Number 46.- C.A.F.H.

When Santiago Bovisio founded the Holy Order of American Knights of Fire Ihes, C.A.F.H., he would think of a reduced number of participants, no more than 100 persons; but as the years passed and by spiritual necessities, the initial persons rapidly surpassed the first intentions and, being the Founder alive, they were thousands, in various American countries.

After his death in 1962, the work went on growing in number and extension through America; but unfortunately the doctrine, texts of the Teachings and Perpetual Regulation were changed. As a Holy Order, Cafh ended in 1977, and a little later became Cafh Foundation, subject to general laws of the country. Its present members and those dismissed members that have received teachings of all types can be calculated as ten thousand persons approximately.

After three years of disseminating by Internet Master Santiago’s original texts, 773 complete Teachings, reunited in 47 books or courses, in 50 countries with millions of readers interested in knowing them in Spanish, English and Portuguese, a Reflection must explain the basic differences in different entities named Cafh, which today circulate in the world. First: the entity founded and governed by Master Bovisio until his death. Second: the entity inherited and substantially modified by his successor transforming it into an economic entity, that is, Cafh Foundation. Third: the world expansion of the Message of Renunciation by disseminating the original Teachings in the third millennium.

First Stage: The Founder. 1937-1962

The terrestrial mission of Master Santiago was to transfer the wisdom of the Holy Order of Fire from the higher planes to the physical level where incarnate beings reside. The Order began in Kaor, Central Asia, 24 millennia ago, distributed over seven different places, according to the first Teachings of the Book XVI, “History of the Esoteric Orders”, and astrally led by the Mother, whose figure is described in “The Veiled Woman”, of the above-mentioned Book.

At the end of the period of time granted to the Christian age, the Masters of Fire, astral depositories of the human experiences for the last millennia, transferred the results and conclusions to the new Humanity by means of Santiago Bovisio, who fixed them on Teachings written in Spanish (Book XVIII, “The Way of Renunciation”, Chapter 11: “The Unique Value of Renunciation”). In the Order of Fire, those results and conclusions constitute the genuine source of the Doctrine, adapted to the idiosyncrasy of the American-Aquarian Man, and this begins now.

Master Santiago, Knight Great Master Founder of the Holy Order of American Knights of Fire, Cafh, founded not only the Doctrine of Renunciation by writing, but also adopted many disciples, irrespective of sex, age, religion or economic situation, and educated them spiritually and transmitted them his knowledge. By regulation, they were called Sons, and received the verbal and written mission of disseminating the Message of Renunciation all over the world (Book XIX, “The Messages”, Chapter 16: “The Expansion”).

We must repeat that the transmission of the Doctrine, adapted to these times and to the American idiosyncrasy, such as the Teachings express it, are the work of two great beings: the Monitor, Girolamo Savonarola in the Renaissance, who from the higher planes would forge the ideas in harmony with Great Initiates, and would communicate them to Master Santiago Bovisio, a clairvoyant gifted with great powers, who would register them by writing and by oral communication would inculcate them in their souls.

But the center of his whole work was to prepare his disciples to receive the Great Solar Initiate Maitreya. He was his Forerunner and anticipated many ideas about Maitreya’s work in the New Age. He left several writings explaining the Savior’s gifts, including a very beautiful “Hymn to Maitreya”, in which he teaches how to approach Him, even though still we neither see Him nor know where he is.

Master Santiago was conscious, and left it by writing, that his work has concluded, and that he would leave it perfectly organized for the Sons of Cafh that would succeed him after his death: their mission was to expand universally his work. He died July 3, 1962.

Second Stage: The Disciples. 1963-2004

If the first stage ends with the Founder’s death, even though its origins get lost in the night of the times, the second stage begins as soon as the precedent one disappears, but still does not have an end. We should know that the terrestrial Order has been kept while the Astral Order –its projection– supported it magnetically and uninterruptedly. A guarantee of this assistance was the faithful fulfillment of the Regulation; in case of being disobeyed or adulterated its orders, Cafh would remain isolated and disintegrated, such as it occurred.

In this second stage, since 1963 until our days, with the new authorities, there were continuous alterations, against the letter written on the Regulations and Teachings. Big properties were acquired, Communities became rich, the work became rather lucrative than devoted to education and health, and at the end came into conflict with society and public authorities, and among their members. We read in the Teaching “Goods of Renunciation” (Book XVIII: “The Way of Renunciation”, Chapter 10): “What happens with institutions that accumulate riches, with Jewish trusts, with Catholic ecclesiastic institutions, which collect so much power? This very power crushes them. The only force of the Son is to have this centuple, not to become rich but to give it. Once you a house, why to collect more? You should distribute. You charity of today cannot be the same as yesterday, when you have a half of material resources: you must give the double. You should give continuously because poor those Sons that, in case of accumulating riches, their arms and shoulders are unable hold it!”.

