The Master of America

It its hard to discover the mission of great beings. Santiago Bovisio has worked a lot in America, and just now, forty years after his death, we can make out his work –preparation of ways for the Savior Maitreya by teaching men wisdom of the Aryan Race, astrally watched over by the Astral Order of Fire. Like in a relay race, the old Humanity stops and hands over a legacy of achievements to the new just-started Humanity. The Teachings contain everything that can be said and everything that can be understood. Other truths remain in the shadows until the time of being discovered, as Revelation Mother of Aryans, which according to the Master will be found before the end of the Fifth Race, so that all revelations again may become one.

From the beginning, the study of the Teachings has been reserved to participants of Cafh, the American Order of Fire, created by Santiago Bovisio for the above-mentioned purpose. In 1957 he claimed for the doctrine to be taken to all regions (Book XVIII) and in the last Full Moon Message, 1962, he proclaimed the universal extension of Renunciation. Soon he died and his ideas remained restricted to Cafh. >From 1937, along with the first Teachings until January 2001, when these Teachings were revealed to the world, 64 years have passed in a potential waiting. Just as winter wheat sowed by peasants in Russian plains previous to first snowfalls, and buried in the dark and cold until the warm and spontaneous shoots of springtime, so the Teachings have remained long years in silent quietness until the new times when the Maitreya, the Great Initiate, has brought them into action and is making them germinate in souls of predestined beings. The seed is sprouting during these three years of expansion, and we expect a good harvest as a whole

The expansion of the Renunciation Message is dizzy and in full growth, according to statistics. The first year, 2001, an average of 554,110 Teachings have been copied. The second year, 1,151,110. And this just-ended third year, one million and a half. In all, three millions of transfers spread by three languages of America –Spanish, English and Portuguese– studied in 50 nations, mainly 50 percent in the United States, and also in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Peru and others.

What do these figures and these nations mean? They have gone beyond the critical point and are acting freely, pushed by their inner animation power. We can explain this by analogy –atomic disintegration. Germans discovered in Berlin, before the Second World War, the atomic fission method; later, in the University of Chicago, Fermi discovered the chain reaction method, basis of atomic reactors that move power-plants, submarines and ships, by creating the critical mass point when the atomic battery becomes a reactor and starts by itself the fission. Master Santiago’s Teachings have been in possession of critical mass from January 1st., 2001, as they have been launched to space. The first months 45,000 transfers took pace, without publicity or promotion, by an spontaneous chain spread. Certainly, Teachings are kept quiet for long years, but perhaps this is why as soon as they were released, have flown like flocks of birds in all directions, filling the space with heavenly music.

This could not be otherwise. The Teachings are vibrating on new magnetic Maitreya’s dimensions, as his instruments to build the Work. Without synchronized space or time, this was impossible. Reversibility of signs has taken place and, according to planning traced by Great Initiates of Fire, who have sent Santiago Bovisio to Earth to preparing the Teaching in a human language, now they belong to Humanity and millions of persons are studying them. According to prophecies of many spiritual currents, there is a harmonious coincidence between the New Aquarian Age, Maitreya the Strong Liberator, and Master Santiago’s Teachings.

Humanity has never known any historic background like this complete preparation to receiving a Solar Initiate. Saint John, “the Baptist and Forerunner”, announced the coming of the Christ; centuries later, the Christian doctrine developed by means of a mixture of varied traditions that sometimes were far away from Golpel’s words. Something like that occurred in Buddhism; the Canon Pali has been written down five centuries after the Buddha’s death, but at present his original ideas are not quite well known.

Times have changed. These Teachings are not preserved in secret places or safe-deposit boxes, but by means of digital mathematical signs in vibrational state, instantly activated as the requester asks for it with a signal from anywhere, and calls the Master that immediately arrives through satellites that move on the outer space. Millions of persons are handling a PC and activating his ideas day and night. They do not need to travel in order to find them, because these ideas are written everywhere with the simple language of him who prepared them for this purpose and for this American time. What a difference from Saint John, “the Evangelist”, who by sea and earth explained Jesus’ ideas to first Christians, and from the Arabian Prophet dictating his words to followers, who would write them down on camel bones in the wild!

