Number 50.– Open Letter

Fellow Disciples!

I met many of you personally in the past, when Cafh was alive, such as its Founder left it behind, and since 1977, there are other younger people I never met, excepting by e-mails addressed to us requesting guide amid helplessness, or acknowledging Teachings offered by Internet.

Many persons are Master Santiago's disciples, perhaps approximately 10,000, inside and outside the organization, all of them devoted by their oath to strive for the Divine Mother's Work flowing ceaselessly, becoming and being expressed by the Founder's words: “Expand the Message of Renunciation all over the world, all over the Universe!”.

The divine mandate did not expire; I am writing this letter to you, explaining the existential situation in which you are, dispelling doubts and fears, and displaying your chance to continue the mission of Renunciation, which you have assumed through the first vote, by spreading the Teachings.

The Holy Order of Fire is developed in every place of the reality since its foundation in Mount Kaor. The “Mother House” is astral, triumphant, ruled by Great Initiates of Fire.

It ever had human organizations on which it reflected and with which it strove on the Great Work on Earth: Egyptian temples, ancient Mystical Orders, Teutonic Order in Middle Ages, Masonic Lodges of eighteenth and nineteenth century, Chef in Europe, Cafh in America, and so on. When aspirants take their Votes, the Holy Order of Fire is specifically mentioned, because such compromises include every plane of the reality –physical, astral and spiritual.

To stay outside, by personal will, by exemption of Votes, or because the Order finished, refers only to a social administrative part; but spiritual compromises and obligations continue. Now a historic example in order to explain this situation: When Girolamo Savonarola, astral master of Santiago Bovisio, was excommunicated by the Pope Alexander VI with sentence of death in Florence, at the block, a priest who, according to rituals, took Savonarola's insignia away, pronounced sentence: “I separate you from the triumphant and militant Church”, and the Dominican friar smiled and replied: “Only from the militant one, father, because you have no power on the triumphant Church”. And Savonarola was right because the Pope is only a chief of the earthly Church; Christ is the chief of the triumphant Church, and no man can touch it.

Reformed Cafh came to an end since the moment it moved away from the Divine Law; the Masters stopped giving the Ired blessing any more, and gestes made in groups become empty simulacra.

Years ago the reformed Order has ended; but the Matrix of Fire, guided by the Divine Mother and Great Initiates, shines like a sun and blesses Faithful Disciples with clear ideas and good harmonious feeling, by spreading the Teachings everywhere and fostering the presence of Maitreya.

The authentic Cafh, founded by Santiago Bovisio, becomes an exact reflection of the Astral Order, which provides it with blessings, energy and protection. Today the Ired blessing of the Divine Mother goes by way of Teachings through the world toward men, so that men may learn how to tread on the Way of Renunciation.

Courses appear in sixty nations, from Argentina to Polynesia, with a rate of files transferred by personal requests –copying or printing the Teachings– of 2,6 million Kbytes monthly.

All men can freely attain the divine treasure of the Teachings, excepting those who, self-excluded, do not read them, do not meditate on them, or do not study or spread them.

You, disciples of Master Santiago, please do not exclude yourselves; you are the living Teaching of the third stage, at the moment to expand the Message of Renunciation, now when the portended Maitreya has appeared and the world changes decisively. Quite humbly I am calling you together, in whatever situation you are, with no exclusions, so that you may add to the task of spreading the Teachings all over nations, with whatever resource you may have. No human being should ignore Maitreya; no being should stay apart of the law of the future world; no disciple of the Master of Renunciation should ignore his claim: “Will the Sons of Renunciation agree with their mission in such a way that they will prevent from the impending destruction prior to the age of Sakib?”.

Many disciples report to us about their confusion and longing for other old days, meetings, and so on. How can this be possible! They have in their hands the totality of Courses, these Courses are free, and hold the order of the Founder so that they may point out the Way. What are you waiting for! Point it out!

The Teachings, conveyed world-wide by Internet in three American languages, form the first channel of spread.

The Way of Renunciation, personally pointed out everywhere by Disciples of the Master is the second channel to spreading the Teachings.

The third channel is Maitreya.

José González Muñoz
October 2004