Number 43.– The Grand Game

September11, 2001: a suicidal command destroys four New York’s blocks and the well-known Twin Towers, and kills thousands of persons. Some years before, in 1945, the North-American aviation made something like that by annihilating atomically two cities in Japan –Hiroshima and Nagasaki– and killed more than 200,000 persons. Systematically, men continue to spoil the resources of the planet, and millions of persons die every year of famine, epidemics, extreme poverty, wars, drug-addiction, murders and plundering, by transforming destruction into the most remarkable of human activities.

An ever spectacular and exciting destruction comes up transparent, democratic and unpunished in the whole world; it is an irresistible impulse with no borders or detractors. Did the modern civilization reach so high level of achievements to be spoiled by its own creators? Seemingly yes: the fall of (so high towers) is the symbol of a civilization that disappears; the beginning of the end was the atomic air-raid on Japan.

Against these ineluctable and incomprehensible phenomena, one’s heart rebels in search of an answer to this incessant question: why? Men strove to conquer the planet by progressing on wonderful science discoveries, by building cities, roads, bridges, factories producing goods for life, by achieving the exploit of assembling a world communication system, and by erecting a big manned laboratory on the outer space. Why do they destroy all this? Usually those who are destructive may be smart regarding sciences, politics, international organizations, economy and inventions. For some reason they have reached the summit in their enterprises: they get distinctions and rewards. The atomic bomb has been built by the most outstanding physicists in the world (Einstein, Fermi, Oppenheimer and others), and they were perfectly aware of what they were doing. Werner Von Braun created the V2 rocket –by means of which London was bombarded in the Second World War– and was highly experienced in long range weapons. Are wise men and smart politicians conscious about the suffering that they cause to their fellow men? Yes.

But they are neither perverse nor paranoid; we may say they are ignorant; they know a part of the reality, develop it on a genial way, and achieve successes, but ignore the laws of life. The permanent verities are on the great revelations of the Aryan race, kept on the astral plane, and a great communicator between Heaven and Earth, Master Santiago delivered them to men. On this reflection we’ll try to guide the reader toward those images that enable to understand the game of doing and undoing, its justification, and the role of this game in the spiritual economy of the human evolution.

The exterminators move on the summits of the Political Power; a presidential decree, an United Nations’ or International Monetary Fund’s resolution and a Stock Market’s move bring about calamities of catastrophic world effects. Their effects are few, but terrible.
On a lower level, the action of masses, without an individual mind and capacity to decide by themselves, produces the largest devastation: environmental pollution, incurable epidemics, general corruption, domestic violence, and begging by the streets. Immorality spoils the human being inside and outside. Religious, political and social corporations, which have built the civilization, become corrupted, and later, they become chaotic by obsolescence. The middle classes annul themselves; they do not know how to leave those mean things covetously treasured, and overloaded, they sink in the abyss. This is the deplorable spectacle observed on urban streets, stores, Argentine Parliament, everywhere.

Below the above-mentioned level, destroyed human beings are wandering –pariahs, slum-dwellers, hardboard night collectors, and drug-addicts (250 million); it is the immediate result of a collective devastation. Perhaps, after death and through subsequent incarnations, suffering, and long waiting and penitence, they may rise and acquire dignity.

It is not only the human species devoted to assemble and take apart; the whole Nature takes part in this grand process of doing and undoing things: plants, animals, rivers, winds, earthquakes, sea, Moon and Sun. The Universe moves by following laws of change and by transforming everything and everybody: things, living and dead beings, thoughts, loves and ideals. A characteristic in life, Nature and human intimacy is transformation, force transmutation, renunciation, detachment, separation and re-union.

The Teutonic dissolution is related to the great Aquarian construction already in motion; the two influence each other, step by step. Each cell that dies is an organism, and another living cell replaces it immediately. The Twin Towers fall in New York, and at the same time Master Santiago’s Teachings expand through the world; 50% of files are downloaded in or from the United States. Religions and beliefs disappear in the dark when, at the same time, the magnetic presence of Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate, acquires luminosity. Men get lost in miseries, while the Aquarian children make prevail their angel smile and dispel shadows.

