Faithful Disciples:

The Blessing granted by God to men says:

“Divine Mother of the Universe, I beseech your Ired Blessing; through an eternal vote I am united by you with all Sons of Cafh, who were, are and will come . I will carry upon me this weight as if they were treads of love, and I will offer the blood of all those to your presence as a perpetual holocaust. May your Blessing stays now and ever with those who deserve it so that they take part, as a whole, in the Great Work and Power of the Great Current, and achieve the Substantial Union with you for the Eternity”.

The Ired Blessing is heavenly, –strength of life emerging in the Divine, and freely descending upon mortals. Psalm 132 expresses it in a marvelous way:

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is

For brethren to dwell together in unity.

It is like the precious ointment upon the head,

That ran down upon the beard, even Aaron beard:

That went down to the skirts of his garments,

As the dew of Hermon Mount

That descended upon the mountains of Zion.

For there the Lord commanded the blessing,

even life for evermore.

Master Santiago's disciples of the extinct American Order of Fire, who like all men are wandering, with no destination, amid confused and painful situations, with distorted regulation and teaching, now are meeting other Faithful Disciples who, in different countries, stick to ideas of the Master, and form a mystical body which is becoming gradually real, to receive the Ired Blessing. Separateness was formerly their characteristic, but now the latter is more and more diluted by new vibrations of understanding and humbleness, and little by little they are approaching one another, on the same plane, in front of the Divine Mother, with the virginal Teachings in their hands, in order to receive Her Blessing.

The Teaching 16 , “ Ired of Hes” , Course on “ Theology” , reads, “The universal movement is called Ired. It is the unique Law: like zero point in the immense space. All laws are dependent upon it and flow into it. The Law of Ired is one, but its derived laws are entirely contradicting one another”.

Many people may ask, “If Ired is universal and attains to all places and beings, for what should we utter this blessing?” The above-quoted Teaching explains it: so that one's soul may receive pure, coherent and homogeneous light, not contradictory derived laws, which create chaos among them. The blessing formula leads and projects the strength of Ired in the right direction: Holistic Great Work, Power of the Great Current and Substantial Union. As a being is detached from this zero point in the center of the space, which is the Ired of Hes, and tries to settle in other center independent and separate from the unique Law, although saying “my blessing”, he creates chaos and destruction in all things which he touches. Living beings receive naturally the strength of Ired, but those men who have assumed a mission in the world receive spiritually the strength of Ired, in the direction of higher goals. So, those Faithful Disciples, who stayed in Cafh or never knew it, by the gift of fidelity to the way, receive spiritually the Ired Blessing, uttered by the Masters Protectors. Now the Power of the Great Current passes through the Teaching and expands throughout the planet, in quest of those predestined beings incarnated to work with Maitreya; they are thousands and thousands, prepared before being born, Great Lunar Initiates, of Fire, Higher Disciples, Aquarian men who are receiving clear signals so that they may take part in the Great Work to construct the New Humanity. The Ired Blessing will guide them in the right direction, by integrating bases of the stainless mystical body of the American Sub-Race which is just born.

The latter is different from everything known. Maitreya has communicated to Master Santiago that he will act in a way different from his precedent incarnation, the Christ (See Reflection number 49 ) and that Justice will reign supreme in this Age, so that every individual may be redeemed, and the starting point is different: complete Renunciation Law, mystique of ashes, total detachment; the victim of the sacrifice is not any more the Christ who gave his own blood, but every man for his own salvation. Rituals and symbolic ceremonies are over; from Maitreya we experience redemption in ourselves, as a personal issue, without both intermediaries and magical transfers.

We human beings need this blessing, without exception, even those who are the greatest and powerful, and our gift consists in requesting it directly: “Divine Mother of the Universe, I request your Ired Blessing”. This blessing leads our efforts in the right direction, the American Sub-Race, avoiding dispersion, wrong contradictions, restrictive dependence, and separateness. Every morning, at daybreak, we request this blessing so that our tasks and thoughts may be properly framed and defended. As we said, this blessing is vital strength poured by the Lord upon those who request it. To receive it beforehand is to be prepared to perform its purposes. The Ired Blessing the littlest, easiest and more perfect meditation. We should request it all days, particularly in difficult moments, both material and spiritual.

Blessing and Teaching go side by side, are one only permanent, continuous and divine thing. At present, the Teaching is vehicle of blessing, which contains Renunciation Doctrine, knowledge about laws of the New Age, adhesion to Maitreya, the Savior, and explanations on mystical ascesis in order to go ahead by the Good Way toward final liberation. Ired Blessing is a gift of God, which is equal to the Teachings, and we mortals should open hearts and minds so that those gifts may be put there. Fidelity is an indispensable condition to receive these stainless.

To those souls who passed through spiritual ways and now feel orphans and with no protection, we tell that the system of spiritual direction, with intermediaries between them and God, has expired in the New Age of Maitreya; every one has to achieve his liberation by himself, as these Teachings explain it. A basic revealed knowledge of the Aryan Race is in the Teachings, which have been released and belong to Humanity; blessing is an attribute of the Lord, not of men, and every one can request and receive it according to his own merits. The Power of the Great Current is available to the one who knows how to handle it. As the Aquarian Age just begins, a new world to discover by working for exaltation of life calls all of us together, without any exclusions. Old institutions and ideas remain in their highest splendor, but agonizing, like a big whale stranded on the beach, groaning and snorting, dried under the sun, dying with no choice.

Old companions of the Order of Fire! Again I exhort you to leave aside useless decayed clothes, and to escape from confinements; all that is over. Now you hold in your hands Teachings magnetized by Santiago Bovisio, along with a direct blessing from the Divine Mother. Again, did you read Full Moon Messages of the Master in the sense that, in the New Age, intermediaries between man and God will disappear? We are in Aquarius; Maitreya is Master of Justice and is expecting you to work.

Of whatever prior category, now they are simple men with immense chances: they know how to meditate and give spiritual classes, they have practiced virtues, gift of advice, treasures given by Masters so that they give them to men who lack this chance. Please, give more and more; we are in times of expansion of the message; nations are collapsing and men despair in anguish. Now is the day to offer, and you, which at the moment of your vow stuck to Holy Masters in order to achieve the Divine Plan on Earth, you have stuck to Santiago Bovisio, the Founder, by promising to assist him in his mission; you who were called Sons of the Divine Mother, “Sons of the Flame!”, cannot ignore and disregard those people in despair claiming on Earth: They are asking help in metropolis, in starving Africa, in the Middle East bleeding by wars, in civilized nations –like our nations of America– which are agonizing by hard drugs, daily violence and incurable diseases!

In his 1957 Full Moon Message , Master Santiago said, “Sons of the Flame, carry your Renunciation Message to all men without distinctions, teach them that the good of peoples is not the result of wars and revolutions, but an expansive capacity, which is fruit of sacrifice, wok, migrations and renunciation to superfluous things. Sons of the Mother: Carry your message of Renunciation to the anguished and expectant world”.

José González Muñoz
October, 2004