Reflection Number 54


Teaching 16, “Ired of Hes”, Theogony Course, reads: “The universal movement is called Ired. It is the unique Law, as a point zero in the immense space. The law of Ired is one, and derived laws are entirely contradicting one another. Its inversion laws, as they reach a zenith, need entirely self-opposite laws to become reversible and vice versa.”

Modern civilization –scientific and global– has reached the zenith of its possibilities, and in the beginning of the Aquarian Age, reverted to its opposites by starting an involution cycle to purify the planet and Humanity. Two outstanding events have broken the stability of the last decades, in these first four years of Aquarian life, shaking the conscience of men: the collapse of the Twin Towers, a symbol of untouchable power of the United States, on September 11th, 2001, perpetrated by their Arabian enemies, and the seaquake, on Christmas of 2004, with a subsequent tsunami through coasts of the Indian Ocean, devastating everybody and everything. The New York outrage –in fact, a declaration of irrevocable war– brought about an unprecedented warlike reply, which continues furiously, and one does not know when and how it will end up. That seaquake has aroused a secret fear in the people, and none is able to foresee other similar or heavier disasters in a civilization that has reached its vital limits. The planetary survival spreads out over North America, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Palestine, Buenos Aires and over all spaces where living beings are thriving.

The Earth has ever turned round the Sun, rotating perpetually over its axis and with other complex and unexpected movements, as much internal as external, visible and tangible; tidal waves, cyclones, quakes, avalanches, storms, volcanoes, forests, whales and birds; for the sake of men, multitudes, factories, stadiums, universities, artificial satellites, religions and old people move and fall toward death, hurling everything down with a lethal tremor. All days we experience fear and insecurity, and cannot find a sure refuge. To understand critical phenomena which overwhelm and push us to survive, we should find original matrix ideas, which stay in the root of changes.

The Perennial Philosophy of Esoteric History explains satisfactorily extraordinary events which affect the human destiny, and Master Santiago's Teachings, gathered together in the Internet Collection, expound with clarity evolution/involution laws which bring about those events. If the reader wants to understand these changes, he shall find explanations in respective Courses: Planetary System, Anthropogenesis and History of Man; if he wishes to grasp in depth what means the human movement and its projections, he should study Becoming and Archaic Symbols; and he should meditate on the Way of Renunciation in order to find suitable, real and effective survival instruments. On politics, universities or religions he shall not find answers and lessons to survive, but in fact, in the Teachings, he will find explanations about the end of old races and the transition to new races. Pisces is over, and 24,000-year American-Aquarius has started. A transit from a form of living to new forms brings about painful collective experiences, which have been defined as terrorism, social insecurity, totalitarianism. Ignorant people are frightened, but some chosen persons start the survival journey. The Teachings say so with total clarity: “Renunciation is the only Way to save the World, no other there exists”. (1955.) Something that some years ago was apparently ambiguous, today can be fully understood, and it is imperative to admit it: if not through an inner, voluntary and free Renunciation, then through a subsequent renunciation, which will be karmic, painful and fatal. The old race has finished its cycle and must be left aside. Destruction, as an outstanding trait of historic changes, shall repeat once and again, until the planet is clean and redeemed. What did remain from the Atlantean civilization, with the great city of Golden Gates? Nothing! Where to find those grand powers of ancient peoples? They are vanished! Prophetically, North-Americans have baptized “Big Zero” that hole where the towers stood. From the big nothing, which is the future extended over the planet, we can start the “New Age”. But meanwhile, what can we do in these destruction days, with portended extermination wars, terrorism and genocide, insecurity by the streets, and unending sorrow?

Some few months after Second World War, with Japan atomically bombed, on 1947 Full Moon Message, Master Santiago announced: “Move away from external activities that kill and put a mental barrier between you and the world, by living only the presence of the Divine Mother. All is vain; the only good is to make our abode here; only by this absolute and potential withdrawal we shall be able to so something in order to purify our souls and save the world. These last years, men have worked strenuously and invented new things, humanity has moved enough with peace and war, and did not find an atom of happiness. So, let us return to solitude, Prayer and Silence. Nothing and none should occupy our thought. If we wish to say a word for health and life, lips of ours, keep quiet! If we wish to create something, pilgrimages of ours, stop!”