According to the Egyptian tradition, the Emerald Table says, “As above, so below, as below, so above, so that the principle of Unity be fulfilled”. Earth becomes the living organism that supports infinite different organisms, from a rose to a man. Every one in its law and in its times: changes, alterations, deaths and births, ages, generations coming and going, and civilizations shining and becoming extinct: it is life in a permanent movement that never stops. Organisms, even the little ones, contain other smaller organisms imitating big organisms. We are multiple, complex and contradictory, and thanks to the spirit that harmonizes the opposites, we can have a proper name and a final destination. Likewise, civilizations contradict each other, fight fiercely one another, and disappear in holocaust blazes. Thanks to the efforts of the Masters, these civilizations are born again from their own ashes in other clothes, other names and other aims. It is the great game of life, beyond good and evil, in search of a destiny of perfection in God.

At present, men are unhappy because stop before motionless positions and feel they cannot go on beyond; they are there, above and below. They are conformists, and adhere to the first stage that enables them to survive more or less. How many cashiers spend their lives in the same place of a Bank, even though they wish to stay at other different site. Others spend their lives driving taxis, or are businessmen, physicians and politicians perpetually, and do not image they can run away from their mental jails as soon as they bear it in mind this: simply by breathing in cleaner air with pleasure, or by the intimate exercise of the freewill. The Teaching “Consciousness and Will”, First Book, “Spiritual Development”, says, “Man should try and want what he wants, by being in search not of what certain entangled ideas of others have formed in their minds, but in search of what is in him a natural, mental and spiritual trend, and he will see how the mind answers to the call of the Will, and how the Will rises that strange personal power, but when a being becomes paralyzed for fear, ignorance and weakness, his chances keep on going and he stays behind, lost in middle of an unknown multitude, and not knowing what to do. Here is the human status on this ending civilization.

These Reflections are individually addressed in order to enlarge ideas expressed by the Teachings according to the Aquarian moment, and to persuade them into a decision that may drive to a compromise, to a responsibility regarding life, and to adopt a steady position in this changing world. This time is valuable to make decisions because Maitreya is present, and long time has to go by so that this may repeat. Men will incarnate once and again until finding a similar situation, if and when they are so lucky and can co-exist with the Divine Being. All constructive and silent opportunities aim at the same direction: Maitreya. Opposite, decadent and untruthful opportunities can be watched day by day in new bulletins, stained with blood.

In Book I, Chapter 3, Master Santiago says, “During his lifetime, a conscious being traces, as it were, a curve, which, when it reaches its highest upward point, collides with the cosmic current in tune with it. It is the unique occasion in life; it is the vocation suddenly shining in the searcher’s mind; it is the moment to progress coming up once on the human way. Even the most perverse being has a moment of ascension and connection with the higher powers, and it is then when he wishes to be more honest and better. If during its descent from the curve toward the physical death (since death is nothing more than the end of certain consequences and possibilities) the soul knows how to carry with itself the flame of the vocation perceived on the higher glimpse, then this soul never will be again what it was”. Here is an extraordinary chance to be in touch with the higher powers through Maitreya’s presence that inundates this Earth with his magnetism, all men, however wicked they may be, have a chance to be in tune with him. Inevitably, men will be inundated with his light, like sunbeams, at some previously appointed moment, and the grade of connection with the Divine Being is dependent upon every one, upon predisposition, and upon the inner state and will.

Then, what is the role of the individual in the Grand World Game? To win or to lose? It is meaningless? Good or evil? No meaning either. What today is a creation, tomorrow is a ruin, to begin to labor on new tasks. And ever so. Just Renunciation remains in the innermost being, so as to liberate him once and again from attachments of his soul, until reaching the fiery ashes, the liberating holocaust. When embers of passion that enliven the flesh are over, and just ashes remain, then the individual being will be able to fly toward his previously appointed destination. And it won’t be kindled again by new terrestrial pilgrimages. There are wonderful worlds in multiple dimensions, –beautiful, luminous, expectant worlds.

We are witnessing the beginning of a new evolutionary stage, the Aryan American Sub-race, or Hidrochosa, or Aquarius. If this stage is like the previous ones, it will last 20,000 years, with its characteristics and aims, which have been hinted by Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings. Between the precedent stage and this one there is a very heavy cut, almost unsurmountable, as the time goes by. Now, the Maitreya’s presence offers a unique chance to stay on the right place of the New Age. In the next incarnation (about seven hundred years), this will be hardly offered. Those who remained on the wrong side, spiritually impoverished and without destination and aimless, will wander in the dark, so as History has showed this through the Atlantean survivors on this American continent.

We all are actors in the Grand Game; every one has his role written on the soul from the beginning. Every one will be led by the Good Way by means of meditation, backward examination, study of the Teachings, living example of the Saints, honesty, perseverance and look fixed on God. It will give him joy and liberation.

February, 2004