Number 62 .– Ethics of Good and Evil

Until today only one Ethics of good was admitted: God is highest good, highest truth, highest justice and highest beauty; all together is God. After four thousand years of monotheistic obscurantism transmitted by religions sustaining the Western civilization (God on Heaven and matter on Earth) the conception about the world became static and motionless with an eternal Paradise and likewise an eternal Hell. Each religion pleads for a personal God, a Paradise rewarding those who are faithful and punishing those who are enemies. As the result of this policy consisting in dividing God in isolated pieces, Humanity is separate in irreconcilable sectors with wars that are destroying nations. Bush proclaims that the American establishment is the best and launches F-16 and Abraham armored vehicles against the “Axis of evil”. Muslims that since the First World War are invaded by foreigners love their fatherland as we love our fatherland, and they fight to the death against NATO's aggressors, not considering themselves terrorists by martyrs that are gaining the Paradise. In previous wars Napoleon was called the antichrist by the monarchist, Hitler was the demon among the allied and Communism was the devil for Reagan and the Pope. Through the ages the enemy is the evil, and personal possessions, power, person or money is the good. Things shall go on this way until this civilization with pair of opposites disappears, as it occurs now.

During the “War of the Two Suns” between the Ammon's polytheistic priesthood and Pharaoh Akhnaton's monotheistic priesthood, about 1350 years before Christ in Egypt, Monotheism won by Moses' work with its concept of the chosen people and an excluding personal God, Jehovah. Christendom and Islam, domineering imperialistic religions in the world until our days have sprung up from that aggressive political philosophy. These religions belonging to the Teutonic Sub-Race, which destroyed the last Atlanteans in the Five Thousand Years' War, even annihilated in historic times remains of that civilization, which were faithfully preserved in Ammon's temples. Polytheistic Ammon's temples were not devotional but scientific laboratories to transmute energies and knowledge; they would know, experience and teach laws of psyche and practiced alchemical transmutation of elements. In the Teaching Number 5, “ History of Esoteric Orders ” a part of that wisdom is indicated. Mummification art, alternative medicine, architectonic monuments and pure mathematics are fragments of that millenary wisdom. Master Santiago, who in those days had been Highest Priest in Ammon's Temple, would keep many memories and powers during his incarnation in the twentieth century –reports sometimes shared with his pupils by means of the Teachings. A proof of these experiences can be read in “ Inner Life of Earth ”, third Teaching of the Course “ The Becoming” , which is an astral journey that he made alone in times of the Second World War.

Along with the end of the dualistic civilization in the Third Millennium and the beginning of the American sign, we enter a new way of living that is entirely different from that that we know: a new Savior, righter laws, a refined and clean planet, other mind and an harmonious demeanor in front of the reality, Ethic of good and evil –understanding, egoential , alternative and reversible, without violence.

This form of being cannot be consolidated on present conditions of the world built upon static dogmas. The human machine –imagined by humanists of the Renaissance and even before in the classic Greek thought with the Artistotle's logic– is of no use to develop a harmonious behavior. In the Western establishment there is room only for good or evil as antagonistic forces in fight. It does not imagine an Ethics of good and evil transmuting one another by reversibility. It is an absurdity to think about an Ethic of evil, unless we go to the Hell (a monotheistic invention) and discuss about philosophy with the devil (other evil invention). In static – European and Western– conceptions about the Universe, which so far sciences are sustaining, come what may (Galileo, Pascal, Newton, Pasteur, et cetera) the alterability is impossible because annuls the identity principle that is the foundation of reasoning. But the new energetic science of quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle that started in the beginning of the twentieth century have broken traditional canons. Einstein, a classic of the rigorous monotheism, protested: “God does not play dice”. But he is playing since the beginning!, unruly thinkers reply. Nietzsche, a forerunner in Aquarian times, would state: “I do not believe in any God that is unaware of dance”. Shiva, the creative principle with many arms that build and destroy is dancing. Read the Bhagavad Gita to hear Krishna, an incarnation of Shiva that exhorts in the battlefield Arjuna –who refused to kill his opposite relatives– to wage fight with courage and to honor his name. Is Krishna a God or a demon, is defending the good or the evil? The God would practice an ethics of good and evil, that is to say, Reversibility, like all Gods, because life and Ethics promoted by him is changing, evolutionary and transforming: energy in motion.

