Number 71.– Gods

Numberless Gods inhabit the Universe and are named by different words in many languages. Some of them are considered unique and excluding: Jehovah, Allah, the Father, et cetera, and their followers have fought to the death for a full exclusion, but unsuccessfully; they go on to fight. Gods, whose origin is obscure, are named the Non-Manifest by the old tradition, that is, what cannot be known or speculated.

The part of history that can be researched through written documents and archeological remains is of few millennia ago. Ruins of Jericho and other ruins of Indus are of about seven thousand years ago, when men were such as they are now, incomplete and rudimentary. Older information comes from oral tradition that later have been written in books – Genesis , Vedas , Zend-Avesta , et cetera– through clairvoyants who were consulted about Akâshic Annals, as Blavatsky did for her “ Secret Doctrine ”, or Santiago Bovisio for “ The Planetary System ” and “ Anthropogenesis ”, or through divine revelation like in modern Swedenborg's visions.

When men succeeded in being truly human and standing up, with the vertebral spine upright, millions of years ago, in the middle of the Lemurian Race, they were complete and with natural and astral sense in full use at diverse dimensions of reality; they conversed with Gods. They have no religions, cults, priests or temples, as it is described in the Genesis' Paradise with those happy Adam and Eve.

In the beginning of the Arian Race, whose mission is to discover secrets of matter with the instrument of reason, men have lost the astral vision that would communicate them with higher worlds; the relationship with Gods became indirect and doubtful, and religions, cults, temples and priests showed up –specialized men serving as indispensable intermediaries between divine and human. Their power was immense. Plurality of worlds disappeared; men would believe only in those things that they were seeing and in the authority of priests; they became materialists. The Divine Beings raised themselves and were inaccessible.

In this time a new current of knowledge appeared; it is written in the course “ History of Esoteric Orders ”, which being started in Kaos, spread through north Africa: The Order of Fire, has this mission: to preserve the wisdom about the plurality of worlds, and at the predestined historic moment, in the new Era of Aquarius, to expand it openly over Humanity, through conciliation of polytheistic tradition and knowledge of modern sciences, as it occurs now. The beginning of this new meeting has been given, among others, by Santiago Bovisio, who with the assistance of astral Masters, wrote the Renunciation Doctrine through Teachings, announced the presence of Maitreya, and communicated the Revelation Mother of the Aryan Race, which the reader can find in Teaching number 13: “ Secret Revelation of the Idea Mother of Aryans ”, in Course Theology , the key to development of Humanity.

What are these Gods? In these confusion times, it is almost impossible to express clearly an idea about this subject, though libraries are full of spiritual books. Scientists and cosmologists, free of prejudices, are nearer to the reality that theologians. A simple mystic, at a corner of his home, seeks in his own heart the divine truth, and is nearer to it than learned persons. In front of grand meetings in Saint Peter's Piazza Sundays in the morning, or multitudes of pilgrims arriving in Mecca, the soul wonders: Where is God? What is God? Is God the Black Stone, the Cross, the Wailing Wall? Is He in the Bible? Multitudinous, omnipresent symbols overburden those Gods with their power over masses. As in the global market trademarks contend with no mercy to conquer an appetizing niche, so religious symbols fight fiercely to conquer the adhesion of souls and, with them, energetic sources that are bringing the civilization into motion.

The language of the Teachings is different from that that is used by historic traditions; Greeks had abundant myths about Gods and Goddesses that can be found in books, stories and statues that have arrived at us. The same can be said about Assyrian, Celtic, Germanic and Hindu Gods. Monotheistic traditions focus a God served by many prophets, angels and archangels. Teachings coming from esoteric currents use the term “Holy Masters” to name those men that by their capacity, training and power, from different planes of reality, even being incarnate, rule over the progress of Humanity. Jesus is Great Solar Initiate, and Christian Theology recognizes him as Trinitarian God, along with the Father and the Spirit. Many saints and Popes in the Church are Great Initiates, like Saint Francis of Assisi and the Pope Innocence III. Scientists, artists and politicians –who excelled by their progressive labor– are also considered Great Initiates, as Pierre Curie, Beethoven and Gandhi.

Conceptual forms differentiating Gods from Great Initiates are enormous and of quite difficult conciliation. But History advances toward the energetic world of knowledge evidenced by facts and scientific experience; the future is of Great Initiates and integral men. Ancient and venerable Gods, as Wagner would sing, are dying in the Walhalla.

In the Universe with plural worlds –already explained in the precedent Reflection– the Holy Masters dwell on varied dimensions of reality; they are men that by evolving through many incarnations and renouncements, have reached their liberation; they are protectors, guides and friends that are assisting us to advance on the Way. As men of the twentieth-first century, children of the New Era, with time and individual effort, also we will be Masters to assist those who are coming behind.

Gods are not human creations or inventions made by priests; they are quite evolved real men. Some of them have walked on Earth teaching, mending, sacrificing themselves for others, as Jesus, Buddha and Krishna did. Today there is one, Maitreya, who somewhere is teaching men how to understand and accept the plurality of words.

The Holy Masters, or Gods –call them as you like– are always friends. They are not exterminating angels, inspectors or judges in some alleged omnipotent court. They are nearer than what people may feel. As Aquarians, we have a special form to communicate with them, which we could call liberal. To others –who belong to the karma of the old civilization, formed under dualistic conceptions about personal Gods– it is impossible to come near Them; they are separated by a higher wall than that of the present West Bank, with barbed-wires of dogmas, old frightening stories, anathemas, wrathful pastors and other prohibitions. However incredible it seems, so expensive “toll” has to be paid on roads leading to God.

If it is so simple one's communication with the Masters, why do men look like forsaken orphans? Because they are so busy on mean personal matters –money, unsafe cities, nervous diseases, TV, soccer world matches and so many other banalities– that no room is left in the soul to hear the voice of the Holy Masters. They are isolated; they are loose, lifeless souls.

In the middle of the past century, Master Santiago wondered: “Are the Sons of Renunciation so consequent with their mission to impede the impending destruction that will precede the Era of Sakib (Aquarius)? In view of irrefutable opposite evidences in lives of those missionaries during forty following years and calamities occurred daily in Humanity, the answer is: No!

Advancing on the twentieth-first century, the die is cast on the gambling table, with open and visible cards. Is predestination or choice the destiny of each man?; the two things are playing alternately. But in these times of living together with the Strong Liberator, men have the great chance to choose: Aquarius or karma , freedom or money, egoentia or masses, Gods or emotional refuges.

No fights or confrontations; only combats between those willing the same things: one wins and the other loses. An Aquarian does not fight to conquer something, simply he resigns, gets rid of the matter, detaches himself of what is stuck on his soul, and stays free and loose; he flies.

An Aquarian does not practice complex systems that are blocking the mind and hardening the attention in the search for an achievement. If it is time for meal, he eats; if it is time for study, he studies; if he has to work, he toils. He is simple, spontaneous and direct, like children.

An Aquarian trusts in the Holy Masters though he does not see them; he is aware of being immersed in a plural world with many dimensions harmoniously connected with his own individual feeling. He does not seek multitudes because is united with the mystic body of Humanity.

An Aquarian is joyful with no need for laugh. He chooses freedom because it is his right and is aware of souls intuitively assembled in the new world by spiritual affinities. He does not need planes, cars or payment of costly “tolls”. He can walk through invisible routes of the New Era in friendship with Gods.

José González Muñoz
Abril, 2006.