Number 64.- Full Moon Messages

The never printed collection of Master Santiago Bovisio's Teachings, published for the first time –a true First Digital Edition– contains 47 titles of Books or Courses with the most varied subjects and disciplines, from esoteric Universal History to Philosophy and Spiritual Exercises which, at a time, contain 777 chapters, regularly released through 16 titles by Course.

An attentive reader can see different writing styles since some few courses have been written by direct disciples in diverse occasions, always under the Master's sponsorship. Such courses never had author's signature or copyright since they were Cafh's wisdom where the Sons were formed and learned. These courses were, and at present are, lessons imparted by the Divine Mother to her Sons for their spiritual development. They are the indestructible body of the Renunciation Doctrine trusted to the Sons to be spread throughout Earth. They are prophetically announcing the appearance of the New Redeemer of Humanity and portend essential characteristics of the New Age, reveal changes taking place in men, and move to not so distant future harmonious conquests of the spirit along with matter. In one word, they are the spiritual legacy delivered by modern civilization to men of the third millennium to go on progressing by the Way of Liberty.

All these lessons are outstanding as to style and content. But certain Teachings shine with their own light, being different from others since they are not ordinary Teachings but have a specific character, including source, development time and supernatural gestation environment; in short, they are Full Moon Messages collected after the Founder's death in a Course with 16 Teachings for students' meditation. This particular case requires a wider explanation about Full Moon Messages, how they have been brought about and what their purpose was.

Our world is the Planetary System, detached and different from other sidereal systems populating and illuminating the sky in the night. The Planetary System finds in the Sun its center, source and conduction, which is the highest material-energetic-mental-spiritual entity of everything contained in the system. It is inhabited by the spiritual Entity Michael, attended by three other Seraphim representing fundamental powers in the Universe: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. In Eastern symbolism, they are called Kumaras, the four Regents, with Sanat Kumara at the head.

All traditions, under different names, recognize this universal government watching over the human species since the formation of planets, its mission in the service of life, and the conclusion at the end of the Seventh Root Race; this information, duly widened, can be found by the reader in Course XXXIX of the Canon: “ Planetary System ”.

Certain modern esoteric currents speak about the King of the World and the White Lodge, or about a holy place in the Himalayas –Shamballah– center of world power ruling over other human powers. So popular legend during the twentieth century gave rise to novels like “ Lost Horizons ” with their inaccessible Shangri-la in the Kuen Lun, to uncommon journeys later told by science fiction movies and the whole current of Salvationist sects. Including flying saucers enter the circuit of this secret, fearful, omnipotent power with unknown purposes for good or evil of Humanity, according to the storyteller. Here we deal with a matter that has nothing to do with those legends; we are mentioning them to warn against any confusion.

Such Full Moon Messages are spiritual communications got by Master Santiago during the second night in the May Full Moon Assembly of Cafh and handed over in his own handwriting to the Secretary Knight Master who would read out the manuscript. Later these Messages were communicated to the Sons, and everybody got these particular copies, no one being excepted. These handwritten copies still are kept by pious hands watching faithfully over them.

According to Cafh's testimony and tradition, what are such Full Moon Assemblies? These Four Regent Seraphim have as their mission to keep order in the Solar System in tune with the Divine Plan prepared from the beginning, including evolution of living species to the end. These intelligent beings work with no break and periodically bring about certain contact between Them and men. This event takes place in May Full Moon, being present there representatives of economic, political, religious, scientific, academic and artistic progressive forces of Humanity, through groups or individuals –known and secret, big and small forces of any kind. Dimension and power represented by them are not a condition for them to enter the Full Moon Assembly, but the spiritual quality of individuals that have been called does Ordinary people, who are not socially outstanding, can even openly enter it. The gate is narrow, like in Holy Scriptures. Surely many rich and famous personages from modern society cannot attend to.

This Assembly takes place at the astral dimension and in contact with certain earthly magnetic center, a chakra: Colorado Cannon, Lanin Vulcano, Monserrat Mountains in Spain, et cetera, since certain beings also take part with their physical bodies. Most attendants recall nothing after these Assemblies and in wakeful state are unaware of the journey they made. One needs first class clairvoyance to fully announce, attend and recall; Master Santiago had it, so we are happy to participate in such Assemblies through his Messages.

Some few years ago, one of these participants, a Hindu seer, has described such grand Assembly in general terms: At a wide amphitheater fully illuminated by astral lights, perhaps on Kilimanjaro's summit, or on certain snowy Himalayan vale thousands beings of all races and places in the world were spread in circles around a high throne. In this throne, a visible and smiling Regent, Sanat Kumara, in the appearance of a youth at age 16, would pour his blessings over the multitude. Other Regents, in the same appearance, would attend him during his holy ministry by giving energy to Humanity. Each assistant got a special Message for himself and for his group represented, in order to come back to the task with recovered energy.

Master Santiago would attend to the Assembly in conscious state and would recall events on the following morning; at once he would write the Lord's Message for Cafh's Sons and for the work to achieve during the year. With some few lines such Message instructed about a behavior that both the Order and each Son in particular should individually carry out in himself and in relation to society. It was an extraordinary life program of spiritual development arranged by Holy Masters and a quite great certainty to work in the right direction: a blessing.

The first Message is from 1947, year of Cafh's Regulation, when both the mission of the Work and duties of its participants have been steadily established, which has ended some years later, in 1962, through the wonderful communication, “ The Expansion ”, where the Master Founder exhorts the responsible to carry the Renunciation Message throughout the Universe. It was his spiritual testament; some few weeks later he died and left this first part of the Great Work finished.

Eighty years have passed since those days when the Master started his work in America and almost sixty since the time when he spoke: “in the name of the Holy Masters”; these are initial words of the Message: “ Adoration of Love ”, in 1947. Those Holy Masters have ever spoken, and Master Santiago would convey the Divine Plan's program to his disciples and through them to Humanity, exactly as he got it, year by year, until his death.

Readers and friends: Let us return to the source, let us be children again, let us begin to believe once again, let us be humble and honest foreigners in the world among men, and let us take the first steps, and let us learn the first Teaching, Hinochosa, again: “New ideas and works are prepared for the world. If the race of the Christian sign –Pisces– develops high collective states and big mass movements and organizations, the sixth sub-race shall develop egoentia of being in certain special way”.

These are 16 Full Moon Messages, 16 years living beside the Master, 16 suggestions to progress by the Renunciation Way and finally attain the great gate open with the last proposal: “Mother's Sons, make Cafh to expand throughout Earth, throughout the Universe!

Such exhortation remains in force as the day when it has been uttered, because this expansion shall never end: it shall grow multiplied by new sons, transformed into new men, other continents, other futures, nations germinating and radiant civilizations. Renunciation is law of the Universe in permanent expansion.

Let us start from the beginning our first steps under the Master Founder's guide and along with those fellows who went ahead in the way illuminating the route of the new American civilization.


José González Muñoz
January 1 st , 1006