Just as this tsunami traveled through the world killing and devastating everything, so the existential civilization tsunami comes ahead with unstoppable power, devastating and killing. How can men be saved from implacable North-American bombings? What to do in front of the epidemics of incurable AIDS, which is killing millions? How to move away a spiritual devastation derived from TV screens in every home of the world, night and day, with images that are more horrifying than those of Hell? How to avoid insecurity by the streets of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Calcutta or Miami? “Lips of ours, be quiet! Pilgrimages of ours, stop!”

And in the following 1948 Full Moon Message, the Master insists on preaching Renunciation: “Be Souls! Live in the world as if you did not belong to it! Be foreigners! Language of men is not your language, their likings and aspirations are not yours, and their thought forms are not yours either. Be simple and natural souls, which live in a world different from the world of today; this world is nothing more than an abyss with frenetic movement and destruction.”

As you can see, after half century of these anticipation Teachings, the civilization is far worse than in the past century, now with no hope. Master Santiago would think that there were certain salvation expectations. In 1957 Message he would ask: “Renunciation is the law for the future world and you, Mother's Sons, are among the forerunners who live this law which will be the world to live for men to come. Shall the Renunciation Sons be so consequent with their missions and impede the impending destruction that will come before the age of Sakib?”

Obviously, they don't. Most painful and cruelest aspects of these premonitions are already everywhere. The so-called “Renunciation Sons” were not consequent, got back, reformed the Teachings and divine laws which were guiding them; they denied the title of Divine Mother's Sons, which has been granted to them. If the Master's disciples have failed in their mission by sinking again in the past, what can men expect? Destruction is everywhere.

Master Santiago's Prophetic Teachings, enunciated in the past century, now are a reality of all days, for an indefinite time, without modifications, and uncertainty is over: Humanity follows a straight line until the outbreak. In New York, owners of the Great Zero are planning to raise buildings higher than before; they did not learn the lesson. On Sumatra coasts, they are re-building more luxurious and banal tourism hotels; they did not learn the lesson. Upon assuming his second mandate, Bush has announced to increase his personal war, and his greedy look focuses other poor oil countries; he did not learn the lesson. China, India, Brazil, Russia and the wealthiest nations strive for being on the 10 first hegemonic posts in the world race of economic statistics; they did not learn the lesson.

In the twentieth century Apocalypse, with the fury of elements and men, Maitreya, the Savior, remains apart, silent, unseen, still. Let us imitate him. Let us learn from Him and from other wise men who sought refuge in the inner sanctuary. It is the only place where souls can stay today. Let us close doors and windows –physical, electronic and spiritual– to redeem us; let us stay beside the Divine Mother.

Since 1978 I am living alone in the mountains, at the Children's Village, in the vale of Potrerillos of Plate chain of hills, after leaving men and Caph, and communicated with the work by means of Letters from the Monastery (“Cartas desde el Monasterio”) for many years, and in classes about models of future for children in Children Ecological Village, for many years too. This is over, and ended up. With some friends, in this Aquarian century, we put in Internet the original Prophetic Teachings of Master Santiago to safeguard them from being destroyed by time. The Renunciation Message is spread through all nations and millions people meditate on these Teachings which are safe in the cybernetic space and in libraries. What else should I do now? I will close doors of my house and expect quiet; I will finish certain started tasks; I will take care of the garden, and birds that visit me should have sufficient food; I will leave the Village clean and suitably painted, with services at work, although none comes; I will update and arrange my papers, with no debt at all, however little it be and, what is very important, I will not start any new work. I will stay still and silent until the end.

Saint John of the Cross would sing:

At a dark night

With yearnings inflamed by loves,

Oh blissful luck!

Unnoticed I got out

With my house already in calm.

Peace achieved by this saint and poet on the mystical Renunciation path can be reached by us, men, by arranging life such as it is, calming our house. The storm is roaring outside. Let us close our home by fastening doors and windows, and let us remain still in the penumbra of the evening. Other friendly beings expect us.

José González Muñoz
Aldea, January 21 st , 2005