Number 44.– A Triennial Balance

To this question, “why the Teachings were published by Internet on January 1st, 2001?”, here is our reply: on January 1st, 2001, the Third Millennium of the international calendar began, and the Aquarian Age was developing to the full. It is a date easy to understand, even though the zodiacal zones have no exact limits. The Teachings marked the beginning of Aquarius between 1972 and 1977, and coincided with the appearance of Maitreya. Master Santiago pointed out as the inception of the Energetic Age on July 16th, 1945; this day bursts the first atomic bomb in New Mexico.

Precision about date is not important; the important thing is that we are living in Aquarius, and the most believable proof we can offer is a balance of the spread of Master Santiago Bovisio’s prophetic Teachings describing exactly the beginning of this world. At the end of the third year by Internet, the Teachings transferred, copied at the Web site, as average, are 3,450,934, in more than 50 nations of all continents. The United States are at the top with 50 % of copies, mainly in California. If we take into account a previous experience with similar characteristics, “Cartas desde el Monasterio”, 2,000 copies printed, monthly distributed from 1978 by mail for 16 years, the readers got Xerox copies and distributed them among relatives and friends, by multiplying them by 10, the Teachings have reached about 300 million people. Also if we take into account the permanent use of the electronic mail used by everybody to communicate each other quite rapidly and at any distance –which Internet calculations do not register– it is acceptable to suppose that the above-mentioned figure is correct.

But this figure is not important; it is speculative and conventional, even though sufficiently credible. The important thing is that the Teachings have been released from their confinement, they belong to Humanity, and expand ecumenically by an irreversible movement. Where do they may reach? Nobody can predict it. It is quite significant the need to count on them

Our job consists of the material dissemination, because we are responsible for the expansion of the Message of Renunciation; but how to register an inner, spiritual and transforming dissemination? Only God and, individually, every one of the receivers, are aware of it. We are not Spiritual Directors. Even we do not display titles or charges of any kind. We assumed this extraordinary mission being entirely free and responding to the Master’s call: “Sons of the Mother, make Cafh expand all over the Earth!” (Book XIX, “Messages”, Chapter 16, 49).

But the Teachings are not easy to understand and cannot be popular as “The Lord of the Rings”, or as the Olympic Games that are watched massively. If people look for and copy the Teachings in their files, and prints them for reading and study, it is because they need personally these Teachings. The teachings do not contain drawings or New Age music; they are pure, austere and brief ideas so that the individual being may learn to live in harmony with the laws of the newborn American age.

The expansion of the Message of Renunciation does not consist of a numerical growth of the Teachings that the people use, and according to statistics, but of a germination of the Teachings in the individual being for study, prayer, and new life that begins to vibrate in the presence of the Great Solar Initiate. The task of the Teachings is to offer rational, magnetic and revealing instruments so that the individual being, from inside, may get rid of attachments to a mediocre existence, with no way out, which is the fruit of a civilization that is coming to an end. It is impossible to work without tools; these tools are ideas that Master Santiago has downloaded from the astral plane and translated into the language of the Third Millennium, according to his words, specifically adjusted to the idiosyncrasy of the modern American man (Book XVIII, “The Way of Renunciation”, Chapter 11, 29).

In these times that we have to live, in the critical transition from a Sub-Race to another, American or Hidrochosa all men have the right to be aware of the critical generation change, which neither Universities nor Religions teach, but the prophets, and also all men must know that the Redeemer is alive, inspiring the vibration of the new man. That is why it is fundamental to disseminate the Teachings, and some day all men of the world will know Maitreya and his message.

Not surprisingly, the Teachings expand beyond any limits, even in remote countries, with other traditions and beliefs, because the spiritual need is enormous. In this mercantilist and unfair civilization, with so many inequalities, there is no future. If the world leaders have no peace at home or in their souls, they are not going to find peace even by colonizing the Moon or Mars. The future is here, in solving immediate spiritual troubles. Utopian searches in unattainable territories are escapes from the reality.

It is illustrative to reproduce some wide references to statistical reports that we receive month by month from the Internet service; you can understand more in detail how the souls are anxiously looking for a way of redemption.

