Number 61.- Steps of a Pilgrim

In the wonderful book “ Stories of a Russian Pilgrim ”, the story-writer says he had lost everything, wife, his little son, his house and an arm, so he was unable to work. “For God's grace I am Christian and a poor peasant. In my purse I carry a piece of bread, the Bible and nothing else.” He would travel through ways of the Holy Russia in quest of someone else to learn how to practice the Jesus' prayer, since he had heard a sermon where Saint Paul recommended it was necessary ceaselessly to pray.

Like the Russian pilgrim, also I have lost everything and for God's grace I am poor, excommunicated from my home, the Community of the Ordained, because in due time I rebelled against those despots that have ruled over it after the Founder's death. I have neither holy places to visit, nor good health nor wishes to do. Those sites I visited in my youth now are ruins covered by weeds and traces of fires. When a place stops receiving the Great Current's blessing it becomes detritus, a place occupied by elementals, bugs and demons. In the same way as my brother the Russian pilgrim traveled through Russian fields with his Bible, so I am walking within with Master Santiago' ideas.

In Spain, the galaxy is called “ The Santiago's Way ”. In Argentina we call it “ Milky Way ”, the way of milk. Elsewhere they name it “ Via Lucis ”, the way of light. In the Southern hemisphere it is particularly shining during Moonless nights in areas that are free of clouds and pollution. The Children's Village , where I live, is more than two thousand meters over the sea level, at the foot of the Cerro del Plata and snowy mountains of the Andes range compete with the Milky Way as to whiteness.

In Middle Ages, the Santiago's Way was the route of pilgrims that from the center of Europe would join to caravans and visited the Apostle Santiago (James) relics deposited in Compostela, which means Field of the Star. In the North of Spain, the word “star” appears in many cities and towns and, according to certain researchers, the place of these cities depicts the map of the main stars in the Milky Way .

The spiritual pilgrimage was as significant for religions as temples, scriptures, rituals and priests, and has ever been practiced everywhere. These religious pilgrimages are a need for the souls and geography of the Planet and unite with magnetic forces the energetic chakras of the Earth, so as thin shining strings unite ganglia in our boy by transmitting energy and keeping the inner harmony in the individual being. In spite of doctrinal differences, those pilgrimages would establish subtle relationships between men and Earth.

Those pilgrimages are not practiced any more; in most cases they became “spiritual tours”, a lucrative business. As one visits the Santiago de Compostela's cathedral and many churches in Europe we can see posters with this legend: “Put here a coin and the altar shall be illuminated for 90 seconds.” Travel companies arrange “tours” through routes of the Nile, Greece and Italy, Inca and Maya ruins, the Ganges and many “holy cities”. Annually a visit to the Mecca, the Saint Peter's Piazza or the Wailing Wall is an attraction of millions.

Where are those holy places on Earth, now that the geographic harmony is broken and energetic currents in the Planet are squirming with furious whirlpools? Does the Tibet's magnetism remain active with hundreds of uninhabited monasteries, asphalted highways, five star hotels and noisy planes, a vicious and decadent international tour in vogue? Did mystical survival centers are hidden, or simply have disappeared? Kahor collapsed long time ago. Shangri-La never existed. Hoggart is a stone desert with paintings from a time that has passed by. The uninhabited Lanin caverns remain quiet. Where are Third Millennium's mystics? Barefoot Carmelites walk by the streets among boisterous multitudes. Tourists are loitering by temples full of treasures and empty; filming and taking photos, they neither pray nor meditate.

What are those steps of the pilgrim? You cannot hear the warning bell in the silence of the night. But many pilgrims like us are restlessly walking and walking, and in this Reflection I want to explain where we are, what paths we are treading on and what our steps are.

