NUMBER 65.- Be Foreigners

In 1948, Santiago Bovisio transmitted an unrepeatable Holy Masters' work, a wonderful, touching poetry as we read it, a program of direct, wise and spiritual action that today, fifty years later, contains effectiveness and present importance: the Full Moon Message, “ Be Foreigners ”. Let us read it again.

“Be souls!

“Live in the world as if you were not of the world.

“Be foreigners! Language of men is not your language, neither your likes and aspirations are yours; even your thought forms are not yours.

“Be quiet! Your word is not of this world. Wrap up your aura with the Great Silence. “Be like meteors that, as they cross the sky, leave their luminosity behind and no one can know where from they are coming or what their destination is.

“Be souls, plain and simple souls living in a different world from that of nowadays, a world that is nothing but an abyss with frenetic and destructive movement.”

Here the Master poses a problem about an analogical contradiction that is hard to solve because how can we be foreigners in the world if even astronauts living in the Alfa Space Station –which is far away– cannot be foreigners because they are dependent on magnetic and electronic links, information and programs that are sent from Earth? In a nation we can be foreigners in relation to other nation that is not ours, but to be foreigners in the world that contains all we need offers an equation with an unknown factor that is difficult to solve.

Man lives partially his time out of the world during the sleep by traveling and experiencing other dimensions of reality, and learning other forms of existence, but when he wakes up, forgets, and his experiences remain in the subconscious. The Teaching does not refer to experiences in multiplicity of worlds but to this visible and material world of every day; it does not speak about psychic experiments but about daily behavior, relationship of the individual being with society, and attachment produced in the soul by contact with other men; in short, about will of Renunciation in order to be.

If one wants to understand the Teaching announcing the new Era of Hidrochosa we have to lay aside a consequent linear reading and devote to study Master Santiago's Teachings as a whole, globally, in organic team, at the same time, because these Teachings are interlinked one another in analogical contradiction. Elsewhere we said that the Teachings, like every holy tradition, have seven interpretations and necessarily these seven interpretations should be active in our subconscious though they do not appear in wakeful state. These Teachings, 777 in the Canon, are ideas force acting harmoniously, like a high complex symphony. To understand a music work one is bound to listen to it resounding with every instrument and influencing potentially silent instruments.

To live Renunciation with the support of Master Santiago's Teachings one is bound to know all of them because every one of them, like instruments in a big orchestra, even from silence, contributes to educate the soul regarding the doctrine of Renunciation. How many times, when the following morning we wake up, ideas stored in the subconscious give us the solution to a problem. Being asleep, communications are brought about through symbols, through archetypal ideas solving our contradictory thoughts by means of analogies. The Doctrine of Renunciation solves problems of man in the modern world, and Teachings explaining it harmoniously are globally spread to be used by all. To this end, these Teachings have been designed by Sages in the hereafter, and Master Santiago left them written in modern language and protected them, and his disciples have spread them without any alteration throughout the world for free use of each man.

Now we have a new fatherland when ideas of the new world are widely released through and within the reach of whichever person, with no ideological discrimination, like this earth that we are treading on, this air that we breath in and this sun giving us light and heat. “Your name is a new name written on heaven; your fatherland is that of the spiritual temple, within the Assembly of Great Initiates”, according to the Teaching about which we are reflecting, and we understand how we can be foreigners in this world: being quiet, not identified, worldly depersonalized and detached from material possessions, by practicing Renunciation.

“One spark can set the world on fire”, according to the Initiates of Fire, and it is exactly what is happening. It is not a fire consuming old civilization structures, blazing everywhere, burning the good and the evil, innocent and guilty, children and old people, in the collective karma that does not make any difference because it is the universal law in force for the change. It is the flame illuminating predestined souls, wherever they are, in order to show them the Renunciation road and cause them to progress quickly to the future and prepare new forms of life, and be disciples of Lord Maitreya, who is already among men. These Teachings prepare the chosen to be disciples of the Savior, who shall teach them how to build the new civilization. Now, in possession of ideas contained in the Teachings –from unknown energetic laws moving and preserving life to redemption programs that the Solar Initiate shall put on the move– they shall be able to be foreigners by living in the world as if they were not of the world. Now they have a new fatherland at their disposal.

For a full understanding of the message contained by this Teaching we should consider those changing phenomena produced before our eyes, which constitute a unique, indivisible phenomenon, an analogical contradiction, in which all parts at stake are indispensable to continue a just and steady evolution. Construction and destruction are synchronic, opposite and analogical. On September 11 th , 2001, the New York Twin Towers were demolished, and history has changed. Previously, on January 1 st , 2001, a universal expansion in the Renunciation Message took place, and also History has changed. The light precedes chaos. Good and evil intermingled in Masters' hands for the liberation of Humanity. The Spirit precedes and is stronger than darkness. The light shall illuminate the world again.

It is extraordinary this Master Santiago's exhortation to be foreigners since it allows us to be detached from karma that condemns masses. Good and evil are near but intermingled; every one plays in his field of action, and the Teaching allows us to understand and choose, and offers us a new fatherland, a spiritual site so that we can work for the sake of good. We can and must help those men who are living in destruction, but only as foreigners, without personal concerns, without attachments, without passions. These Teachings have given us an illuminated fatherland; let us be the Flame's Sons, as so many times the Master called us from his Messages, so that with such torch we illuminate the world with the flame of the spirit.

Predestination of men starts before birth, through previous stages of soul descent from higher ethereal dimensions to the moment of conception, when the individual being penetrates into matter and follows laws of nature; his destination has been fixed: race, family, sex, place and other factors. He has forgotten the past and is unaware of his possibilities; he is intermingled with other similar beings. How to differentiate the new fatherland from the disordered world? How to find the identity?

The Teachings give keys to self-knowledge, offer a fan of ideas and images in which the soul can reflect itself and look at itself face to face for self-recognition, and penetrate into its own labyrinth of unknown factors and mysteries in order to know who is, which its immortal name is, which is the entrance and exit in such fascinating tunnel, its new country without boundaries or passports, the site to find friends in the Way.

So, according to Master Santiago's counsel, let us be friends and inhabit our soul. From such safe place we shall be able to wander freely and without fear throughout spaces of the world, doing good, with our hand outstretched in order to help the one that is fallen, with a loving word of consolation for the ones who are suffering, by carrying the liberation of the Teachings that are in us, men of the New Age.

But foreigners should not be alone; in cities, foreigners coming from distant fatherlands are looking for one another, they need mutual support. A current of sympathy is settled down among those who meet in strange lands and a communication is spontaneously established. May be anything better than a date with Master Santiago in order to find new fellows and friends speaking the same language, feeling common emotions, reciting prayers of Ceremonial, and calling the Divine Mother?

Dear reader: Master Santiago has written for his pupils, whom he called Mother's Sons. Now, as the Teachings are freely everywhere, he goes on to call Sons those who study them, since texts have not been touched, and remain such as he has written them. Let's us honor so high name and, from our condition of foreigners in this world, let us look for lonely beings in order to form a brotherhood of free men in the New Age.

José González Muñoz.
January 2006