Number 53.- THE MESSAGE

It is only one Message on Renunciation, which has been established by Master Santiago Bovisio in the Holy Order of Fire in the twentieth century, in American land, and communicated to his faithful disciples orally and by writing. At present, since the first day of the third millennium, in full Aquarian age, its secret has been released and registered by Internet in three languages, for the sake of men.

The Message responds to several sources, namely, astral, traditional, historical, esoteric, experimental and prophetic. Sources and transfer channels may be different, but the Message is unitary and openly recorded as “Teachings of Master Santiago Bovisio”, expressed with varied writing styles, but always it is the Teaching of the Divine Mother, the source of the Message and mission to carry out in the American Sub-Race along with Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate.

The task of expanding the Renunciation Message to all present and future inhabitants of the planet is being carried out through several stages; some of them have already been performed, others are in the process of being carried out, and others still did not start. It is not possible to fix the beginning of this long process, of finished processes, or even to know how long they are in action or which did not start; but one can deduce that the mission of the Renunciation Message will last long time in the present Sub-Race, that is to say, about 24,000 years, according to backgrounds of Sub-Races prior to the Aryan Race.

We are going to explain briefly different development stages of the Message so as to understand better the objectives of every one, and their final goal. These characteristics are already expressed by published Courses, but we are going to expound in another way, more didactically, trying to attain to persons who now are contacting the doctrine and have not much time to investigate details, remote zones, references and interpolations, in such a vast collection of ideas which comes from immemorial times, projected thousand years to an unknown future.

First Stage

The first stage was heterogeneous and unveiled different times: it contains the creation of the Message on Renunciation and the foundation of the organism-deposit of ideas, the Holy Order of American Knights of Fire. There was only one author of the creative, complex, rich in experience, and brilliant process as to results: Santiago Bovisio; which he developed since his arrival in Argentina in 1925 until his death, in 1962. This great doctrinal building required of him to apply to several sources.

A: CHEF –European Ilhes Knights of Fire. Santiago Bovisio, born in Italy, spiritually educated by Chef, in Venice, since the end of his secondary studies until 22 years of age, then he was sent to Argentina to continue in America objectives of the European Order. Not too much is known about it, but it was quite reserved; the Fascist government eliminated it and its members were pursued. Supposedly, many of its Teachings come from Chef, such as texts in aripal and some traditional references linked with the Teutonic Order and Rosicrucians.

B: The Revelation of the Idea-Mother of the Aryan Race, expressed by Manu Baivasvata, whose matrices are included in the Course on Teology, Teaching 13: “The Holy Revelation of the Idea-Mother of Aryans”. These matrices rule and govern over every aspect of the Doctrine enunciated by the Teachings.

C: Akashic Annals from the Grotto of Ras, Seventh Plane of the Mental World, where memory of human evolution has been kept. H. P. Blavatsky has been nurtured by these Annals to write her “Secret Doctrine”, the key to modern Theosophy. Santiago Bovisio has written historic Courses by taking information from these sources.

D: Astral journeys. The Teaching “Inner Life of Earth” is a description of an astral journey made by Santiago Bovisio alone into the planet, after a long ascetical preparation, and with the support of some of his more faithful disciples.

E: Clairvoyance: The Master was clairvoyant by birth, and able to enter voluntarily all supraphysical dimensions. He would make use of it not only to guide spiritually his disciples, but also to write down esoteric Courses, like The Becoming, Science of Life, Astral Aura, Ethereal Wheels, and so on.

F: Studies: Old and modern books on ascetical mystique, by authors recognized all over the world by critics. –Aurobindo Ghose, Plotinus, Swedenborg, Saint Martin, and others– are the doctrinal foundation of ideas expressed by the Teachings. The Master was learned in ancient and modern ascetical mystique.

G: Memory. In a previous incarnation, Bovisio was a high priest in the Temple of Amon, in Egypt, during the reign of Amenophis IV, and took part in the Fight of the Two Suns. His memory went back to that time, which is described by the unique information contained by the first Teachings of the Course “History of Esoteric Orders”.

H: Savonarola: The latter was his astral master and guide in expounding the Renunciation Doctrine, specially adapted for the American man of the New Age. Bovisio cites Savonarola in “The Unique Value of Renunciation”, –Course “The Way of Renunciation”. Savonarola is the Monitor, and appears in the notebook of dreams, in dramatic circumstances of Bovisio’s journey to America.
In general, here are the roots nurturing and supporting the tree of he Renunciation Doctrine, which are deeply sunk in the earth of human nature; these roots are physical and spiritual, visible and invisible, ancient and modern, and remain there, vivifying and pushing forward the expansion of the Message, which should attain to men and extend globally through the planet, such as it is happening right now. The Message is not only written papers: it contains vital juices that, through ideas and expressed concepts, nurture men who start constructing the new civilization.

