adore you in the depths of our heart.
Sink us more and more in the center of the heart, where there is quietness,
peace and calmness.
Stop being an illusion. I place my little heart in your divine hands.

December, 2003