Number 70.- Where am I placed?

Amid the maelstrom of successive world events with no respite, on which we have already reflected so many times –negative, continuous world reports, noisy street vertigo of vehicles and people, slaughters in Iraq and Palestine, family dramas, social homosexual triumph, satanic TV, national states' disorder, banality in churches, et cetera, I wonder: Where are men placed? They do not know, even they do not wonder, and do not care.

Pope John Paul II, Vicar of God on Earth, was placed on the summit of his mountain, upon a vehicle in Saint Peter Piazza , receiving the homage of the Catholic faithful, when a gunman knocked him with two shots from which he never could recover. Other man, President Bush calls himself “Most powerful man on Earth”, but the Iraqis are decimating his armies all days and he does not notice the horror where he is placed. Men are climbing social mountains in quest for a summit, power or a lot of money, the Hollywood Oscar, the world football championship in Germany, or the Nobel Prize 2006, by competing with no mercy and scourging themselves until sacrifice. Why? They want to be placed on the most outstanding site in order to justify their inner void. It is the philosophy of dualistic civilizations: the Spirit on the immutable and inaccessible Heaven, the Paradise reserved to winners; and below, on Earth, the survival of the strongest: a pragmatic, unique, irreversible and non-transcendent Darwinism.

The proof that the monotheistic conception about the Universe can show to us –with its pairs of opposites, spirit and matter in permanent conflict– is the planetary destruction that now is bursting before our eyes. Its players are nations emerged from three great monotheistic religions that have overpowered the world during the last two thousand years: Judaism, Christendom and Islam, which are determined to survive until the holocaust not to give up their dominions. They have means to do it, from bright atomic weapons to bio-missiles with virulent pandemics. It shall be so. Even Gods do not dare to change the karma direction, and the law of justice unleashed by man shall be fulfilled. Later, after centuries and when the Earth comes back to normal natural cycles, Aquarians shall start re-peopling void landscapes differently.

Our familiar mean and little world, on which we fight for survival, has been invented by the Pharaoh Ikhnaton 3350 years ago in Egypt, with his personal God Aton overpowering material things. The rest of the Universe, plurality of worlds, universal fraternity and joie du vivre were forbidden under death penalty: Gods, Priests, images and temples were removed. After Iknaton's death, the polytheistic cult recovered its influence, but the seed of obscurantism was already sowed, and the latter thrived through new dualistic religions with severe personal Gods who overpowered soon the Earth and conquered material spaces. Today, at the end of the civilization that gave them so much power, men –in possession of their conquests but ignoring what to do with them– are walking toward destruction. The little and impoverished earthly home is disappearing to that we can find again plural worlds, countless existence dimensions, permanent life, joy, freedom and friendship of the Holy Masters who are looking at us benevolently.

The Universe described by Master Bovisio's Teachings is didactically classified under septenary systems for a better understanding. The individual is not simple but compound, and lives in three dimensions, which are sub-divided into seven planes, and so on ad infinitum . Here are the seven reality dimensions, some of them visible and others invisible to our eyes or to our more sophisticated instruments:

1. Elementary World. It includes simple matter particles, plasma, photons, neutrons, and those particles that go on to appear in big accelerators and giant revealing tanks of cosmic particles in Aubier laboratory, at Mendoza, with 3,500 Km 2 of extension. In that dimension also psychological elementals move, along with dwarfs, fairies, salamanders, human detritus and thought-forms of death. Many of them are smart, but lack individuality and vanish in shadows as the time goes by.

2. Material World. Five elements are known: earth, air, water, fire and ether; other two have to be discovered yet. Add to it minerals, plants, animals and men, artificial satellites, Internet, computers, planets, galaxies, space and time, Don Quixote, Michelangelo's David, and pyramids. Certain things are pure matter, like water; other things are combined interacted dimensions, like the Marseillaise. Certain things last throughout the times, on Earth or in outer space. “Earth is beautiful,” Yuri Gagarin said, the first man to go outside and see the full Earth from space.

3. Ethereal Double. It is a radiant dimension linking man with higher soul dimensions, his Astral Body. Ancient Egyptians called it Ka , and Christians represented it as a luminous aura wrapping those who are saints. It is the model of each individual, pattern of his forms and feelings, key to a harmonious life, something like human genome in genetic dimension of biologists. According to the Teaching, it is stuck to the body, like the little skin that unites egg and shell.

4. Astral World. It is the near extra-material dimension, since we live in it all nights during deep sleep. On the one side it is multiple and intoxicating by its dynamics and beauty. This dimension and other matters dealt with in this Reflection have been explained in the Course “ The Becoming ”, Teaching “ Astral Divisions ”; the reader shall find there wider instructions about its seven planes and how it works in the spiritual development. On the other side, “In the seventh plane of the astral world,” the Teaching says, “you find wild beings, criminals, retarded people…”, et cetera. Many of those androids we meet by the streets are living mixed with people in that horrible world.

6. World of Devas . Spiritual monads transcending the Humanity plane are dwelling at higher planes called “Worlds of Devas ”. There are in them three chains of constructive Hosts: Shadow Host, Humanity Host and Star Host. Hosts of Angels, Archangels and Principalities are those who create human development and planetary chains in the Universe. Each heavenly body, each star, each planet is the material body of those beings. Such material body cannot influence them since substantially their nature is divine.

7. The First World. “Here the name of other existent Hosts are indicated, though they do not belong to described Worlds of Devas : after Star Hosts you find Form Host, or Powers; Language Host, or Virtues; Thought Host, or Dominations; Line Host, or Thrones; Sound Host, or Seraphim; and Number Host, or Cherubs.”

Here is a flash view of the Universe, conveyed by sages according to traditional plural worlds of ancient polytheism, which now nobody recognizes, though you can find records in big libraries gathering dust. This view is far more attractive, fair and enriching than the skeletal doctrine about hells and paradises of monotheistic religions that today are overpowering the world with their ever-angry Gods. I do not like them.

The Reflection here proposed is: Where am I placed? Now I know. I am placed on the sole of my shoes, a little dynamic space that has moved much during all my years of life, by carrying body and soul throughout the Universe, sometimes slowly by the home garden, other times quickly by plane jumping on continents, sometimes quite rapidly with readings of the Teachings or images of “Space Odyssey” and, sometimes, with super-light speed through prayer, astral dreams, and friendship with the Holy Masters. I am placed on the Universe with plural worlds and infinite dimensions –being happy, free and in peace. I am a sensible person who got rid of totalitarian Gods that were not invited.

In this luminous dimensionless space, with ancient and modern Gods, who directly and with no intermediaries are gently around me –Krishna, Pacha Mama, Manitou, Siddhârta, Jesus, Amon, Mary, Isis, Abhoumi, Maitreya and so many others whose names I do not now, but that are uttered in every language with black, white and red shapes, male and female, children and ancient people– my joy is to choose the shape I like: Ahehia , whom I met the first day I started the Renunciation Way. No God, no Goddess shall be angry with me because I have chosen One. In a Teaching, Master Santiago says, the Divine Mother is the Mystic Body of All Great Initiates who do not create karma or need incarnation; they are free, they are Ihes . If you name one, you are naming them all. The Great Teaching is written on the Hymn to the Divine Mother, which concludes this way:

Ahehia ote Hes

Eret Hes ote Ahehia

Hes, Ihes et Hes.

José González Muñoz
March, 2006.