Number 69.– The True Holocaust

1 st. In ancient Greek ritual, holocaust means a victim of sacrifice completely consumed by fire ( hólos = whole , y kaustós = burnt ). In exceptional cases, 100 oxen were sacrificed –a hecatomb– and only their ashes would remain.

2 nd. At present, President Bush has paid a visit to the great Indian nuclear power, and signed a nuclear cooperation agreement thereby the United States grant technical reserved information and enriched uranium; India opens certain atomic power stations for United Nations' inspection, while keeping others secretly for producing bombs. India keeps ballistic missiles of 3,000 kilometer range. Also India is provided with both things by Russia and China; these three giants, through a non-public agreement, can be against the intended world USA hegemony.

3 rd . Over and again, President of Iran stated at international forums the independence as to atomic research. Iran has agreed with Russia to get enriched uranium and permanent technological exchange cooperation. The main Russian technician in this subject has stated, Iran, at most after five years, shall produce nuclear bombs. Iran also keeps ballistic rockets of 3,000 kilometer range.

4 th . Hamas' Palestine delegation, the winner on last democratic elections, during an official visit to Russia, stated they do not recognize Israel state, and first expect to be recognized by this nation as Palestinian state according to United Nations' resolutions. Later they shall see.

5 th . North Korea is a nuclear power with China's assistance, as India was with Soviet Union's assistance, Pakistan with China's assistance, and Israel with USA's assistance. In due time, the United States have threatened North Korea forcibly, but have chosen the diplomatic way since this nation keeps atomic bombs. Certain weak nations want atomic power for their survival, according to ideas in this time of dangerous confrontations.

6 th . As soon as states attain certain economic level, they aim at nuclear power, for fear, vanity or domination urge. In due time, nobody shall prevent Brazil, Egypt, Iraq and others –even terrorists– from keeping nuclear weapons.

7 th . At present, many ways lead to a true holocaust. Formerly, the Deluge; now, 250 millions of drug addicts; AIDS has no vaccines; am avian (or bird) flu pandemics is under way; starvation; green house effect; population increase; the above-described atomic threat; bio-wars; human condition degenerated; natural catastrophes; hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclones, and so on.

8 th. Experts in atomic war coincide: a nuclear blast in some city of the world shall bring effects of panic and collective madness, and an irremediable immediate atomic retaliation: all against all.

9 th . Mao Tse-tung's message asked the Chinese: “Never seek hegemony, and dig deep underground tunnels in every city”. In fact, now China is the first productive power in the world (for example, it produces 350 millions tones of steel, more than three times the United States) and continues growing at a rate of almost 10 % yearly.

10 th . Many ways lead to the holocaust, but the main and most powerful way is dehumanization of the human being in every rank and category; the human species, such as has been described by sages –spirit, intelligence, feelings, ideals– is vanishing quickly and a mass of empty androids prevail more and more, and what is worse, they are inhabited by degraded elementals. The true holocaust has already taken place or is being produced within souls with no chances they might become regenerate.

11 th .We are at the end of a time when man has conquered secrets of the matter at a quite heavy price; also their protagonists are almost exhausted at the end of the road. They shall disappear, like any creature, and also their murderous conquests will disappear along with them.

12 th . The New Age has started and children of Aquarius are being born everywhere. They are coming predestined from the beyond with new life programs.

In the Teaching “ Liberating Renunciation Automatism ”, Course “ The Way of Renunciation ”, Master Santiago says:

“Now the new race has started, but humanity lives in the dark of minds. How shall it wake up? Through divine knowledge?, through Maitreya's grace?, or through some war devastating the whole Earth? Here is the question asked by the Son every day, a question tormenting the souls of spiritual masters who are living on the Earth; it blows the heart of those souls who have to educate Humanity. What blows shall receive those asleep and blind men? What can be done to soften such tremendous and awful blow? A future war shall be fulminating; some few months will be enough to devastate everything through war or collective despair and psychosis. Can something be done to soften it? If the Divine Providence does not allow entering the veil that is covering Maitreya, we know however that the more souls perform Renunciation and live the life of the spirit, the more shall be the assistance to save the world.”

“What are expecting then the souls to make of their Vows an overwhelming truth transformed in real blows awakening men? Whey do not they surrender or have sufficient spiritual force so that many souls enter monasteries, detached from the world, rendered to God, coming to be Ordained, awakening many Sons to light, and persevering on the Renunciation Way? Because so far nothing can stop this devastation; it is the prepared material is so big that in case of being known, people would die of fear. Demons have prepared everything; they are the antichrists, and only one group of souls can stop this devastation.”

“So, what can the Son do but to live purely in his spiritual mind, and from there to be as souls that are raising their hands to the sky so that other souls come and render themselves with them for salvation of the world.”

“A consecrated soul has life of the spirit that is not born and does not die; if God wants to take his life, what matters if and when Humanity is saved, and beings do not suffer so much by their own misery? And even in the sense of men, ¡who does not have a child, a father, a friend! One cannot remain unaffected. Even by a selfish sense, beings have to recognize this truth.”

Half century has passed since the Master addressed this exhortation during a retirement to Ordained Women in Embalse's Community, in 1955. Now his words as an echo are resounding with electric power in a world rushing in fright and sorrow. Let us reply to this call.

We Faithful Disciples have spread their Teaching throughout nations. Last statistics in the Web site reveal they are being studied in Vietnam, an emblematic country by devastating horror, and also in Japan, Korea, Palestine and other martyrdom places. The most persevering students are North-American, who take part in the 50 % of Internet visits.

Spontaneously, study groups are being formed about Teachings among friends, family members and workmates. We are encouraging them with two coordination-support centers, one in Argentina, the other in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As independent groups are more and more, we shall provide new spiritual materials produced by the Master, which do not appear on the Edited Canon of the Teachings. Gradually an informatic web is taking form with study-prayer centers linked by unseen and powerful electromagnetic waves in the cybernetic space, now in America, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina; later in the United States, Mexico and Dominican Republic; and from there throughout the planet, by working 24 hours a day, with the same spirit of renunciation and peace –dynamic, alive and free– with no intermediaries or authoritarianism, and raising their hands to heaven and asking of God, with one voice, salvation of Humanity from the large holocaust, and survival and protection of children and young people who are predestined to forming the New American Aquarian Era.

The war logic is under way and cannot be stopped. What has been sentenced to annihilation is being devastated inexorably; karma becomes incoercible, and Gods do not dare to change or attenuate it. It is the universal justice law. The planet must be renewed and cleaned: by hard drugs, slaves, famine, paedophilia, armies, aircraft-carriers and war submarines, television, excessive possessions, and so on. The large holocaust deals with evil. It hurts, but is necessary. We need a refined and free Earth for the new Humanity.

Holy Masters are calling all men in the world to take part and save Humanity; all of them have the highest dignity: to be man. Join to this emerging force spread over Earth and ask of God, along with us, protection and salvation of all those who are destined to the New Civilization.

José González Muñoz
March, 2006.