The Ired Blessing says, “Divine Mother of the Universe: I beg your Ired blessing. By you I am united by an eternal vote of union with all those Sons of Cafh, who were, are and will be. I will carry upon me this load like beads of love, and I will offer the blood of all them to your presence as perpetual holocaust. May your blessing be now and forever with those who deserve, through their participation in the whole Great Work, the Power of the Great Current, to achieve the Substantial Union with you for the Eternity. Ahehia ote Hes. Eret Hes ote Ahehia.”

Master Santiago Bovisio is the Founder of the Holy Order of American Knights of Fire, Ihs, Cafh. It is he the author of the Renunciation Doctrine declared by written on the Perpetual Regulation and on Teaching worldly spread through Internet, at this site, with exclusive name. The Founder died on July 3 rd , 1962, and certain disciple of the Community succeeded him in the charge of authority.

After 15 years with doctrinal deviations and disappointments among the Sons, at the 1977 Full Moon Assembly, held that year in Sao Paulo, Brazil, being present the Ordained Superiors, the Order is broken like a glass broken, and many of us have been excommunicated. After a short while, the Holy Order became a Cafh Foundation managing impressively big economic goods in many American countries, the Teachings have been changed, the Regulation has been adulterated and, finally, the Master's successor retired, naming other successor for his charge.

As I have been dismissed, I went to the Mountains in Mendoza, which were familiar to me from my childhood, and henceforward I stay in the Children's Village that I built for ecological education of thousands of children. From this remote and lonely place, along with friends that love Master Santiago, the complete Teachings and these Reflections came out to the whole planet since the first day of the Third Millennium in the New Age of Aquarius, as we have commented it through precedent Reflections. We do not belong to Cafh, notwithstanding we do promote the mission given by the Master to Humanity, the universal expansion of the Renunciation Message, through three languages, throughout more than sixty nations. How could this rare and, in our view, incomprehensible phenomenon, take place? As Santiago Bovisio died, he left the Order perfectly prepared to achieve his last injunction, “Sons of Cafh, expand the Renunciation Message through the whole Universe!”. There were Teachings, the Work was self-sustained economically and socially, there were hundreds of Orators and Missionaries that were ready and skilled to work, there were educative colleges in various nations; everything was in excellent conditions to spread the doctrine and prepare the reception of Maitreya, the Great Initiate. But there nothing occurred; the disciples, parasites of the Great Current, treasured the Teachings, kept them for themselves, and did not fulfill the Master's legacy. It is the aim of this Reflection to explain a rare phenomenon, the failure of Cafh on the first expansion stage.

Since my youth, usually the Divine Mother gratifies me with beautiful dreams; sometimes these dreams consisted in visiting old Hindu or Aztec temples, and in the open, in visiting present, spherical temples, and their young, smiling monks with fiery bodies (see Teaching 11, “Body of Fire”, Book “Spiritual Life in Cafh”); other times, in my dreams there were landscapes and mountains with shining colors and unending skies; I have had meetings with old companions of the Order, who died and remain working on the Astral Tables; even I have taken medical attention from Master Santiago's hands by means of novel energetic therapies and with very good results as for my physical health. This was only in my dreams, since in wakefulness state I am an ordinary –half-good, half-bad– citizen, like everybody. But what makes the difference is that my Master is Santiago Bovisio, and I follow him faithfully.

One night, in the autumn of 1984, I was asleep, awoke, came out of my body, and found Don Santiago at the entrance of my hut. Everything was gray, on the astral light, without shadows. The Master was there to pay me a visit and tell me something. He said solemnly, “Mister José, Cafh has ended. Now we are bound to work for the exaltation of life!”. At once he disappeared, and I came back to my bed and put on the light in the bedroom.

One year later, the same dream occurred again under the same conditions, but with variations. This time he told me softly, “José, how can we help the souls?” I replied, “Sir, so as we have been taught; with meditation, retirement, and meetings, with ascetic exercises.” Then he said, “It is quite slow. Now we are bound to learn how to handle the Power of the Great Current.” Again he vanished, and I came back to bed.

Since then I dealt with learning how to handle this power –the human and divine Ired– to help souls. In Teachings I found basic concepts, and characteristics of the Power of the Great Current, how, where and on whom it is put on, which is the inner mood to get it, how is the training, if there is one. In traditional thinkers, as Titus Burckhardt, René Guénon, A. K.Coomarasway, Eduardo A. Azcuy and others, I found much material and instructions to build a holy place, which appears at the centralized architecture of the Children's Village.

Various Teachings explain this subject, particularly “The Power of the Great Current”, in the Course “Spiritual Life of Cafh”. Other Teaching states, this Power is put spontaneously on:

First: Consecrated souls, priests, saints, children, monks, pure souls, et cetera.

Second: A holy place, temples, charkas of Earth, stupas, sanctuaries, oratories.

Third: Detritus. These detritus can be hole spaces out of use, or profaned, and living human beings: perjurers, murderers. renegade priests, black magicians, mental diseased, drug-addicts, vampires, pederasts, nations whose cycle is over and must disappear rapidly, satanic institutions.

