Number 63.- Spiritual Masters

People call Jesus the Master because he would teach how to live. His most outstanding virtue was his personal, direct Masterhood prevailing through ages. A scene so many times repeated through pictures and stories, when he preaches to the people on the mountain, or in a barge anchored on the lake, or on a public place writing mysterious signs with a finger on the sand, while beside him a woman to the point of being lapidated was anxiously expecting. “He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”, he said, and the power of this Teaching has exactly attained our days. Teachings of the Masters are permanent, whether obeyed or not, and the benefit of their fulfillment remains in the consciousness of the man who receives them. Therefore is mainly important to contact those who may help solving problems and being in peace. Masters are friends ever wanting to help us, but we do not know how to be friends of them, we are not aware of communication means between matter and spirit, we do not understand their gesture and we waste our time amid incompetent efforts. This Reflection wants to point out some routes to come in and see gates and passageways communicating different dimensions, and to persuade the reader that friendship with the Masters can be daily and reciprocal if and when one learns certain keys of good will and practices them with affection.

It is a Master he who teaches. It is a prototype the school teacher who teaches children how to read and write. Those who teach professions are called professors or, according to their discipline exercised, engineer, doctor, and so on. Also teachers are called those who are highly outstanding for their ability in certain activity: music, chess, sports, painting, and so on. In this Reflection we are naming those astral beings that for their purity have attained that liberty enjoyed by them in Heaven, which is free of ties and concerns, and by the intense love they feel for men they want to help in every tough situation; they are those Spiritual Masters that from the hereafter are watching us with understanding.

They are not Angels or Seraphim, eternal emanations of God who keep the universal order. They are those mortal men who have lived among us with the same troubles all of us have and, by efforts made in their lifetimes, at death got rid from memories, attachments, concerns and reincarnation will. If they return it is because they want to do a work and help more nearly; they are great and little Initiates of several categories without which progression in the Way of Perfection becomes impossible. To have near to us a Great Initiate as a guide and friend in our lifetime is the greatest occurrence such as the author of these Reflections, Santiago Bovisio's direct disciple, bears witness. If this privileged relationship did not take place, all the best that an ordinary mortal can do in this lifetime is to start a direct, personal, inner and sincere contact with a Spiritual Master.

Heavenly Masters are countless, and you should not believe they are solemn figures appearing on altars or street hermitages through rural ways with candles, water bottles and red flags. We do not refer either to statues attracting everywhere in the world to masses longing for miracles to heal ills, improve the economic situation or retrieve a lost love.

No; here we are referring to that personal, faithful and wise Guide whom you can find only intimately, in the soul secret, to that friend who never shall forsake you and always shall say the truth however cruel it is. He shall not be necessarily a significant personage, Saint Francis of Sales, or Saint John of the Cross. If the communication is established, he may be certain relative whom you met when he was alive and that now is returning to helping you: mother, grandfather, an old primary school teacher or any unfamiliar being. Fundamentally the vehicle is certain magnetic sympathy, the same radiating wave joining together souls, and humility and honesty in the quest. Speculations remain automatically outside.

And how shall we start this dialogue? First one has to admit that these communications are between different dimensions with opposite mechanisms: physical world is material and extended through space and time; the reasoning mind is conceptual and communicates by means of conventional signs and different languages. The astral world is energetic, radiating and dynamic; communications are mental, soundless, symbolic, archetypal and intuitive. Those who recall their dreams have experience in this way of living. Astral Masters are mind and affections; we also do, but they are even physical and destined to death. So we use instruments that are common in both species to communicate with the Master: the spirit.

A friendly communication with the Heavenly Master is simple and therefore quite hard to achieve: it demands certain indispensable conditions and, among other ones, we should live with simplicity. But modern times are agitated and turbulent; work in cities implies to be nervously in the move to and fro, and undergo the uproar of buses, TV sets, collective mass meetings and calamities of any type.

Nothing can be better to communicate with the Masters than meditations such as they have been pointed out in Courses XX, “ Exercises and Meditation Examples ”, XXI, “ Commentaries on Meditation ”, and XXII, “ Meditation Methods ”. This first stage of inner activity is made in certain detached place and at fixed hours, particularly in the morning, before leaving home and go to work. It is completed by a final act by the night in the same place, by summing up results attained, as if the day had been a long operative meditation. Once you have acquired certain regularity in your exercises, your dialogue starts by itself any time and place of the day, in the subway, at work, by the street, by talking silently to the Guide, commenting and asking questions about every –personal or not– event, and wishing an answer. For instance: if one's day has been tough and bored, with rudeness, aggressiveness and disrespect, internally we ask about the usefulness of these experiences, how to stand them, what can we learn, and other interesting questions. By a continuous practice of questioning and waiting, silence becomes an answer that our individual being understands perfectly. Gradually, the spiritual dialogue extends to any time and place, even in noisiest Buenos Aires avenues; certain reversibility takes place: the street becomes silent like in a silent film, and the Master speaks.

It is not important to identify the Guide by a familiar name or figure; Heavenly Masters are quite similar among them and continuously exchange roles and forms, for they take part in an immortal Mystical Body, which the Catholic Church calls Communion of the Saints. To revere one in particular, Saint Catherine of Siena, Dom Bosco, Saint Therese of Lisieux, or anyone of especial devotion, is to contact all of them. In Heaven, unlike any event on Earth, there is peace, fraternity, communion and love. This is why it is quite necessary to contact Them to calm down souls in despair. Sages have portended that Maitreya's mission shall be the spiritualization of matter, a fundamental synthesis of the New Age. Nothing could be better to make this possible than to start now with our own responsibilities by attracting a part of heavenly peace to our lives by means of a permanent dialogue with the Holy Masters. They have no other communication way than those souls offering themselves as vehicles of peace. Those men and women, of any social and religious stage, offering themselves as abodes of the Word, are called Consecrated Souls, and the Power of the Great Current is entrusted to them if and when they fulfill faithfully the mission.

Also for a friendly dialogue with the Holy Masters, which is an initiative up to each individual as a gift of the spirit and a need of the time, men have in their hands the Teachings describing and explaining laws of the Universe, the human condition and spiritual characteristic of the New Age. To study the Teachings is to contact the divine operative plan that has been brought in motion and that so much anguish produces in states: grand transformations in the structure of Earth, elimination by obsolescence of the world population surplus, new life conditions, new ideas, and new human conformation. Knowledge of the Teachings is the platform to meet the Masters because establishes a program of common ideas and concerns. If a businessman is quite interested in money, hardly he can talk to the Guide that is not interested in money. If a fan wastes hours and hours watching football matches, he cannot converse with those who do not care of sports. In order to talk to the Holy Masters and be friend of them one should have common goals, the same ideas and a project shared. The explanation of the Masters' plan is in the Teachings, which are everywhere in the world and in various languages. Nothing could be easier than that. What is certainly difficult is to Renounce and leave behind the happy monkey of every day that enjoys television or the good for nothing that becomes embittered at work.

Dear reader: First, once a day let us stop our minds and remain motionless, and amid this huge silence that is widening more and more the soul until filling up our consciousness, let us ask our most important question and wait. The Master will answer.

José González Muñoz
November 20 th , 2005