We have called Santiago Bovisio “The Spiritual Master of America” for two main reasons, among other secondary reasons of lesser importance. The first reason is the great reception given to his Teachings in the three Americas, particularly in the United States. The second reason is that his ideas have been prepared for the idiosyncrasy of man of these lands and of this time –Aquarius– by means of spiritual doctrines that differ from those of the old Continent, like the Ired, the energetic conception of life and man, the image of the Divine Mother as source of all achievement, the expectation of the New Savior, the individual self-redemption by Renunciation in Holocaust, and the end of intermediaries. In the book “The Way of Renunciation, Chapter 11”, Master Santiago clearly explains how the Teachings have been prepared by means of a wonderful astral-physical Ired relationship, between two great beings, one in Heaven, the other on Earth.

“But Cafh in America needed a special teaching adjusted to moods of those persons that would receive them. A Divine Master dealt with giving and engraving these Teachings on minds and hearts of those persons destined to deliver them –this Divine Master was the Monitor. This Monitor has given the Teachings through the Founder of Cafh. The latter has given them to a group of souls; if later these souls did not understand these Teachings, who cares? He has taught them what are the truths adapted to the Sons, –those Teachings that bring the individual being into contact with the universe; and he gave details of his own view about sciences.”

So, you can understand the didactic mission of the Master –to teach spiritual truths of the Universe. The group of souls that received it remained in silence. From January 1st., 2001, these Teachings have been retrieved, got rid from their confinement, and given to Humanity for ever, because they belong to Humanity.

America has not its own Divine Revelation. Beliefs and religions practiced by its inhabitants come from other Continents that cultivated them for millennia, first by an oral transmission language, and later by signs and words the meaning of which we do not know at present. On those ancient regions flourished hundreds of religions and cultures, some of them described in historic books of this Collection, from the establishment of the Aryan Race by Manu by the inner sea of Central Asia, now Gobi desert, to our days. Principles that still rule over nations come from Continents inhabited by Arians. America remained separate and isolated until the arrival of Columbus. Europeans were not interested in regional, enormously rich cultures: they suppressed them with savagery and imposed Christian religions with violence. America remained spiritually void. On this immense page in black extended from pole to pole, the Master Santiago’s Teachings are going to gain territory, –the prepare the mental and reflective field, move it once and again, and shake it in order to remove weeds, and make it propitious for the sowing time, soon started by Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate.

As Americans by birth, we have ever felt a big spiritual void never filled by religions. Many currents have emerged, Christianity with a big variety of doctrines and sects, Zen Buddhism, Islam, African rituals, heterodox sects, and so on, but they did not meet the need of finding a proper destiny. Long ago American peoples became politically independent of their remote European rulers, but go on to be spiritual colonies. Just a great being as Maitreya can establish the new American civilization with original characteristics that may meet needs of new men by filling this existential void that affects us individually and collectively. Cultures, arts and literatures will sprout, a new conception about the cosmos and man, sciences and technologies uniting separate parts, a life in tune with Nature, rebuilding woods, prairies and streams of drinking water.

The Teachings are spiritual tools in the service of Maitreya, and never a system of creeds. Exercises of meditation, Rasic philosophy, cosmogonical symbols, creation of the planetary system, energetic conception of the world, images of the cosmos, the Ired, reversibility, science of life and so many original Teachings comprising a range of human needs are in possession of men as means and never as an end. The Great Initiate will give them the real object of their creation –formation of a transcendent civilization on this just-started stage. For thousands of years, men will develop it until its culmination. Master Santiago has anticipated some of these achievements, in a seeming casual form, throughout his Teachings –pineal gland (the third eye) restored with clairvoyance effects, individual redemption by practicing mystique of holocaust, disappearance of intermediaries, and so on.

These Teachings are universal although their initial characteristics are of the American man. Nobody knows how the planet will remain after the big destruction, how many or where men will survive. Earthquakes, deluges, Continental collapses, droughts, atomic wars, epidemics, who knows? All these mass calamities have already started their action. Cards of destiny are now spread face-down on the table, and nobody can withdraw them; they are at stake. Jesus Christ has started his universal work at a point, and from there he covered the whole planet, by producing the extraordinary Western civilization that today ends up, and from there he will bring into motion the wheel of the wonderful spiritual civilization expected by all of us.

January, 2004.