Number 52.- A Black Hole

No light can be found in a black hole. This black hole devours and never releases every luminous wave passing astronomically nearby. Its gravitation power is so big that is unable to emit or give anything; in esoteric terms, it is a perfect Satan. And how does it take form? It was ever so? A black hole takes form when a big star collapses, becomes self-centered and dwarf, and starts swallowing everything coming near. As the time goes by, it becomes more and more selfish and powerful, and at the end of certain cycle of manifestation, vanishes and becomes undifferentiated.

Hermes Trismegistus' Emerald Table reads, “Just as above, so below; just as below, so above, to fulfill the principle of Unity”. In spiritual life, certain souls collapse, forsake the life-giving principle, are belittled, give nothing, and gradually darken the space nearby by perverting men with their shadows. The Angel of Light became Satan.

The dictionary reads, “Satan: from Latin Hebraism Satan, adversary, enemy, extremely perverse. Specially applied to some defects, it means satanic rage, satanic hatred”. In this time of existential crisis, as the ancient age of Pisces passes to the new age of Aquarius, with different values and goals, certain characteristics in spiritual persons are extremely accentuated in all directions, of past and future, by fierce fights. The Old Testament describes these battles: Satan is the chief of rebel angels opposed to injunctions of the Lord, and fight the Faithful Angels who follow Michael, the Sun.

Master Santiago became incarnate in the beginning of the twentieth century, and later, in America, he founded the Holy Order of Cafh, inheritor of the European Chef; his mission is to prepare paths for Maitreya, Great Solar Initiate, who came up at the end of the century. After Founder's death, the Liberator became incarnate, and the disciples divided into two sectors: light-less rebels refuse to follow him, and faithful disciples, are going to accept the Renunciation Way in all nations, beyond religions, races, ideologies, esoteric groups and geographic regions.

Just as John was the precursor of Jesus Christ, and his baptism with water has been incorporated into Christendom as a sign of adhesion, so Master Santiago as well as the Sons of Cafh are precursors of Maitreya and belong to the Aquarian world by their vows. They constitute little groups spread in American –specially Latin– cities, and their activities do not come out of their weekly meetings. The Renunciation Message expands irrespective these groups by trilingual Teachings edited in Internet; generally speaking, members of Cafh do not take part in this expansion –they are against it. Like in holy writings, Michael and Satan go on to fight fiercely.

But, why do we deal with events taking place in a small group of beings reunited in Cafh –some thousands people, socially unimportant– when in essence the Founder's work, ideas and doctrine about Renunciation, contained in 47 courses, are more and more disseminated in the world? Millions people who possess and study the Teachings are not sufficient, when they are gradually forming a mystical body of Faithful Disciples ever-growing year by year? Who cares of those reactionary, lukewarm and mistaken persons gone with the wind?

Certain factor governs our thoughts, namely, destiny of Humanity, war scourging innocent people without mercy, extended terrorism, mass destruction weapons, hard drugs, decayed civilization. A historic archetype, model, prototype has been created by the Masters. It is the Master who said in one of his Messages, “Shall the Sons of Renunciation be so consequent with their mission to impede the impending destruction which shall precede the era of Sakib?” The first day of the new millennium, the Teachings have been released, and the same year the twin towers collapsed. Irreconcilable divergences between two times have been exposed in the time marked by prophecies, and now the din of battles extends everywhere. Leaders of fighting factions have swore to beat their enemies always and everywhere. Where are those prototypes of Renunciation who promised to impede this destruction? They are hidden, silent, scared. The teachings have been released, but who will awaken those people in the dark? In the globalized Universe which got the legacy of Master Santiago there is a black hole which does not illuminate; any person coming near is devoured and disappears as prototype of the future man.

The Teachings illuminate the great historic, geographic, religious and economic scenery where a blast among races in conflict takes place. These wars of new kind, which some people call cultural wars and other define as hegemonic and imperialistic wars to hold sway over the world, have souls with the seal of the new age as secret witnesses. Will they remain in the dark, reluctant to participate?, or will come up and strive for the Work? Will Masters success or fail? If they fail, many thousands years have to pass until the American man may find the way of reason, as with the first Teutonians after the war of 1,500 years with the Atlanteans, who came back to the stone age for centuries; destroyers will prevail, and Humanity will be reduced to its minimum expression, while expecting a low recovery of the planet to return spontaneously to normality. If they miss this chance, survivals will seek another evolutionary channel –unknown at present– in order to jump forward, toward spiritual freedom. Multitudes, civilization, sciences and technology that have constructed our known world, will disappear forever, just as grand Atlantean conquest which connected them with unknown dimensions of the Universe have vanished.

Although inhabitants of the planet accede now the marvelous world of the Teachings, it is not enough; necessarily, those who were called to teach the Renunciation Way, and are compromised by holy vows, should honor their promises not refusing the offering by sharing experiences with their fellows. They ought to go out of the black hole and start illuminating this world submerged in shadows.


Although the Teachings explaining and describing the Renunciation Way –the only salvation of men in times of destruction– which are spread by Internet, occupy the whole electromagnetic space around Earth, and are visited and their files daily transferred to private computers in more than sixty nations, Master Santiago Bovisio has requested another channel to spread. We believed that Internet was enough and that, through this means, the Doctrine would attain to all parts where it was necessary, by preparing souls predestined to receive Maitreya; but also the Master may want another channel in invisible dimensions of the human being. Those who go across these metaphysical planes are souls devoted with vows of Renunciation Life and, by the type of mystical ascesis practiced day and night in communities, they are prepared to carry the Renunciation Message to all men without distinctions or intermediaries. They do not need any special language or instruments, since the communication is direct. This channel has started right now, and there are various consecrated beings who, by breaking every tie, are passing through luminous paths, with the torch of liberation in their hands, kindling new expectant candles wherever they go.

Companions of Community: The Master Founder has explained in detail the mission of Sons of Cloister by means of Teachings that you know by heart: Interpretation, Superiors of Community, Intimacy of the Perfect Ones and Conferences at Embalse. Although any soul of good will can communicate the Message, just souls of renunciation in holocaust, namely you, can expand it as a whole, by recognizing, in the multitude, those who are predestined. You have been chosen and prepared, before being incarnate, for this divine mission preached many times by the Master during breaks and in the chapel and walks; you form a part of the Order of Fire along with companions who passed away and protect us from heaven. The Divine Law is of the Masters; the Regulation given by Master Santiago and the mission to expand the Work all over the Universe belong to them. Nobody can impede the work that you can inwardly perform by means of prayer, offering and help to Maitreya.

Two Renunciation Messages do not exist –there is only one Renunciation Message flowing through various channels. These reflections, particularly the last ones, are specially addressed to you so that diverse expressive channels, with the assistance of our Invisible Protectors, may become one like tributaries flowing into a big river, before attaining to the Ocean of Humanity.

José González Muñoz
October, 2004