Number 59 – Orphans of Cafh

Reading the Teachings it is likely to see that Master Santiago addressed to certain quite familiar persons, Sons of Cafh, with names and surnames; some people were direct disciples, the Ordained of Community, other indirect ones, Solitary and Sponsored, whom he addressed spiritually through Superiors of Community, personally or by letter. Several times a year he would visit them at their residence places, traveling through Argentine provinces; then he would meet and advised Groups and was informed about the situation of every one. In some of the Teachings, Lectures at Embalse for instance, you notice a personal relationship with Ordained women as Misses Malka, María Ester, Mme. Amelia, director of the College, and others whose names are not recorded. Master Santiago was a tireless educator and any time and place he would take advantage of a meeting, being ever ready to teach not only to Sons of Cafh but to any person in whom he would find a spiritual signal: children, pupils of the College, old people by the streets, passengers in street-car and trains, great industry personalities who recognized in him a spiritual director, religious men, beggars at the door of a church, everybody. His personal living was quiet, at his home, in Constitución Quarter , but as he went out and met his ancient friends, or was leading meetings in the Mother Table of America, in ADCEA, sited in those days in Belgrano Slopes , wherever he was, he was conspicuous even not uttering a word; his presence was magnetic and his demeanor lovely, with a soft Italian accent that lasted his whole lifetime.

As everybody knows, Cafh disappeared many years ago, and the life of those who belonged to it became atypical and distressed in many cases since they were unable to pass ancient, intensive, exclusive ideals to the new Renunciation dimension: the Teachings in the world for the sake of Humanity. It is like death not accepted; the physical life that filled hours of the existence disappears and qualities of the soul pass to a dimension with no other rules. Until the individual being recognizes new forms of existence, he lives in the void, not understanding what happens to him, he attends to meetings, talks to companions not understanding them, and superiors do not solve his sorrows; they are like souls that, after leaving their bodies, remain on the seventh astral plane, locked in circles of attachments and past affections. It is difficult to approach them and make them understand that they must forget and leave behind something non-existent. Only the Teaching, new instrument of the Renunciation Message, will make them come back to the reality and be helpful and expand the Doctrine.

Readers apply to us and ask questions about their worries and the Teachings. Questions from those persons with no experience in spiritual groups are simple and the answer can be found in the Teachings. But those questions asked by orphans of Cafh are complex and refer not to doctrinal ideas but exactly to personal situations related to the Order, for instance the absence of Meetings or their vacuity, superficial spiritual direction, loss of higher objectives, and other things like that. In every case we suggest them a more intensive study of the doctrinal Teachings, the only place where they can find solutions to their problems.

May this Reflection generally respond all past or future questions asked by those who have been related or have had relationship with the former Order. Honestly we believe there is not institutional solution to the problem. One should emotionally forget and start living as ordinary men, simply, practicing Renunciation all days and carrying the vibration of Cafh in the heart. You posses every Teaching and, if you are faithful disciples, also you will receive blessing extra in abundance.

Mme. Irene writes from Europe and tells about the critical existential situation undergone by her family, “I am at a turning point. My heart rejects the power imposition over others. I am tortured and need that help that I do not receive from those people, the Superiors…”. Other gentleman, Ricardo wrote to us some time ago, “Now I am a very solitary Knight and I'd wish to know if there are Sons in a situation as mine, who are attending to meetings. I am undergoing a critical stage. The void is in me and I was unable to come back to meetings, some few years have passed by and I go on missing them, in short, I feel “the aroma of Cafh”, et cetera. From Caracas, Venezuela, Gilberto writes, “Today I found this page and until now my intention was to dispose for ever of Cafh and the Teachings conveyed by Cafh, since I was in the Order for twelve years, and its atmosphere was rarified. I perceive life on these writing that I am reading now”. On May 2003, Mr. Hugo, from Brazil, asks, “More than once I've sent you cordial greetings and my deep acknowledgment for your faithful and unselfish labor tending to preserve the Divine Teachings of Master Santiago. The motive of this e-mail is to report about a worry that certainly is not only mine. Should not be also proper to make the Regulation known? Many souls remain deceived since they have no objective reference allowing them comparing what is taught as “updated regulation” and that Perpetual Regulation dictated by divine inspiration”. Finally, in order to put an end to permanent communications, here is one of Mme. Sonia, from Ecuador, “Don Santiago's image and the Power of the Divine Mother establish me more and more in the Idea of Renunciation and my permanent fidelity to the Founder. May the Divine Mother and Don Santiago lead me to that which must occur on my destiny as Daughter and with the yearning of being listened, attended and responded”.

We believe the best responses to be those responses given exactly by the Teachings through Internet to million people all over the world, without differences of ideological or spiritual kind. If a person linked subjectively or externally to Cafh wants to receive the Teaching, he should forget the past, however brilliant was his standing, and humbly study the Courses, like everybody. As a proof of the power contained in the Renunciation Message here is a partial transcription of the statistical report that the Internet server has sent to show records of expansion during September past.

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Orphans of Cafh: As you can ascertain it, Blessings of Ired are in the Teachings, not in memories or in relationships with spectral institutions. Spiritual life is the reality –good or bad, happy or sorrowful, warm or dry, whatever God wants to offer. Why should we wait for death to get rid of old ties, a painful liberation, not always successful, and to repeat again the same experiences on the next reincarnation if today, with wisdom and strength of the Teaching, we can progress toward the mystical Renunciation death.

Companions on the Path: Our task is individual, inner, of every one. No person will make thing more bearable if you do not liberate yourselves. In the teachings you have every spiritual instrument to redeem yourselves. Do not forget that he who was on the Way, even for a while, is a predestined being chosen by the Holy Masters before being born. If this time you were unable to carry to a safe port the flame of realizations, you can channel the needs of the soul with good will and permanent fidelity. The Vow, even the littlest one, is an indestructible mark, to which one has to come back once and again until attaining the liberation. Master Santiago wrote a Teaching where, in his view, the crucial moment on the mystical path is to take the first Vow of Silence by the Sponsored one. This signal of belonging to a Divine Order cannot be deleted by years, failures or death.

José González Muñoz
October 7, 2005