All physical, emotional and spiritual things around us are reversible and self-reflected to go out of their formal isolation, and become alternative opposites, rather, are both things at the same time. The right hand of my body is left hand on the mirror reflecting me. The white color of ceremonial cloaks is black on the astral plane. The day becomes dark night in some few hours and if we want to live in harmony and peace we need an Ethics of Reversibility, a glove that can be inverted and worn by the other hand, an inner form allowing me walking by day with full light and by night in the dark. To use this gift I need my soul ever detached, like spontaneity in children, because if adhere to something, whatever be, my soul won't have freedom to go where I need. Ethics of good and evil is a gift of Renunciation because on this phenomenal world things revert continuously on their analogous opposites in a dance of the creation that Shiva dances quite well. The most advanced physicists speak about this dance of particles and Fritjhof Capra, in his “ Tao of Physics ”, appeals to mystique to explain what reason is unable to explain. The dance of whirling dervishes is an expression of the new Ethics.

But what good and evil are to have so powerfully petrified religions and laws that for millennia have brought about countless suffering and deviation? The table of human, ethical, affective, religious and other changes remains steady in its respective positions and the logical rigor refuses any change. But daily phenomena are changing, like the Heraclitus' river, and those who are responsible look in perplexity at a reality with multiple and instantaneous transformations. Both motionless good and evil persist as mental forms, concepts, axioms and compulsory dogmas of public powers to check changes. Is death evil or good for a terminal patient on the deathbed? Is good or bad to be born in the handicapped person's case? There are many examples and the society is divided, even under political manipulation: abortion, homosexuality, celibacy in priests, drug-addiction, torture, International Monetary Fund, nuclear energy, terrorism, organ transplantation, et cetera. Where is the good and where is the evil? Everywhere and nowhere; they exchange constantly their roles. Men do not find an answer to their queries, and won't find it in the old world with petrified dogmas.

Only he who renounces can find solutions to the problem of justice and seek within his necessary peace. Humanity is bound to wait for centuries and centuries and organize an Ethics of good and evil, when all old men are dead and those who now are children have transformed with Renunciation the psychic nature, that is, mystique of holocaust.

In every human –social, religious, economic, family and even spiritual– activity we should attain an Ethics that conciliates the opposites. In order to attain such goal it is necessary to set aside dogmatic –especially religious and political– bunkers that bring about fanaticisms. Bush preaches the Christian moral and kills. Ben Laden shouts “Allah is great” and kills. Ariel Sharon weeps on the Wailing Wall and kills. After thousands years with hatred it is hard for these men to learn how to renounce spontaneously although the civilization is collapsing over itself like the Twin Towers in New York. Humanity is one but disunited in pieces that cannot join together. An Ethics of good and evil, that is to say, that considers the individual as a whole such as he is: alternative, different, changing, good and bad, shall transform the social demeanor. Renunciation is the foundation of the renewed man, but not now but in the future. Now the initiative is in the hands of the righteous karma and Nature does its work pitilessly. Laws of life shall return to the normality, with a new landscape, perhaps other animal species, other geography and, why not?, a different, more sensible and free man that knows how to unite what is separate by practicing a transforming Ethics of good and evil.

In order to widen and enrich ideas here expressed we recommend reading Reflection number 49 , September 2004, where we transcribed certain Teachings outside the Master Santiago's Canon, which were given on February 21 st , 1951, during a Retirement: “ Integral Perfection ”. There it is a communication he received from Maitreya about his mission on this new apparition: “ The other time I wished to take over me the pain of men, I understood what was in the hearts of men and wanted to take them on me and lift them to perfection, but I did not succeed. Now I wish to return, but not to understand the man in his evils but to penetrate into him and practice, feel and realize his evils and blessings. Being bad, cruel, suffering pain; so I'll take on me the saint and the sinner to lift the man from there to his perfection”.


José González Muñoz
November 20 th , 2005