Number 56 – Transformations

The Sopena Dictionary reads, “ Spontaneous: Voluntary and self-impulsive. A natural, easy thought expression. An intimate, voluntary discovery of ideas, opinions or affections. Spontaneous combustion: Ignition naturally produced in different substances regardless any previous ignited element”.

These definitions about spontaneity explain exactly and quite clearly a phenomenon –the expansion of the Renunciation Message– according to statistics coming to us month by months from the Internet service. For many years, Teachings unveiling the Renunciation Message –the Law for the Aquarian Era– remained in a silent darkness, such as Master Santiago has left them in the past century, waiting for the destiny time and Maitreya's presence on Earth. The inflection moment from darkness to light occurred at the first minute of the Third Millennium, when from the White Office –devoted to the Master, in Buenos Aires– the doors watching over the Message are open, and the Teachings started to travel through the world by means of Internet. Four years have passed and, with no promotion of any kind, Courses are being studied in more than sixty nations, from New Zealand to Canada, by means of three American languages, Spanish, English and Portuguese. The last statistical delivery says that, on April, 3,681,624 file Kbytes have been transferred, a figure equivalent to about 400,000 Teachings, Hidrochosa type, every month. These Teachings are spontaneously burning in the souls needing them at any place, from any nation, race and creed. They are not a new text; texts are the same as in the beginning; but the new are those souls added to them, communicating addresses and expectations each other; what is new is the idea, the time, and the Aquarian man.

As Master Santiago would loudly exhort us to expand the Renunciation Message throughout the Universe, we were unable to understand how we –as the Ordained in a Cloister Community, never being out by the streets– could convey these ideas to men; we would assume to be groups of preachers and missionaries necessary to travel to and fro with a lot of money, such it occurs in present religions in order to persuade people. Nothing at all; according to facts confirmed by the above-referred statistics, and to e-mails received, the Master is right: at the proper time pointed out by the Great Initiates –predestined souls assembling together with the Idea Mother– transformations occur spontaneously. Everything that is bound to burn, will set on fire; some things that have already fulfilled their purpose burn spontaneously and are lost; other things, which begin right now –Aquarius, the new species, emerging earths, predestined souls– are being born and multiply. As the spring comes, trees sprout, and fields become green, and bloom. Life has its own power. And the Renunciation Message too. And the Teachings conveying the ideas go forward, swiftly, reuniting souls in order to shape a new Humanity.

The transformation law teaches that destruction and construction take place simultaneously, like action and reaction in physics, the ones to one side, and the others to the opposite side; we are able to fly by planes because while we travel in one direction, propelling combustion gases follow the opposite direction. Likewise, as long as Civilization sinks in frightful destructive fires, by an opposite analogy, men start the foundations of the New Era. Now these foundations cannot be seen because they are established in depths of the being, although the spreading of the Renunciation Teachings are an evidence of the constant and growing energy flow that the Spiritual Masters are pouring on Humanity. We are unable to measure Ired coming from above, but we can assess its results.

Instead of cuts, interruptions or void times, in life there is variable continuity, alternative transformation, dynamic permanence. Life is a wonderful spontaneity. Only an ignorant individual stops in front of something that is lost: possessions, love, certain day that he lived intensely, while the Sun is going toward the night and stars. An ignorant individual wants the impossible, wants to stop by himself, to own an existential state for himself alone forever. This desire is a painful illusion, since the present is constantly fleeing, never stops, and offers to the soul wonders of tomorrow.

Ignorant people suffer a lot. Who is the wealthiest woman in the world?, the Queen of England. Who is the unhappiest woman in the world?, the Queen of England. As one stops at certain point, whether by free will or by destiny dictates, we shape a mountain of calamities –it is to stay in a circuit of repeated sorrow, however golden the ring may be. The ring worn by Frodo in the J. R. Tolkien's epopee would not refer as much to the power of the world; it referred to his own destiny. He was well out of it as soon as the Mountain fire destroyed it. As he got rid of it, he passed to the world of light sailing from the Gray Ports. Perhaps are not present men trapped in the circle of a possessive civilization that is preventing them from setting off? However, every one of us, like pretended Frodos, is able to get rid of the ring any time. But we do not leave it aside because we became Gollum, –trapped in a deceitful possession. As the novel says, at the end, in the hour of death, the tyrant Sauron, the ring, and the servant Gollum, are destroyed. Then Frodo found freedom.

The advent of the New Aquarian Era becomes an automatic, spontaneous process, such as ever occurred in historic times, –sorrowful or happy, according to the actors' mood. We are leading characters. Transformations occur in us, in the mind, in affections, in the psychosomatic system; what is outside, cities, institutions, the super-technical civilization, or the agrarian civilization in the fields, science and technology will be the result of new individual transformations. Sauron, the man that shaped this civilization, is over, in a civilization that is ablaze. This universal phenomenon –both positive and negative at the same time­– occurs right now, in this time. How right was Mater Bovisio by giving rise to morality of good and evil together, in order to understand! If we are unable to accept an analogical opposition, we can never solve problems. Today the opposites become spontaneously apparent; it cannot be otherwise, a wakeful, attentive, smart man learns constantly. A straight line leads to an outburst and, unfortunately, this is the direction of both Muslim terrorists and President Bush by a military confrontation that in fact declared the Third World War. According to reports from the New National American Counter Terrorism Center in the United States, in 2004 the number of terrorist outrages has grown tree times in relation to the precedent year, along with thousands of victims, and this year this tendency is impressively growing. Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize, has denounced as genocide 100,000 people killed in Iraq. Like Gollum, the surmised owner of the ring that he called “my treasure”, old men (Sauron's Orcs), trapped close to the Destiny Mount, wait for their annihilation.

Frodo is the new self-saved man, since he learnt to renounce and builds the foundations of a new Humanity.

Man is on Earth millions of years ago, by reproducing himself from father to child, creating extremely varied and splendid cultures, some of them already extinct, as in Atlantis' case. Many extraordinary works are visited by millions of curious people; these works are remnants of Maya, Egyptian, Inca, Assyrian civilizations, and others. Museums and libraries offer us great, unmatched examples of intelligence, beauty and art, of an extinct world, but whose works remain with us, recovered from sands in the desert, from the bottom of the sea where they were sunken, or from tropical jungles that covered them. Generations come and go, and give evidence of life evolving and persisting.

Day by day we are impressed by noisy farewells to a dying world: Pope's funerals in Rome, harsh North-American-Muslim War, Moscovites celebrating the Russian victory, Chinese economy dramatically growing, insecurity, epidemics, and world corruption.

Readers: The Teachings remain in your hands. The Renunciation Doctrine –“To be the law for the future world”– has been systematically developed as to their historical, psychological and mystical aspects by the great Master of Wisdom, Santiago Bovisio. The esoteric tradition of the ancient Aryans, Vedantists and Egyptians extend in front you –they link the successive line of races, which are gone, along with future races to come. The ways are open. The words have been written down, aiming at the right direction. An invitation has been clearly given to travel through the New Era. Transformations take place spontaneously as one goes forward in the mystery of light. More valuable than fireworks of farewells is the silent, loving and voluntary work of the souls in their own garden, building pillars for the future Humanity.

José González Muñoz
Children's Village.
May 9th, 2005.