Long time ago, in the beginning of the Roman Empire, some few years before Christ, Rome writhed in a turning point since pirates of the sea have taken possession of the Mediterranean and business was paralyzed. Rome had not wheat and communications with Egypt were broken. Pompey, who was in the East, organized a quite dangerous help expedition by carrying all those ships loaded with wheat he was able to obtain. They counseled him not to do so since his attempt would mean death. So he uttered his famous sentence still remembered: “It is not necessary to live; it is necessary to sail.” So he saved Rome.

Now the times have changed. In those days pirates would plunder the seas, Teutonic hordes invade Gallia and Spain, and Parts fight in Mesopotamia. Rome had no peace; it was in civil war. Now North-Americans have destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, Atlantic hurricanes are breaking Caribbean towns to pieces, Islamic fundamentalists terrify European nations; other frightful calamities prevent people from sleeping in so many places of the Planet. It is necessary to sail. It is necessary to walk. It is necessary to make pilgrimages. There is neither a safe place to live nor any Mecca offering rest to the traveler. Santiago de Compostela is a fit place only to photographs of entertained tourists. Pilgrims go on to walk silently and none sees them because the Way is transfigured.

Ideas are on the move in the New Maitreya's Era and things apparently stable, millenary conceptions, the Last Judgment, the Church, sidereal mechanics, Aristotle's logic, the cause-effect principle and all conventional –physical and conceptual– sites on Earth are convulsively trembling. The organic structure of the human being –built with reliable and resistant bones, muscles and nerves in the causal genome of genetic engineers– became an ellipsoid of alternative energies with shining colors continuously exchanging their electric forces and interlinking their waves with other waves that are more distant, likewise luminous and active.

The Aquarian pilgrim's quests are inner; routes to holy places on the surface of Earth do not exist any more. Cafh has ended and those meetings practiced by the souls became detritus, with no blessings. The pilgrim's steps are Master Santiago's ideas, the new mystical traveling through soul paths with the Teaching in the hands like burning lamps illuminating unknown corners. In the collection of 777 Teachings that have been written you can find the Pilgrim's steps to walk always, from timid creeping of the beginner until the bold ascent of sages to the white peaks of the astral light. The Teachings are the Renunciation way through which we the pilgrims of the new world travel through the real energetic paths from the sacrum in the base of the spine to the coronary gates that are open to highest dimensions of the reality.

Pilgrim: you need not to start your walk from the door of your house; no way passes in front of the threshold; neither goals nor holy places are expecting you anywhere; neither any intermediary can offer you a paradise, nor fanatics can scare you with everlasting nitric fires. The old static, mechanic and totalitarian world is over. Behind the closed door the rage of destruction is roaring: it is the rebellious Earth shaking its ends to get rid of wastes that men have left.

Aquarian pilgrims: let us travel though the inner path along with the steps of the Teachings. The whole collection has been deposited for the fittest universal instrument to attain our hands. Those written pages and ideas are ours. This collection is the safest guide for our company. Let's not look for intermediaries. Let's be ourselves the Master and the Divine Mother. The Teachings have been designed by Astral Masters by explaining the Aryan Race's Revelation received and copied by Santiago Bovisio. For many years these Teachings remained in the dark and silent, waiting for the due time of Aquarius. Now, with the living presence of Maitreya, they have broken their prisons and expanded throughout the world until the remotest island in the Pacific.

Millions of pilgrims like us shall travel through new paths. As the esoteric tradition tells, if every one of these pages contains seven interpretations, possible combinations are infinite and every one of us, whatever be our untransferable history, shall find the secret of our destiny, the Spiritual Name known to God, which shall be revealed the day of the meeting.

Today, the pilgrimage ways have no goals anywhere; they are ways that reveal identity by walking. They go within and we can travel through them only in solitude.

Reader: the Teachings have arrived, not to inform us, increase our knowledge or learn how to meditate. They are ever ours for our self-recognition. Our pilgrim's steps are intimate and secret and unveil spiritual landscapes designed from the beginning of the times.

José González Muñoz
November 15 th , 2005.