In hermetic spiritual organizations, like Cafh, ruled by Vows of Silence, Fidelity to the Regulation, Obedience to the C.G.M. and Renunciation for Life, after its disconnection from its astral protectors, the institution and its individual followers begin to decline, first slowly and gradually, and later this declination is more accelerated on all grades, and ends in chaos and internal fights. We can fix the moment of crisis of unity in the Full Moon Assembly of May 1977, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when all superiors reunited were unable to agree about a simple request of forgiveness.

This second period of time collects purgative burdens of the Work, accumulated by mistakes and unsolved deviations. Quite the reverse, they applied to economics, houses, fields, bank deposits, and so on. Crushed by the riches, and by lack of a proper guide, the members of the Cafh Foundation, are now scattered, and spiritually destroyed. They keep only one hope and continuously apply to it: Master Santiago’s Teachings.

Third Stage: The Teachings Released. 2001

The Teachings contain a divine liberation message; therefore, they have to reach the men of the world. It occurred this way since they were launched to the cyberspace in the beginning of the millennium or, if you wish, in the beginning of the Aquarian Age, with spectacular results, as we have previously said; the spiritual necessity of Humanity is quite significant and we have no time to wait.

No institution promotes these Teachings: self-supported, light, easy to understand, without resistance, such as the Holy Masters created them for the good of the souls. Their simple reading is already a great benefit because they irradiate peace, understanding and wisdom. One has to keep them at hand in order to read them at any moment, being in quietness or in distress; they are beneficial, like the Gospels, like the words of Buddha. They are on the ether, ready to give the best and not to ask anything in return, adhesion, faith or promises; they ever give, like the Sun.

This is the third stage of Cafh; the wisdom of his creator transmuted into luminous ideas. The Master’s experiences, now purified, have no physical expression, but a magnetic and spiritual expression, an authentic work of love. They reach all those willing to receive them, and open doors to the space of Maitreya, the new Redeemer of Humanity.

Expanded through unknown territories, they reach not only geographic but also spiritual areas. Who could imagine those feelings, images and mysterious ideas that the Teachings can awake in those who aim at crossing the gates of the unknown in order to explore the new world of Aquarius, particularly those souls that already acceded a little part of the Teachings? Nobody, except God and the protagonists.

The first stage was of the Master Founder. The second stage is of the disciples. The third stage is of Humanity. It has no owners, institutions, management, financing or another proposal out of the very Teachings. These Teachings are in human homes, everywhere. They constitute the outpost of the Message of Renunciation that the Savior of the World will give.


In short, this is Master Santiago Bovisio’s work, in the centennial of his birth: past and present, good and evil, successes and failures, fidelity and betrayals, life and death of thousands of beings that received his blessings and improved under his spiritual guide.

He has left long ago toward his invisible motherland, but he goes on leading the Work in his way, with his higher style, from any place where he is. The one who felt some time he was able to replace him and, by occupying his site, to change the unstoppable destiny of the Master, revealed that never knew Him or His power. The times of the Masters differ from the human times. The Masters live the Eternity; we hardly have some few years to work. They ever succeed, even though sometimes permit contradictions and pairs of opposites in order to purify the Work from its karmic debts. At these moments, the Work of Master Santiago, his ideas and fundamental conceptions, the Ired, the plurality of worlds, the presence of Maitreya, the Renunciation as a Holocaust, in few words, the whole magnetic Universe irradiated by the Teachings from the screen of Humanity, constitute the most valuable human treasure in these dangerous times.

We have received numerous communications from active Cafh members, from those who were members long ago, from many persons who never knew us, and from others who want to be in touch, to form groups, and so on. Here is the situation of the Great Work, a century after the birth of the Founder. We neither give any advice nor engage in a dialogue. The Teachings contain what we can offer and what a human being may need. The reader should seek in himself the cause of his unrest, and he will find a solution to his problem under the guide of Master Santiago.

March, 2004


As a proof of the concepts expressed on this Reflection Number 46, here are some statistical Internet data of February 2004 about transfers of files and consultations about the Teachings, registered in the most active countries.

1. United States: 3,504
2. Mexico: 1,033
3. Brazil: 884
4. Argentina: 811
5. Spain: 208
6. Portugal: 176
7. Colombia: 153
8. Peru: 146
9. Chile: 72
10. Italy: 66
11. Dominican Republic: 54
12. Netherlands: 39.
13. Canada: 28
14. United Kingdom: 26
15. Venezuela: 21
16. Germany: 21
17. Costa Rica: 17
18. France: 17
19. Paraguay: 16
20. Australia: 16
21. Et cetera

Other statistics of the same months:

Total of successful entries: 131,140
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