In the human detritus, the power pours on as a perpetual curse that only death liberates him who undergoes it. Once Master Santiago told that, when the Perpetual Regulation of Cafh was approved, the Masters offered him the power of curse, like priests of some religions have, but he refused to receive it because he did not want to bring about suffering to anyone. Later he repented since, he said, when a Superior curses a soul that fails, Astral Masters curse this soul thousand times more terribly. The Teaching “The Power of the Great Current reads, “Those Sons that do not contribute with their continuous effort to sustaining the Great Work and the Power of the Great Current, become parasites and vampires. Not to respond properly to the divine grace, or to be idle in fulfilling his own duties is to be a parasite. To respond selfishly and stubbornly to the Divine Work is to become a vampire.“

In relation to consecrated souls, the 1950 Full Moon Message reads, “In their lifetime, all days the Sons will offer a holocaust of blood. This blood is the inner altar where the secret donation is made, which none knows; the love of the Sons puts daily there drops of their blood. And this is the destiny of the Sons of Cafh who entered the Temple of the Divine Mother in order to take their Eternal Vows. And this is ALL! Those who refuse to offer their lives will become the black, damned goat that bears the curse and wickedness of Humanity and, instead of being sacrificed upon the Altar, is launched to the dry wilderness of a frustrated life in order to wander in the darkness of passions and in the loneliness of the misunderstood.”

The Divine mission of Caff is ineludible and is ever perfectly fulfilled, as the Founder's words declare it as for the universal expansion could not be seen, but a potential permanence, on the second stage, in the beginning of the Third Millennium and the New Era, the planetary expansion occurred spontaneously by reversibility and suddenly; the Message is in all Nations. Statistics on files transferred grow month by month, and thus they will continue until a time, when every inhabitant of the Planet, with no exception, is aware of the living presence of the Savior Maitreya, Ruler of the New Era, and his Renunciation Message.

These are the two first stages of the Message expanded. The first stage –failed, potential and silent– of the Sons of Cafh has already passed, with no return, with the disappearance of the Holy Order of Caff and its not-access to the Ired Blessing. Focused on Teachings at the cybernetic space, unbounded, spontaneous, timeless, and produced outside Cafh by the Astral Masters, the second stage has occurred and remains in the service of men without variations.

It is the third stage –terrible, karmic, inexorable, the Power of the Great reverted Current– that in front of our horrified eyes, is taking place in cultural and human detritus that are disappearing: the Twin Towers in New York, the grand Baghdad Library, Chernobyl and its outcomes, the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the collapse of the Society Union, Civil American freedoms lost, AIDS, planetary terrorism, genetic engineering, cloning, collective fear of destruction, mainly degrading television, daily Satanism, and all manifestation of the old world which are bound to disappear.

To rebuild the Planet can take a very long time, perhaps a whole sidereal cycle, 24,000 years of the American Aryan Race. It is the mission of the New Era to return to Earth what has been delivered to men, to clean it, to heal it of diseases produced by the modern industrial civilization, to serve and attend vegetal and animal species as the ancients did, to remove power plants and atomic bombs and radioactive waste, to forget scientific knowledge linked with war and destruction, as the last Atlanteans did through the psychic power of Black Magicians, and much more. This depuration process will take the whole Aquarian cycle; there is no chance to choose individually or collectively; it is karma, it is consequent renunciation, it is evolution need. It is the weep of the devastated Earth, it is mourning of a helpless soul, sadness of every one of us, intimately, in silence, suffering, where we will remain today and the following days. All the rest is vain and useless.

The Power of the Great Current is universal as the sunlight illuminating men, animals, plants; it cannot help but giving life. Though the cycle is covered by clouds, the daybreak occurs every morning and sustains the planetary living. Now the winter comes, and the green vanishes; here, in the Children's Village, the storm roars upon the mountains, with the frightful Zonda wind shaking and stirring; the trees lose their leaves; some trees fall down and cut power and communication wires. It is cold. We take refuge in the house, and wait by the fireplace. We are aware of seasons and do not fear: after the snow frost, the spring tide will come back again, renewed, green and blooming. We will remain in our inner house, summer and winter, in peace.

Dear reader, the Power of the Great Current, in this third karmic stage, under any form taken individually or collectively in the mind, by the streets, through TV, in hospitals, by terrorism, in armies, through money, or by hard drugs, it is present everywhere, implacably, totally. God has reserved to every human being a place to take refuge when the storm bursts: in his own heart. With the Master Santiago Boivisio's words, we are sending this 1949 Full Moon Message, it is a spiritual voice that, from beyond, comforts men in times of tribulation and doubt.

“Be souls! Live in the world as if you did not belong to it! Be foreigners. Language of men is not your language, and their likes and aims are not yours either; much less, their thought forms. Be souls, simple and candid souls living in a different world from the present ine, which is nothing else than an abyss of frenetic movement and destruction. Remain dumb! Be foreigners! Envelop yourselves with the Great Silence! Remain with your faces covered by the while veil, oh souls of souls!”

José González Muñoz
May 31 st , 2005


E-mail: info@santiagobovisio.com