Number 6.– Acceleration of History

After you read Master Santiago’s Teachings, you can see how Humanity evolves by stages, according to the Divine Plan, from Solar system creation until our days. Esoteric science says, formation of man starts in other planets, creating and perfecting diverse bodies of the individual being. When terrestrial evolution begins, man has already formed his astral body, and he starts constructing on Earth his physical body in the first Root Race, –Urania– in Antarctica, 16 million years ago. You can study this information on the following Books: “Planetary System”, “Anthropogenesis”, “History of Man” and even on all Courses. The tunnel of evolving time, along with its mysteries, ends up now, but is not homogeneous or regular; sometimes it stops and rests, in potential state; sometimes accelerates and moves long time, in manifest state. We can read about these changes recorded on books by the historic science; in Middle Ages there was a potential time in the West; a general acceleration takes place in Renaissance. At present, thanks to unusual science-technology breakthroughs and full earthly occupation, this accelerated time is vertiginous and almost nonsensical, and men are not only overcome by phenomena, but also become marionettes in the hands of an incomprehensible fate. You cannot understand this on the basis of economy, justice or self-preservation instinct of the species; there are other higher forces operating upon the face of Earth and following the Divine Plan of Holy Masters. In some way, these Reflections try to explain this in agreement with the Teachings.
Now Humanity remains submerged in a universal phenomenon hardly recorded by experience, although this phenomenon has taken place other times in the antiquity –change of Sub-Race. The last change, 24,000 years ago, when new Teutonic Aryans eventually annihilated Atlanteans during the 1,500 Years War, a new age starts and is recorded by legends in the Ramayana. Now begins the new Aquarian age, or American Sub-Race, being present the Great Solar Initiate Maitreya. Climatic, economic, destructive, technological and genetic phenomena of any kind are atypical and tremendous, and beyond any forecast and fantasy. One can understand them partially in the frame of a traditional evolution system and on the basis of the Divine Plan. Certainly, we cannot anticipate what can happen tomorrow, because the keys to the future are in Maitreya’s hands, and he did not reveal them as yet. Apparently, he shall never reveal them, and Humanity must know them by experience.

But the important and urgent thing is how to act right now, when tempestuous social events strike and tumble us down, like leaves gone with the wind. We are adrift, experiencing a critical change. Teachings about the Way of Renunciation particularly give an explanation about this extreme situation, and their application should be immediate and individual. In a period of survival and with no choice, we are like castaways surrendered to waves of the sea, and we have to swim in order to save our lives; no other choice. This universal change comprises whole Humanity, and peoples or regions are not excluded. If you see differences between nations, –for example, between the United States and India, or between Sweden and Zaire– it is the result of discontinuity and variations in the historic time, according to characteristics and karma of each people, but certain percentage of good and evil is even for all; ones suffer from certain things, and others otherwise. But we all remain orphans in face of a future that overwhelms us. Where is the powerful Soviet Union? It disappeared. Where are those proud New York Twin Towers? Knocked down. We experience the same conditions in face of the Aquarian destiny.

a. The Empire Counter-attacks

Doubtlessly, an hegemonic world power is in North-American hands after the Soviet Union’s dissolution. Russian Federation is as strong and deterrent as before, as to atomic power, but their initiative faded away after the revolutionary experience collapsed. China and Russian Federation, as gigantic and frightful powers, remain unassailable and quiet, wisely far away from the North-American hyperactivity. And in this limitless and empty space –that is, Earth, with the exception of the above-mentioned two cases–distressed by a dying civilization, the Empire moves everywhere. Remnants of ancient civilizations, exhausted at present, are in death agony –diversified Islamic fundamentalists, Jews in search of their unlikely State, Christians immobilized by their own traditions, and many other currents struggling for their share of power. And active and violent desperados arise from this nameless and disoriented multitude. Their characteristics are different –Talebans, paramilitary groups, ETA , picketers, anti-globalization groups, drug-traffickers, starving pariahs, suicidal rebels, and many others who have nothing to lose. But Bush has solemnly menaced the latter, “We’ll attack wherever they are in the world, and even nations that may lodge them”. The Empire counter-attacks. He did in Afghanistan, smashing madly, but not achieving its goal. Now they are raiding Philippines. Other nations are openly menaced. Military budget increases more and more, and its atomic aircraft-carriers patrol all seas. No matter if Ben Laden is alive and can start new actions; the Empire reigns supreme all over the planet at any cost as to lives and money. The Empire never will give up, even if they have to immolate; their destiny is marked forever by what began in Hiroshima and repeated in Nagasaki. Just as the vision of the Bear and the Lioness, in the Teachings, so both nations –Russia and the United States– will be destroyed, but a part of Humanity will be safe.

