Number 66.– The Renunciation Message

In 1957, the Master Founder produced a revolution in the work he was creating since his presence in America through the Full Moon Message, in which he would change round basic ideas he had brought with himself from Europe, the concept about isolation and secret ruling over Esoteric Orders of any type, including Cafh. One can check it in the Foundational Regulation and in Messages uttered until that year. The Message above commented, “ Be foreigners ”, is a model of life style for spiritual groups all over the world: the spiritual development of individuals is an inner, private, untransferable matter. For communications among souls there are Religions, with their collective temples, priests, rewards and punishments. The Renunciation Message is reversibility, and invites to a direct revolutionary action in souls. As the text is fundamental to understand the history after the Master's death, we copy it as a whole and later we shall reflect.

“The Message of Renunciation” – Number 11 th – Year 1957

Cafh's Sons: Look at the vale of the world where souls claim for their salvation and the answer they get are darkened beams of light, roars from profaned abysses, prophetic destruction voices, or voices of hope uttered by intermediaries!

Mother's Sons: Why do not you descend among men and teach them your experience about Renunciation?

Flame's Sons, carry your Message alive to the souls, your Renunciation Message. You can resurrect and live only by banishing the Possession Creed from the hearts of men.

Carry your Renunciation Message to the souls: as mystique, as creed, as science, as technique, as moral, as highest wisdom.

The Sponsored Sons should carry their Message of Renunciation of likes.

The Solitary Sons should carry their Message of Renunciation of possessions.

The Ordered Son should carry their Message of Renunciation of life.

Renunciation is law for the future world and you, Mother's Sons, are among forerunners living this Law to become the life style among men to come.

Shall be the Renunciation's Sons so observant of their Mission to prevent from the impending destruction to come before the era of Sakib?

Mother's Sons, carry your Renunciation Message to the souls, and pour from your Beings this Renunciation made light, understanding and life.

Spot with eagle eyes this future world, be heralds and experiment of this new age to come.

Cafh's Sons: Through your Renunciation elucidate clearly present values that are about to expire; may be granted to you, as a clairvoyant gift of experience, to glimpse and prepare that world where sages and saints shall be priests, lawgivers and guides of Humanity; where those who regulate and distribute economic currents of peoples shall be taken as their rulers; where producers shall be benefactors of Humanity, where intermediaries between God and man, teacher and pupil, producer and those in need shall disappear.

Carry your Renunciation Message to all human sectors, to all souls, with no differences, not becoming intermediaries by linking yourselves with all of them, along with all their problems and all their longings and anguishes.

Be students among students, workers among workers, paupers among paupers, efficient persons among those who are efficient. Renunciation shall cause everybody to see that only longing for possession, as mental image and emotional state, is what separates men into sectors and castes.

Teach how Renunciation is life.

Why to be subject to pain and death, which is the respective Renunciation Law, when Renunciation, by removing the possession of life, offers permanent participation in it?

Cafh's Sons: Carry your Renunciation Message to the souls, by participating in new ideas and diverse social philosophies in order to grasp what is good and real in every one of them; by participating in the new Religion of the Future, which today is fermenting in all spiritual movements of the world; teach them how all are Sons of the same Light.

Flame's Sons: Carry your Renunciation Message to all men with no differences, teach them how the good of peoples is not a result of wars and revolutions, but of expansive capacity, fruit of sacrifice, work, migrations and Renunciation of superfluous things.

Carry your Renunciation Message by living the life of all and participating in ideas of all. The first step to teach Renunciation is to get rid of oneself, of our own likes, of our own possessions, of our own life!

Guide the souls to that world with no hindrances; the need is urgent, this is the time.

Mother's Sons, Cafh's Sons: Carry your Renunciation Message to the anguished, expectant world!

This Message is overwhelming, unequivocal and affirmative, and does not admit interpretations about the text, though considerations can be added about their effects on Cafh's souls, since it was addressed explicitly to them. What happened later? Nothing! All remained as before, every one feels happy in possession of the Vow, certain honor title in such Group, Meetings, Retires, Teachings and wonderful Full Moon Messages every year.

The following Full Moon Messages repeat the claim of 1957, and many Teachings urge in this sense; the Order had reached maturity and should start giving: apprenticeship years had ended and it was necessary to begin the work for which they have been prepared. The Master carried on untiringly his apostolate preaching until his death. Cafh grew up, had many Tables and extended to other things; but gave nothing to Humanity; everything remained reserved only to Cafh's Sons. And when you give nothing, the Work dies; by 1948 Cafh had finished.

Years have passed by and Humanity continued imperturbably the life cycles. The Renunciation Message was forgotten and no one talked any longer about Maitreya or the New Era; growth, accumulated possessions, update and modernization were privileged. The world was prepared outside to bid farewell to the twentieth century with grand triumphal shows.

On the First Day of the Third Millennium, the Reversibility took place; gates that locked the Mission with steel chains were torn to pieces, and Master Santiago's Teachings traveled in a moment throughout the planet, were received by men, and stayed with them forever: an alliance between Holy Masters and new Humanity. The past stayed behind, wrapped by desperate shouts of the race that disappears: 11 th September New York; Iraq; Tsunami, Katrina, pandemic, global warming, et cetera.

Maitreya's Sun is light illuminating the coming times. When Saints establish a definite action programmed for the evolution of the human species, nothing and no one can prevent from its achievement, cost what it may. Successive Races and Sub-races take place mathematically according to History, though we are unable to guess. The passage from the Fifth Sub-race to the Sixth Sub-race has been foreseen far in advance by sages that studied astrologic cycles. This change we experience now has been portended by the Teachings written in detail since the beginning of the twentieth century; Master Santiago prepared other men to continue the mission after his death; handed over preserved copies of the original matrices; facilitated an immediate access to electronic means through fit languages to that end, protects without a break the Message as a whole and its expansion throughout nations; and is opening other channels for this expansion.

Master Santiago is not alone; Great Initiates of the Holy Order of Fire are with him, including those disciples who passed away and built a communication bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Gradually, encouraged by the release of the Teachings, working groups are being formed in many parts of America which, in an incipient way, work for the Mission again.

The Renunciation Message has its own irresistible strength and a special dynamic. It is reaching the world.

José González Muñoz
January 2006