Second Stage

The second stage of the Message expanded goes from Santiago Bovisio to the end of the century (1962-2000), with the Order of Cafh fully extinct. It is to his disciples. Shortly before his death, the Founder says in the last Full Moon Message: “Mother’s Sons, expand Cafh by proclaiming the Renunciation Message!” (From the (Spanish) Sopena Dictionary, “To proclaim”: To publish a thing so that everybody may know”. For 38 years, at this stage, these Teachings were neither proclaimed nor openly known, on the contrary, they were hidden, by reserving some of them for personal use. Moreover, they have been adulterated, by changing concepts and distorting fundamental aims. The reduced group of followers experienced obscurantism and fear and thrived out of general laws of society, in anguish by a coercion derived from their own vows of fidelity and silence. 38 years in the dark, existentially separated from developing Humanity swiftly precipitated to the end of its times. Nothing is made about the expansion of the message! No word about the friendly reception given to Maitreya! Nothing!, taboo!, about the advent of the New Age so many times announced by Master Santiago and by progressive souls.

Third Stage

It is related to spreading the Teachings through Internet, since the first day of the third millennium, and it is not to possible to assume its end. Extended throughout sixty countries, in three languages –Spanish, English and Portuguese–, they are printed and transferred at a rate of 2,6 millions monthly Kbytes. They are 47 books, or Courses, generally divided into 16 Teachings every one, and classified into six parts according to disciplines under consideration. At present they are subject to a process of grammar correction and typographic cleaning, so that they may communicate only the original text, according to matrices preserved by faithful disciples of a cloister community. They will constitute a printed Canon of 6 volumes to keep in main Libraries of the world for the use of scholars and researchers. Any new material of the Master to appear –for instance, notebooks of dreams, correspondence, photographs and so on– will be published with this warning: “Out of the Canon”.

But to spread is not to expand; it is to inform, communicate, make something known; it is a previous and preparatory stage carried out through mass communication media, as it is occurring now through Internet and several prop instruments, compact records, diskettes, electronic mail, printed transfers, and so on.

In this stage, and because of an international open spread, these Teachings got rid of confinements and prohibitions, and attained to a never-known existential status; they stopped being an excluding property of an esoteric group left out of society as to their common concerns, and became heritage of Humanity. Cafh, entity that retained the Teachings, has ended many years ago, we said it on precedent Reflections, and had no right to hidden them and deprive men of so much wisdom. Now, they are free and travel through the world by teaching new values of Aquarius, and Faithful Disciples of the Master and new Disciples coming up at present are those who deal with and distribute forces emanated from the Great Current.

Fourth Stage

This stage starts with an extraordinary event. Some few months ago, while the author of these Reflections being home, in the Andes range, an unknown person visited him and conveyed the following message of Master Santiago, “Tell José to start another spread channel for the Teachings”. This unknown person –with international name and surname– asked reserve about some details, and offered to distribute the Teachings to his friends. Prior to this meeting he knew nothing about our work, and left with written materials in abundance; later he received the complete collection of the Teachings in English, in a CD, which he delivered in remote countries with good reception.

After a deep reflection about this communication of the Master, who did not give more details, I concluded that the only possible channel can be found in the Sons of Cafh, more specifically, in the Community Ordered Ones, who have been instructed to expand the Renunciation Message. Here is their mission in this world. They are companions of Maitreya, his assistants and propagators. They are simple witnesses of the Master in front of the Great Initiate. They have relinquished everything because they are the Message. Their motto is exposed in every one of the dormitories of the Ordered Ones, and reads, “Nothing to earn, nothing to possess, nothing to be”, to serve faithfully the Lord.

Next Reflections will enlarge these fundamental ideas of the Message, which for the fulfillment of purposes fixed by the Holy Master, need an exact adjustment in two channels where the Great Current flows: spreading the Teachings in a world scale –as it is occurring with no trouble in the cybernetic space of the planet– and expanding the Message, which can only be carried out by the Ordered Ones consecrated by Vow of Holocaust in the spiritual dimensionless space, from soul to soul, only fused by love.

Companions of Community: Master Santiago is alive in higher planes of the Holy Order, along with Sons known to us in better days, and leads the immortal work as ever, more active than ever, by preparing those souls who have to work with Maitreya in the New Age that has already started; do not waste your time in inner softness or in the safe life of Community. It is our time –so many times portended– to work. The planet is burning in destructive fires. Many souls are expecting the salvation message, in all countries of the world; they receive and study the teachings; but the touch of love that you can give is still absent. Invisible ways to predestined souls are open now; travel through them and rescue castaways of the catastrophe.

Fifth Stage

This stage belongs entirely to Maitreya. Nothing can be said in this sense irrespective of ideas anticipated by the Teachings. So far it is a mystery. But now it is an image that we are able to express, as an effect of the above-enunciated ideas. This period, whose limits we cannot define, will have as a result the formation of a large mystical body of new predestined souls, to building the foundation of the Aquarian civilization in order to harmonize two channels of the Renunciation Message: Love projected by consecrated souls through universal expansion, and Knowledge, spread by the Teachings delivered by Santiago Bovisio, Master of Wisdom.

José González Muñoz
November, 2004