Number 58.- New Instruments

Since immemorial times, the Atlanteans have been the wisest men; they had no religion, temple, written sciences. Through direct knowledge they were aware of the reality of every visible and invisible dimension. They were knowledge instruments and talked mentally to one another, as we communicate in dreams, not uttering any word. The Prophet Enoch should have said the written language is Satan's invention. The Atlanteans knew the past, future, and multiple worlds.

The Egyptians partially inherited this wisdom that they kept in Temples, and their priests had instruments to know life and death.

With monotheistic religions the ancient wisdom is lost, but reason, the new instrument of the Aryan race, conquered secrets of the matter. Sciences and technology derive from reason instruments. Logic = Organum and Novum Organum .

In the present rebellion of masses there is not rationalism or knowledge; we have only news.

The modern instrument of mass knowledge –international press news– started with the French Revolution at the end of the eighteenth century and soon became a factor of political power until our days. Through any respective means –printings, radio, TV, et cetera– journalism needs big financial –state or private– resources to continue, and became a power to manipulate consciousness. Some people think it is the fourth state power, but this is too much, and will be the subject for other Reflection. For now we shall point out its influential ranges, that which it can do or not, its limitations whose strictness is beyond thinking and communicating, in these days full of unusual, surprising, secret changes.

Press gives mass information about outstanding daily events and their variable presentations, from earthquakes to trivial footballer's statements; press discernment is not about quality but about consumerism. It remains some few hours in force, and is out of print later. It is not a book to be kept and studied; like street gossip, it passes by and leaves no memory behind. Newspaper readers do not keep cuttings, although papers they are written by renowned authors, because in those writings one style prevails: banality. When a thinker wishes to tell something substantial he writes a book, a brochure, or a short poem; but he sends an article to the newspaper because he needs money or wishes to tell a gossip.

So far the press deals with its information task, so the public is satisfied. If people should need other explanations to meet real needs, they could go to books or religions, even to art; but a gigantic and depredating modern problem does not give acceptable solutions to calm down the souls, as protagonists trapped in Katrina waters, or individuals watching TV. On every region you undergo calamities of different forms but with similar effects, which devastate peoples with suffering and desolation.

The press depends upon daily events for its entertainment task. “That which is now new is non-existent.” Other writing tasks –education, understanding of mysteries of Nature, spiritual development, et cetera– come from thought or imagination to develop, but not in journalism, which is bound to tell news, from a new cosmetic to the last bombing in Iraq. But that which is happening in our days is so amazing that is beyond chances of journalism, which can only describe appearances, shows. If one wishes to get into the innermost depths of things we should go to philosophy, religion, art, but these noble activities do not work long time ago.

When de Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin went to the outer space, Master Santiago visited the Community of Ordained in La Plata and solemnly said, “Sons, the old world has expired!”. All is different; but since September 11 th , 2001, along with the collapsed symbol of the old materialistic age –New York Twin Towers– changes are appalling and frightful, and none can stand them. Our consciousness –a deposit in which explanations and understanding of the reality tirelessly fed on conquests of the ancient Age– disagrees with suicidal Palestinian terrorists, with the devouring tsunami, with Katrina's winds, and all other phenomena hitting hearts of men. Between the scenic curtain of modern cultural constructions and karmic actions, no bridge, correspondence, or piety can be found. The karma savagely destroys everything on its way. The Golden Precepts Book, translated by H. P. Blavatsky from the ancient sacred language, says, “Sages do not dare to soften the fruit of karma ”. The spectacle of the submerged, lifeless New Orleans is a good Teaching to everybody. The waters have to get down and the earth top to dry up in order to grow flowers on that place again.

Ray Nagin, Mayor in the phantom city, urges its inhabitants to return to their activities, casinos, night clubs, pizzerias, rest homes, et cetera. President Bush promises a future city more beautiful and joyful than before. Far away, but with similar suffering, Iraqi Moslems are mourning all days people killed by the North-American war.

We can take a complete inventory of world events with no solution, only with news. That which is happening is death of civilization, and mortals never understood death.

We need new instruments to understand universal events that men are undergoing now; reason is insufficient. We are bound to go to wisdom of Perennial Philosophy, to Master Santiago's Teachings, and to other teachings that the tradition of ancient revelations have kept, which can be found in libraries. Likewise keys to Rasic Philosophy can be found, which keep writings of ancient prophets. Inasmuch phenomena develop before terrified eyes of wayfarers, the best is to be quiet, the first condition for survival.