December, 2003:
Number of successful accesses: 108,670
Daily average: 3,395
Total number of sessions by users: 8,793
Average duration: 13’ 56’’
Number of transferred files: 71,130
Kbytes transferred: 1,407,004
Average (esteemed) standard Teachings transferred: 156,333
Transference increased, December, 2002, the same month, 2001: 108 %
Transference increased, December, 2003, the same month, 2002: 43 %.

November 2003:
Visits to Master Santiago’s Biography: 825
Visits to Reflections: 1,182
Visits to Commentaries: 228

Original Geographic areas of visits to the site:
North America: 5,133
Non-specified area: 2,652
South America: 1,993
Western Europe: 338
Eastern Europe: 50
Central America: 51
Caribbean Islands: 42
Middle East: 22
North Europe: 16
Asia: 15
Australia: 12
Pacific Islands: 3
Sub-Saharan Africa: 1
Nations with more active visitors:
United States: 4,426
Argentina: 896
Brazil: 719
Mexico: 652
Spain: 178
Peru: 127

So far figures, but there is something more in this balance that is important to show: the inner meaning of figures, source of the Teachings and why they are among us at the end of the ancient civilization and the beginning of the new one. The point is to amend historically a quite old injustice, whose center and victim was Master Santiago Bovisio. “Four thousand years of obscurantism!”, he exclaimed in 1960, in Buenos Aires, before a numerous audience, in relation to events that he remembered perfectly, for in the previous incarnation he had been the High Priest in the Temple of Amon, fourteenth century before Christ.

The Teaching “The Ancient Egypt” (Book XVI, “History of the Esoteric Orders”, Chapter 3) says: “The polytheistic worship reached its highest expression in Egypt, previous to the personal worship of Osiris. Priests developed their minds in order to know more and more; they did not think of love as the monotheistics did, but as something loftier and divine. Many of these priests were of royal blood, and the Pharaoh ever married a woman of his own blood. This occurred for millennia. In the event they acted otherwise, according to their belief, they would lose the divine and royal power, such as it occurred. In the times of the eighteenth Dynasty, first symptoms of religious crisis came up, and its culmination was the fight of the “Two Suns”: Amon and Aton. Thutmose, the Fourth, married an Asian princess from Mitania (now Iraq), and the following important religious changes have to be related to this influence, because Amenophis the Fourth, his grandson, as he occupied the throne –in 1375 before Christ– began to fight the Temple of Amon, and as he and his –also Asian– wife Nefertiti refused to take the traditional oath on the God Amon, later he was called the Heretical Pharaoh”.

A bloody fight took place for 20 years. The Pharaoh Akhnaton with his own army was at the head of the partials to Aton. They plundered temples, deleted the name of Amon, and pursued the priests. Some of the latter concealed themselves in tombs, many died, and the High Priest along with some faithful disciples found refuge in Greece. He reincarnated in the twentieth century with great psychological powers and excellent memory; so he was able to restore the wisdom of the Temple of Amon, sited 50 kilometers North of Thebes and at present covered by sand, and established this wisdom by writing in the Teachings.

The fight of the “Two Suns” continued for millennia under diverse religious forms. The polytheistic wisdom found refuge in Esoteric Orders and transmitted orally, generation by generation, the most ancient knowledge through the most diverse countries, until the time of Aquarius and Santiago Bovisio, a Great Lunar Initiate (see Book XVI, Chapters 1 to 5).

In the Aquarian time of the twentieth century, the Masters triumphed, and his adversaries are defeated. The concealment of the Teachings for forty years, and the attempted sacral deterioration and distortion of the texts have failed. The wisdom of the Temple, the cosmic vision of plural worlds, the energetic concept of life, Ibed, history of man, the becoming and the presence of the Great Solar Initiate are transforming men in all nations.

How did dare to change the Master’s words transmitted from Heaven by the Holy Protectors so that the Divine Plan on Earth may be fulfilled and the advent of Maitreya be prepared? Their infidelity has carried thousand of souls to uncertainty, doubt, existential anguish and disorientation. The Master that is more active than never before expects them, by protecting, teaching and guiding the faithful disciples. His Teachings are authentic and pure, as when he wrote them. Study them and you will get rid of any confinement!

Reader: In this Triennial Balance you have found figures and countries, but also passions, tears, silent suffering of the souls, good and evil, which are part of living. Likewise, the triumph over adversity shines along with a beam of light emanating from Master Santiago so that the Sons lost in the dark may meet again.

February, 2004