b. Argentine decadence

Argentine decadence as to two aspects, State and people, calls our attention everywhere. It is difficult to explain why a nation with so vast resources, good professional and educated leaders, peaceful relations with neighbors, political and social institutions on the level of Europe, may be so degraded as to social injustice, general corruption of the wealthiest, police insecurity, and international discredit. Even Argentineans do not know why, and give circumstantial explanations that eventually explain nothing. Phenomena that overwhelm peoples of the whole world can be understood only by studying in depth the Universal Teaching about this time of historic change. We reached the end of a cycle, all conquests have to be discarded, however good they may be, and we should start a new way to conceive of the reality. We have to renounce. Each individual must renounce. Humanity must dispose of its ancient achievements. Violence observed everywhere –Buenos Aires, New York, Afghanistan, Palestine, and so on– just to mention most critical situations, is born of men reluctant to discard what came to an end. Attachments enslave individuals and nations; but divine injunctions are unstoppable, and when Renunciation is not spontaneous, then is violent and forced, just as it happens right now, particularly in Argentina.
More than half century ago, Argentina witnessed the birth of the Renunciation Message, and Master Santiago preached it tirelessly to his followers. In a Teaching he asks, “Shall the Sons of Renunciation be so coherent with their mission to prevent from an imminent destruction that will precede the Age of Sakib? (Aquarius)”. Doubtlessly, they did not, because destruction is already here, irreparably. And just as this people was the first to receive this message of the future, also it is the first to experience the effects. Thence in Argentina a heavy acceleration of time has taken place as an annunciation and experiment of what will happen everywhere. It is nonsensical to give economic, psychological and political explanations, and explanations of other kind about what is fatality; it is more helpful to be prepared, to act when still there is time, and to start our survival right now. The reader should meditate on the Way of Renunciation as salvation; these Teachings will be more advantageous than any explanation.

c. Buenos Aires as image of the world

Buenos Aires’ city population, with 12 million people, half of them stay on a fringe of slums around downtown, which now have invaded this metropolis en masse. These multitudes came from everywhere attracted by the illusion of a wealthy and tolerant people; provincial individuals from the country, Bolivians, Peruvians, Paraguayans, Chinese from Taiwan, Koreans, Lebanese, Syrians, and from other remote regions. Its image is that of the world in miniature, with hopes and miseries. Like in a human laboratory beyond any dimension, for half century Buenos Aires underwent social post-war forms, from armed revolt and war, to savage capitalism in recent years, “easy money” elation to present begging by the streets in downtown. And what about results of this guiding experience, which may be a lesson to the rest of the world? Disenchantment, incredulity and disappointment in a terminal civilization –failure.
At the entrance of the tunnel of time, where actions become inevitable forces, you can identify actors in a terminal age, and announcements about another age that begins: a planetary, unlimited, monotonous, globalized and decadent civilization occupying every possible space; an undifferentiated, disoriented and wandering multitude; rebellious groups, survivors of ancient cultures trying an impossible identification; wandering nations, peoples, races and cultures; and a Big Power assuming police tasks to control and subject everybody to “the Empire” and to a nonsensical immobility in the becoming of History. As you can see, tension between past and future is hotter and hotter day by day. Riots in Argentina prove this, and anticipate what will come.
Can the United States do something, with their tremendous resources, to soften these evils? They all look at their own Empire. In their attacks against Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan they never counted dead enemies or destruction produced. In their view, a power can survive over ruins of others –over persons or nations.
Reader, there is only one obvious Way: practically, exaltation of life by Renunciation. Let us leave any desire for material possessions, looking for spiritual freedom, “let us live in the world as if we were not of the world”, let us seek peace, quietness and silence. These are gates open to the future that becomes.