This Reflection and the following will try to explain global phenomena affecting Humanity in the transfer crisis from Aryan Teutonic Sub-race to Arian American Sub-race, at the Aquarian Period, that is to say, our times. Rationalistic sciences are unfit for understanding these times; one needs other investigation instruments and other documents given by the unanimous philosophy and also by the Revelation Mother of the Aryan Race, which Initiation Temple of Om Hes keeps. In texts of Courses that this Collection contains: History of Esoteric Orders, Anthropogenesis, Theology, Archaic Symbols, and other analogous texts, the reader will find tracks to meditate on and to understand things beyond any press sayings and explanations.

Here we will refer to certain ideas marking the right course in quests tending to solve the problems, but only a systematic study of the Teachings and an intensive, continuous meditation about one's mind will allow finding an enlightened way out of the labyrinth. The searcher is at the dark side, this time and the Teachings will be the Ariadna's thread that will lead him toward the end walking by the Via Lucis .

In short:

1 st . Humanity evolves through permanent changes that mark characteristic evolution stages. There are big stages and modifications, as those different Root Races appeared since the creation of Man millions years ago: Uranian, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan. Each Root Race divides into Seven Sub-races, and the American Aryan, which just starts, replaces the precedent Teutonic Aryan, which lasted 24,000 years. Each Sub-race divides into other family sub-races; the name of the new one is Aquarius and may last a couple of thousand years, during which continents, seas, climate, geography and our familiar civilization are bound to change. It is difficult to foretell the time to come, but certain prophecies refer to fundamental changes as to psyche and society.

2 nd . At this turning point, Humanity and Planet are transformed and form new human types. As a registered background described by many books, traditions and these Teachings, it is the transformation of Atlantics in Aryan Race: The last sinking of Atlantics occurred 11,000 years ago; it changed the human psyche, which lost its clairvoyant capacities, but acquired the reasoning power; many animal species are extinct, as it is happening now; new lands, lakes, rivers, deserts and mountains emerged; everything was original. These subjects can be examined in Courses “History of Man” and “Anthropogenesis”.

3 rd . In order to understand personal changes of the Aquarians one should study and meditate on the Teachings, of which we will mention “Spiritual Development”, “Theology” and “The Becoming”.

4 th . The central idea of wisdom for the new men will be the awakening of Intuition, which will make them contact unknown things, a gift that is appearing now in many children; the Mother Revelation of the Aryan Race will teach man how to attain the liberation by his own means.

5 th . Maitreya will put the strength on the move so that every one may be his own Redeemer, through the Holocaust Meditation and Mystique of Ashes with the most perfect Renunciation.

In the Ancient Egypt, previous to Amenophis IV's heresy, wisdom was in teachings of knowledge and heart. Since the Two Suns' War unleashed by this Pharaoh, the priesthood divides into Monotheistic and Polytheistic religions, of feeling and knowledge. Despite the first Amenophis IV's failure, the Monotheism won during 3,000 years, along with Judaism, Christendom and Islam, and consequently, the whole modern civilization until our days. The Polytheism and its conception about the plurality of worlds is pursued and eradicated from society. Now, with the failure of Monotheistic religions, the last science breakthroughs, the action of Esoteric Orders and the presence of the new Redeemer Maitreya, the Polytheism comes back to Humanity with solutions to critical challenges. To understand them we need new instruments that should be activated in the psyche, which in Master Bovisio's Teachings appear with its full variety, from different forms of meditation, which awaken the intuition, to basic information of Rasic History, the science of Life, energetic body of the Universe, reincarnation, in short, the plurality of worlds in every dimension. Now the last mathematical physics of chords expressed by eleven dimensions eventually will discover uncountable vibrations, as the stars in the sky. Every human monad , I, you, he, has its unique particular dimension, a chord of ultra-physics vibrating in certain, untransferable, eternal way; it is the seed atom remaining in every reincarnation from the beginning to the end.

The polytheistic philosophy opens its gates to knowing new, many unknown gods. These Gods are models of exemplary thinking for the new life of Aquarius: spiritual Liberty, harmony of the opposites, plurality of worlds, intuition, self-redemption of being, knowledge of incarnations, full friendship with the Astral Masters and many other dreamed treasures. From these Reflections, we Faithful Disciples will point out, with clear sentences, the way of realizations as the events of the New Age are taking place before the astounded eyes of man.

José González Muñoz
September 28 th , 2005