Number 60.- The Voice of Earth

I am the Earth. In certain peoples I am called Pacha Mama; in other ones, they call me Bumi. I am the Mother of all living beings, plants, animals and men. I am the source of life and when I stop nurturing, all die. Children are born of my entrails and I feed them every day until the end. I feed men for them to be strong and achieve their dreams. When I do not feed them they die, whether fulfilling or not their dreams. After their death, I keep their bones in dust and expect them for many years, until they come back and continue their way of living. Always I feed and offer them landscapes of my beautiful presence for their happiness and perfection of their ideals. I am the living Earth, from my incandescent center until the most distant radiations. Men are also Earth, my favorite sons, and I put in them my hope for my physical and spiritual realization. Also I want to be perfect and free. The destiny of men is my destiny and as they get rid definitively of the weigh of flesh, also I shall get rid of my burden of matter. I am Pacha Mama, I am Bumi, I am the spiritual mother palpitating in the center of the Planet. Men are my Sons and I am the Mother.

I am the Earth and you, man, are my son. My father is the Sun, the Lord Michael, who lives in the core of the stars, sustaining and feeding with his huge forces the entire system. The other planets are my brothers; some of them have died and left their specters rotating; other still are not visible, but shall be seen in due time. Look up, man, and on starry nights you shall see the reflection of your distant relatives.

I speak with human words because also you are Earth, so as I am human, but I have my own voice and speak in my way and never stop. You hear me in the sea when waves burst as foam against the cost, sometimes with softness, rhythm and grace, other times with frightful rage roaring on whirling hurricanes thrown over islands and continents, crushing everything, cities, forests, ships and bridges, men and animals. You can hear me in the song of birds, in the call of beasts assembled on large plains, in brooks jumping and falling from the mountains, in drops of rain sounding on the roof of your house, in the whistle of the wind among casuarinas in the Pampa. You can hear the voice of the silence in certain special, unique places: in dunes of the sandy desert, in peaks of mountains that the boldest birds cannot attain, in the shadows of the thick and quiet tropical jungle, in the depth of stone caverns. When you are in silence you shall begin to hear your own bodily voice: beats of the heart, the blood humming and running inside you and, if you pay attention, the Mother's voice talking quite softly to your soul.

Also I express myself through forms, colors and movement. On the sky you shall se clouds ever transformed into a permanent parade of personages and suggestions. On gardens, through the patient switch of seasons, you shall see millions of colors on all imaginable flowers and you shall smell a combination of the most glamorous scents. Likewise I communicate through motionless forms of stones, frozen ice floes, dreadful roar of volcanoes erupting, mountains loudly collapsing by earthquakes, and sparkling thunderbolts by storms on the sky.

On me everything is communication, exchange, transmutation of forms and substances on a continuous becoming. You, man, are a part of that becoming, the privileged expression of my way of being. You should understand one another to attain the perfection that calls us. I am you; you are me. Present differences making us suffer are vicissitudes of the work in moments of crisis when one stage leaves room to the stage coming behind. The change of Eras –so many times mentioned in the Teachings– refers to the entire terrestrial system; continents, seas, both animal and vegetal species, civilizations, body, psyche, ideas and consciousness undergo a renewal. The soul experiences changes. Also I, the Earth, undergo a renewal. God remains still. Transformations are integral and do not leave any trail of the past behind: what refuses renewal shall perish and will be returned to the elementary deposit. So that this transmutation takes place the planet –and everything contained in it, things, ideas, effects, memories– should remain submerged in the magnetic substance that vibrates with a new purpose in the planetary aura of the Great Solar Initiate, Maitreya. Even the tinniest earthly particle begins to resound in tune with the vibration of the Great Being.

I am the Earth, and my harmonious or frightful movements are expressions of my happiness and sufferings. Like you, man, I express myself with my own language, like you do with your own language. I do not compose poetry; I am poetry. I do not write tragedies; I am tragedy. I do not compose symphonies; the music of my storms is analogous to the Beethoven's Sixth Symphony. Anywhere in the world, my lilies –white, violet and yellow– are as beautiful as those painted by Van Gogh. And my mountains are as harmonious and imposing as the Cathedral of Chartres and the Taj Mahal in Agra. So, why are you so distant and look one another as if we were enemies? Apparently I harm you and you harm me, you attack me. You could live in harmony as in other times, when the civilization was wiser, ceremonies of sacred love were held, young people would unite to fulfill their dreams and create life, old people would pass away within the family, animals were not killed, forests were not burnt, and life was not hated. I, the Earth, suffer like you, man, because we have broken the harmony. We live two separate things when we are only one reality created by God.

You detached yourself from Me –the Earth– that I am your Mother, and you detached yourself from God that is the Father. You became a self-contained being to conquer the matter by using the reason, and attained wonderful achievements: through the atomic bomb you have made burst little and fleeting stars; through the discovery of the genetic secret you have created new living creatures; through technical marvels you have attained the outer space. But now, civilization is in death agony, and those conquests are the worst destructive threat. If it goes forward one more step, gets lost in madness and self-annihilation, such as it occurs right now. The most powerful leaders went mad and peoples writhe in misunderstanding and despair.

We are separate. Until now men could use what they wanted by taking out of my treasures all that they could, even to meet banal desires or attack one another with no motives. I, the Earth, produce everything that Humanity needs, food, clothes, transportation, housing, temples and palaces, factories and schools, ways, everything. And other riches still unknown to men, and that they shall use in the future. But we are now at the crossroads of change, and old desires are not tolerable. As men have painfully realized, I revealed myself and I am expressing myself with my own language. I do not write down ecological treaties; I am the terror of Katrina sinking New Orleans under the waters of the gulf. I do not preach sermons in Mosques; I throw down mountains in Kashmir and leave millions in the open and exposed to the elements in winter. I do not trace sanitation planes; I spread lethal epidemics over the surface of the globe. I do not know what means the world compassion; wheels of my repairing actions are brought into action and shall not stop their switch until constructive programs of the Maitreya's universe are working in every corner of this punished Planet.

I am the Earth and you are the man. We are talking one another as if we were distant beings in the form and space. In fact, it is a monologue because beyond objectivity and appearances, we are only one being, you in my being and me in your mind. Gradually, as the Lord Maitreya's vibration sets every one of your atoms in motion, you shall understand the Universal Renunciation Message and begin to feel the new life, and we shall come to share each other's feeling. Your expanded consciousness shall break barriers of personal selfishness, which separate from everybody and everything and also from Me.

I am a living being and you that, inhabiting me, live in me are the testimony. I am intelligent and throughout times I have perfected the living species, from the protein in the beginning of life to great modern sages. I am a spiritual being that inhabits this huge spherical body rotating on the space to nurture the human race, ideas, dreams, poetry, music and the super-consciousness of mystics. I am your wet-nurse and through powerful actions I teach you how to renounce, with love and with pain, because Renunciation is the law of the Universe.

But you and all men can learn how to live the Renunciation not passing necessarily through painful experiences imposed by my nature. By detachment, by leaving aside eagerness for possessions, by moving away from instinctive passions, by fraternally approaching to the most needy and by studying the Masters' Teachings, men can live in harmony with me, not necessarily waging a battle that you have lost beforehand. Man: renounce, harmoniously follow changes and cycles of Nature, and not stop you in front of lethal storms. This is the time of destruction, flee toward your inner refuge and teach survival rules to your sons: silence, patience and routine. The night just begins, and long time has to pass until you can be able to see the solar Maitreya's dawn.

José González Muñoz
November 5 th , 2005.