Some readers find difficult to understand the Teachings; in their view, these Teachings are seemingly weird, contradictory and different from his readings related to university or religion studies. Sometimes they read in a page contradictory concepts, as if ideas entered in reverse and followed an unknown direction; and on a page later, they discover that a circle is completed, and they walk as in the beginning, but otherwise: the idea experienced a transformation, and the reader too. The Zen Buddhists are masters in the art of contradiction, whose aim is to liberate the mind from preconceptions, dogmas and principle of authority.

The Non-Manifested One is the only simple aspect; all the rest is an infinite and changing plurality. The individual man and the Universe are multiple and variable. One should study all their visible and invisible forms, by means of proper technical and psychological instruments, from gigantic telescopes and electronic microscopes to clairvoyance and astral journeys. The human being can know them little by little, through stages, and being free. Here are the foundations of the polytheism that is coming back triumphantly. No mystery will stay unveiled in due course by science and mystical asceticism. The most advanced devices and the highest ecstasy reveal the secrets of the man and Cosmos: the scientific mystic and the ascetic scientist work together: Galileo and Saint John of the Cross, Einstein and Sister Isabel of the Trinity, Planck and Swedenborg. Jesus said to Humanity, “The truth will make you free”.

The intellectuals try to captivate the truth by confining it within still concepts, closed systems, and equations that ever result in whole numbers. When they reach a pool of apparent balance, the mind is already far away, involved in another mystery. There is no definitive conception about the creation of the Cosmos, but there are hundreds of theories and cosmic visions from the remotest antiquity, piled up in libraries: they are traditional, mythological, zoomorphic, religious, metaphysical, scientific, revealed, literary theories, and so on. Seemingly, researches of the scholars consist in describing strange objects and in accumulating them in a museum of relics. One can say the same about the physical, psychical and spiritual identity; every season a new inapplicable model appears. When can the logical and rational mind conformist regarding the first success be different in order to become dynamic, expansive and transforming?

One should be like the Teachings in order to understand them. How can we achieve this? By mimetism and prelogical acceptance, without dogmatic resistance or prejudices, letting them enter the being wherever they want to get in so that they may act freely, as if they were music, poetry or landscapes. On this extraordinary space, with resources unknown to us but that we want to discover, the ideas will go across labyrinths of the soul, in wakeful state and in dreams, putting lights on, illuminating corners we never suspected as ours, discovering wonderful treasures. They awake not only the memory of a distant past, but also bring centers of spiritual action into motion, which will gradually come up in our consciousness. If when we begin to study them we place in front the filter of our personality, however refined it maybe, we will only get what the sifter lets pass through, what we would know before; then we understand nothing and go on to be the same. Master Santiago’s Teachings are not information or one more Gospel; they are transmutations. His Teachings act internally through a dialogue with the soul; one should let them get in.

The Aquarian mind is ludic, and gets rich through participation. Without attachments or possessive actions, this mind can stay in many places at the same time, and brings dynamically into motion together many factors of life, like in dreams, in a symphonic music, or in a great novel. The rational mind that we want to overcome, that prevents us from understanding the Teachings, is possessive and paralyzing; as soon as it shapes a concept, this mind blocks it in the middle of the way by hindering other ideas that came later in an harmonious whole, which disappear in the dark. It is impossible to build a Western civilization by means of separate blocks. We need free, agile and detached minds, which may know how to create new forms of the coming time. The study of the Teachings enables the student to understand unknown things without attachment, and to incorporate them by participation.

But Master Santiago’s conception about the Teaching looks for a higher integration, and it is a permanent quality of the soul that receives it through Renunciation; it is one, flows continuously, enlivens the being, and gives him peace, wisdom and the gift of advice. In the Chapter “The Unique Value of Renunciation”, Book XVIII, you can find with total clarity the dynamics of his ideas such as he has transmitted them, and their transforming function in the spiritual economy of the world in the next millennia of Aquarius, under Maitreya’s illumination.

