Number 68.- No Fight

From my armchair, strategically placed at a corner in the hall, by the fire, I can see a parade of world events moving in multiple directions and at different rates.

First, behind the window to the West, I watch the big, quite high and close El Plata hill, with ever snowy white sides, watched over by other similar snowy and impressive peaks. At this landscape I see the eternity, permanence of well-built steady things, beauty of my Planet, immutable house, where I shall live and die always, many times, until I get rid of any wish to return.

Second, in the house, near and in front, it is the TV screen that, by satellite receiving, I can watch the whole day, where I attend to the show of the world, in actual time, instantly, when phenomena are going on at every corner of it. I see the ancient civilization degraded, social monuments deleted by shadows, desperate screams and disconsolate weeps, death of the present society.

Third, also in the hall, I have a PC on which I am writing day by day and that keeps in its memory Master Santiago's Teachings, his Biography, Comments and Reflections, which through visual media are silently released through all nations; they describe the coming time, forms to live in the Aquarian society, conquests of the spirit, and the new spirituality anticipating the future.

These three realities with different and opposite movements: the past stirring boisterously; the future blowing like a breeze and a permanent and protective scenery, do not fight one another, and are passing one beside the other not touching each other and looking for the destination that attracts them; it is the harmonious and terrible Shiva's dance. The challenge at this time is transition. I can witness equally the great game of the world with its colors and changes because I remain quietly seated in my armchair, not judging, not fighting, not being touched; I push the wind forward with my soul so that the Master's ideas may conquer their respective place in the future.

Long time ago, in a similar situation, the change of the Atlantean race to the Aryan Teutonic race was violent, as the Teaching “One Thousand Year War” reads. Therefore, civilization went back to the level of the cavern man, though the Atlanteans would possess a technology like the present one, with steel automatons, lethal rays and powerful explosives. Later, in registered historic times, the passage from Aries to Pisces is characterized by ideological wars still in existence; thousands of Christians were slaughtered in the Roman Empire and when the Church reached the power, the winners fought their enemies for the domination of the former, and betrayed the Jesus' Message. Today, at the end of the time granted, monotheistic peoples are ferociously fighting each other, devastating the great civilization that they have built.

It is irreversible the progress of the new spiritual culture announced; its ideas are nurturing the roots of Humanity, and they shall germinate, grow and bear fruits of good. Shall different life styles fight one another to overwhelm each other at the price of the annihilation of the weak, or shall they find other means to make the transfer with no violence, not including destruction? Shall the Shiva's Dance become a combat with death and sorrow, or shall continue the dance harmoniously? Master Bovisio asks, “Shall the Renunciation's Sons be so consistent with their mission to prevent from the impending destruction that will precede the Sakib's Era?”. Frenetic nations with their enormous nuclear arsenals have already replied to these questions and in the name of national security are destroying everything around, even their own citizens. With the same incomprehensible drives, those who do not have costly weapons, load their belts with explosives, commit self-immolation and kill. Karma is sealed in peoples that are walking in the straight direction toward their fatal outcome. Who can stop them?

Can one imagine a spiritual people growing everywhere interlinked only by magnetic relationships, with no material concerns, practicing the offering, working for the sake of working, and loving with no reward in return for it?. During the first years, the Master's work was formed in this way, displayed throughout America with intrinsic goods. A retirement in a Chilean Community was the same as a retirement in Colombia, Argentina or Brazil. The first test showed how an exclusively spiritual society was feasible. Now, with the Message's ideas expanded throughout the world, a new people, the City of God, is being gestated with no fights or combats, by love.

Successive Races and Sub-Races take place slowly throughout centuries, sometimes with violence, other times with calm tolerance, and in many cases with isolation, not being acquainted with one another. Europe ignored the existence of the last American Atlantean tribes until Columbus' journeys; Lemurian traditions remained detached in Easter Island (Rapa Nui) for millennia and left as a memory enigmatic gigantic statues. Today many traditions and remains of ancient undifferentiated –movable and restless– races co-exist by mutual inconsistent crossbreeding. What is the meaning of the Aryan Race in these days? Nothing consistent: irrational masses, money, unquenchable possession thirst, existential void, and absence of a law.

In this convulsive mass confusion, the Renunciation Doctrine spreads silently and occupies empty spaces where chaos cannot reach, in a new dimension of discreet life, as predestined souls, saved from the wreckage, are waking up. The Renunciation Message, carried by Internet Teachings, is equally planetary and occupies the whole cybernetic space in its specific radiation, where chaos from the world cannot reach. The Message cannot be opposed, first because this Renunciation does not fight; it just persuades, teaches and gives in; second because it vibrates in a particular way on dimensions unknown to masses. The two currents of life, one ending and other beginning, co-exist and do not touch each other, not only in society but even in souls. The materialistic civilization has fulfilled its objectives until the perfection of his achievements, and retires. The New Era's spirituality begins and gradually occupies those spaces forsaken by the ancient spirituality, with no violence or fight, by simple presence.

A higher civilization can be built by disposing of crowded metropolis, multinational factories, freeways, cathedrals, planes and railroads, weapons and armies, without multitudes or Olympic stadiums, with necessary population and reforested nature, clean rivers and healthy air. A world is possible with no money, without possessive urges, without separate nations, without intermediaries. In other times, the Celtic Era took place and shall take place again. Renunciation, detachment, scientific knowledge, multiple dimensions, in short, liberty of conscience, shall produce the new spiritual civilization in next centuries and millennia.

Let us imagine how a world can be built to be the expression of Master Santiago's ideas and Teachings since the first expansion globally produced and not rejected; on the contrary, at present, files transferred and registered are keeping a rate of three millions of kilo bytes monthly. The idea is already in the roots of Humanity and from the subconscious magnetizes thoughts and affections bringing actions in the move. The New Era's task is colossal and planetary but with particular characteristics. It is rather an intelligent predisposition to harmony than a reconstruction super-activity. Really, nothing has to be reformed or amended; what is wrong in the old age shall disappear by obsolescence as it is happening in social structures in front of their own contradictions and by effects of Nature that is changing its skin, like snakes do, to show a new skin, or like butterflies breaking the shell that was their prison to deploy their wings and fly.

A spiritual civilization is the result of different men from those known to us; the new man's identikit is clearly designed on the Teachings: soft differentiation between sexes outside and inside; cultivation and development of intuition as main means to knowledge; disappearance of intermediaries between God and man, and transformation of religions into non-dogmatic spirituality; new apprenticeship systems by uniting mind and feeling, and university and temple; whole knowledge development; sexual pleasure moderated by libido control; world population on a harmonious life level; spontaneous renewal of natural resources; disappearance of the family such as we know it; the human person is the foundation of society; individuals gathered by inner affinities in self-sufficient groups; gradual development of clairvoyance, energetic medicine, astral journeys, etcetera.

These images emerge from ideas offered by the prophetic Teachings. For these life forms to develop in an opposite and violent world, new men shall create the survival art without fights or lethal confrontations. Let us be foreigners in this world, and live in tune with nature.

For the new human race to attain its destination and achieve what the Holy Masters have promised, the new American man, traced by Santiago Bovisio, with no fight, will resist passively and lay immediate triumphs aside. In the perfect silence of his Renunciation soul he will see the passage of lost generations and occupy his place when peace returns to Earth again.

José González Muñoz
February, 2006.