Number 5.– What do we want?

We are anxious, dissatisfied and in disagreement with daily events; now and then we bang on pots and pans by the streets of downtown; openly we shout and identify corrupted officials; we break shop windows; we get noodles and milk plundering supermarkets; we are furious many years from now, but not finding a bit of happiness. We refer to the Argentine people, but things like that are happening elsewhere –all of them are shocking. So a quite important question arises, WHAT DO WE WANT? To struggle for social, economic, political, educational, and sanitary problems?, for security and house problems, and so on? Or to find a solution to our personal, untransferable and painful situation (“no one understands me”, “no one helps me”, “I am good for nothing”)? Where the dilemma is: in society or in me? These are two different things, although they are mixed and confused, and disturb people.
Money power manages the first question in this age and in the modern world. We can get and use money like others do, in State, enterprises, business, political parties, Courts, and so on. You can see the results in Argentina of the third millennium, and in the rest, without any solution, crisis in crescendo, each year worse than the precedent one. Money does not grant peace to society and men.
The second question –personal unhappiness– can be solved with detachment from trivial concerns and from desire for illusory riches, trying to be saved on the Way of Renunciation. No other possibility. Misfortune is born of ignorance and confused thoughts. Not two problems, but one. Master Santiago says, “A man needs two breads: spiritual bread and material bread together”. We have to put things in the right place and to know ourselves and social needs. So we should have clear ideas and a clear mind, and even a transparent heart.

a. Social Question

We call social question the first of the above-mentioned conflicts –material relations among men. Robinson Crusoe was unaware of this situation when he lived alone; this social question came up with the presence of Friday, so things changed, but Robinson solved them quite well because his life was already organized; he could manage the island as a prolongation of himself. In the antiquity, public happiness was the spontaneous result of rulers living in harmony – Lao Tse, Confucius, Plato, Numa Pompilius, and others.
In Western civilization, significant political phenomena took place; they tried to correct society defects –French Revolution, Marxist Revolution in Russia, Mao Peasants’ Revolution, International Monetary Fund’s power, science-technology breakthroughs, and now, as a result of planetary convulsions, which make things other way round, Humanity is on the brink of disappearing in an unprecedented crisis.
Collective phenomena, irrespective of initial proposals, confronted pair of opposites and tried to smash adversaries, even with messages of peace. See the hard situation of the Gospel of Christian Love calling to forgiveness and reconciliation, and serial murders committed by Crusades, Inquisition and conquest in pre-Columbian America. Apologies are unhelpful; it is our behavior that has to change. Overwhelming human troubles cannot be solved by means of wars and revolutions, but by work and surrender. A man earns what he gives, not what he takes. We have to change, as a whole, obsolete economic doctrines ruling over the world. National debts never can be paid or collected; it is a satanic power leading to disaster. The United States want to invest 400 billion dollars in their new combat plane in order to activate statistically their economy; but millions of human beings will die. Humanity is one. Earth is one. Holy Masters are looking at us with compassion. The United States, doubtless a hegemonic power, create frightful karma by selfishness, dragging the world to furious whirlpools.

b. Liberation

There is only one spiritual liberation. Other freedoms, if and when they are achieved, are the result of inner individual freedom. Freedoms in press, business, civic rights, public opinion, and so on, are conceptual formalities hiding powerful groups dominating the weakest. Even most perfect freedoms are dependent upon interests of the whole; they are not full but relative. Legislators and rulers manifest exactly their aptitudes by means of an harmonious interaction of duties and rights, which enable us to live in harmony together. We cannot trespass certain limits because, otherwise, we deprive others of their own possessions. Nowhere you can get full social freedom. But man is predestined to most perfect spiritual freedom at the end of the Way.
Master Bovisio says as follows, after the Two Suns’ War, human evolution is divided into two ways, that is, Way of Knowledge (integrating all Sciences) and Way of Feeling (a dual Way, of separate spirit and matter), which lasts until today, prevailing an exclusive totalitarian materialism. No one knows how to act otherwise in this asymmetric materialism situation fighting against itself, and likely conditions for social peace are very few. Modern civilization is a sterile desert.
Teachings on Renunciation shine in the darkness, voices of Masters can be heard in the silence, and Maitreya’s Suin is gleaming. Liberation is born from the nothing of the individual being, when you have nothing and you can expect nothing from sepulchres. So you can hear the Redeemer’s voice, to study the Teachings, to enter temples in order to pray and ask for, irrespective of signs and attires. Authentic freedom begins when you are tied to nothing, by voluntary detachment or by rigorous life, which deprived us of what we considered valuable. Finally, death will snatch everything from us, in order to start again.

c. Spiritualized Materialism

According to the oldest tradition, “As above, so below. As below, so above. So that the miracle of Unity may be achieved”. Universe is One. Also God is One. In times of decadence, men destroyed the Unity, and kept two separate halves –on the one hand, an invisible, unknown and non-operative God, confined in Heaven, and on the other hand, tangible matter to control and use. In the final stage of this materialistic civilization, technical knowledge and money power have brought misfortune to Humanity, without freedoms, without happiness and without peace, wandering irrationally toward destruction.
We are in a critical transition; in these changing and expectant days, the Solar Initiate works and lays foundations of the New Age. Those who perceive the language of signs and archetypes, can understand how the wind is changing the direction, and material power has been told, “Not trespass! Get back! You were enabled to reach the top so that your goals could be fully achieved for the sake of the spirit of the Race. There is a synthesis of results –atomic power, space flights, instantaneous planetary communications, genetic engineering, new vegetal and animal species, full occupation of Earth. Henceforward, Get back, Get back and Get back”. It is time for the total synthesis –spiritualized materialism”.
Maitreya’s task began long ago, with forerunners announcing his coming and preparing predestined beings. Master Santiago’s Teachings are a fundamental spiritualization task in America. Potentially expanded in the past century, now, in the Aquarian millennium, this task came up all over the world as a lightening in the dark of the night. What you can learn about the new times, about the Solar Initiate, about disposition of those to come and about method and practice can be found in the Teachings and takes part in the Redeemer’s Work, by announcing him and opening the way to souls who long for the Message; these complete, free and accessible Teachings are, on a new dimension, in thousands of homes of all nations.
What is spiritualized materialism? Simply, to re-unite what is separate, by putting each thing on its hierarchical place, through direct, obvious and personal knowledge about dimensions of the reality, such as the Doctrine of Renunciation has expounded it. It is expected that the Solar Initiate will redeem men from ignorance, bringing into action inner centers of knowledge that are inactive now. Our reason cannot take us far beyond, in spite of sophisticated investigation teams. Now we need instruments of the spirit to accede immense unknown spaces expecting the new man. So as ancient Egyptian temples taught all human and divine sciences, bringing into action power centers of the students by means of training, surgery and magnetism, also Universities of Aquarius will teach all powers of perception and knowledge of the reality. The invisible world, only known after death, will be accessible to perfect beings in this very life.
Hundreds or thousands of years may pass to reach this ideal civilization; our present society gradually has to disappear until it totally forgets its evil powers. Man should become a child, in pilgrimage on the Way of Renunciation until the end. Stages of liberation are theoretically expounded by the Teachings with clear and simple concepts. Maitreya will make them potentially real in each being, bringing new vibrations already prepared through His Being. An Aura of the Solar Initiate’s love and wisdom covers Earth. Each man has to conquer freedom by individual efforts.