As one meditates on the Teachings, we discover the plural worlds, the infinite universe with changing forms; the Sun is the physical body of Michael, every star is a God, every galaxy is a Paradise, every man is a Universe in miniature. From the early hunters of wild animals, who would seek refuge in caves to survive, to the astronauts that are living in the space station called Alpha, the human evolution follows the right direction: to unveil visible and invisible mysteries of Nature for the development of the multidimensional mind. The rational mind has reached the summit of its capacities; but there are other minds, in embryonic state, which some mystics have individually developed by revealing their powers, and through which the human being will know unsuspected worlds. Master Santiago made an astral journey to the center of the Planet, and later he related it in “The Inner Life of Earth”, Chapter 3, “The Becoming”. Likewise, he described the Temple of Amon, a hundred kilometers from Thebas, near the Nile, 1350 years before Christ, with details about its organization, initiation grades, gardens and marble chambers; it was the most important in the world. Were those images the fruit of his exceptional memory, or did he see them in the Grotto of Ras? Book XVI, Chapter 4: “The Initiation Temple”.

Many beings with extraordinary parapsychological gifts have been interrogated by qualified investigators and were ready to show their capacities, but never succeeded in reaching the results achieved by the Priests of Amon, in the true University of the wisdom, –the Temple. For example, the mystical voluntary death: see, “Death of Cleopatra”, in the Book “Great Initiates of Fire”. Men have developed the reason by building extraordinary devices, like the Atlanteans, but are not spiritually prepared to use them, and now they are at the crossroads of life and death.

In the opinion of the Egyptian priests, the polytheism was the knowledge about the plurality of the worlds; the gods were symbols representing Nature. Later, their dualistic adversaries with religions of a personal God –Jews, Christians and Moslems– created the antagonism that prevails in our time, monotheism versus polytheism, by subjecting sciences to delusion and separativeness. Through Maitreya’s presence, men will find the harmony of monotheistic and polytheistic worships in the consciousness of parallel worlds.

The worlds are multiple and variable in the Infinite Universe expanded in all directions. Every man is made of alternative bodies mutually stimulated by a complex dynamics of physical, ethereal, astral, mental and causal dimensions with numberless septenary divisions and subdivisions. See Books: “Science of Life”, “The Astral Aura” and “The Becoming”.

We need unblock our mind from collective dogmas fixed on the brain in order to understand the Teachings that describe creeds, space, earthquakes and planets. If one’s soul is blocked, we cannot understand the Teachings, or the world, or ourselves; we will continue to adhere to petrified structures of the twentieth century.

In other times, the historic changes were slow and unnoticed in the Chinese Empire, in the Middle Ages, in American peoples. Now, in this crisis of Races, History moves in all directions with convulsive jumps, by coming back to the barbarism of wars, by dismembering nations violently, by launching itself to the space with Planets, by expanding Maitreya’s presence and Santiago Bovisio’s ideas through the world, and by listening to the permanent clamor of destitute persons. Of course, it is difficult to understand, by means of obsolete conceptual methods, these Teachings that are giving an explanation about this society in ruins! In “The Way of Renunciation” we read, “Renunciation is the Way of Cafh, and there is no other way to save the world. Renunciation is the only salvation means not only to the Sons of Cafh but also to Humanity as a whole. If we had the concept that renunciation concerns only to a part of humanity, the Way of Cafh would be imperfect. Renunciation is the only salvation way, and there is no other one. This fundamental doctrine is not new, but it is that of all Great Initiates, of all great beings who have given the Message to humanity, but nobody listened to them. But an invaluable gift has been granted to the Son for the moment he must live: to know that humanity has finished the evolutionary cycle of an oscillating permanence, by the world tremor of a truly supernatural power, of an energy never known to man, and to reach so a clearer vision about the reality of the human life”.

In my view, it is not difficult to understand the Teachings; the difficulty consists of the acceptance of ideas emanated from these Teachings, particularly the Message about Renunciation. If one does not begin from there, all the rest is fruitless; an ordinary personality will reject the most beautiful pages of the spiritual life. The Gospels are full of testimonies about Jesus suffering a repulse when he exhorted them to renunciation. They did not listen to the Masters. But now History, the New Race that is over us, says, “Renounce, or you die!”.

March, 2004