Number 72.– The American Spiritual Revolution

In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America, a giant continent extended from one pole to another, a New World. It goes on to be new because the Americans ignore their destiny, are unaware of the mission that the Providence has foreseen, and did not produce an original civilization. Indigenous cultures saved from the European barbarism are minor survivors of the Atlanteans, and the present developed nations are a continuity of the modern European civilization.

The human evolution has developed in several continents: The first root race, Urania, in the Antarctic; the second race, Hyperborean, in Greeland; the third, in Lemuria, now submerged in the Pacific Ocean; the fourth, in Atlantics, also submerged in the Atlantic Ocean; the fifth and present, Aryan, in Eurasia and Africa; the sixth Aryan-American sub-race, just started, has its site in the American continent that so far did not manifest its potentialities. Some of sages have hinted at certain characteristics of the New Age, among them H. P. Blavatsky, the German philosopher Hermann Keyserling in his book “South American Meditations”, and Santiago Bovisio with his Teachings on Maiytreya and the “Revelation on the Idea Mother of the Aryan Race”. All of them coincide with the total change of the inner nature in the new man and the high grade of social and individual freedom that the Aquarians will enjoy.

The modern civilization, which has achieved incomparable conquests in every activity of social and scientific action, had two great events enabling it to fulfill completely its mission: The French Revolution in the beginning of the industrial age in Europe, and the Russian and Chinese Revolution, which have widened the access to material goods, education, technology, health and quality of life to a big portion of inhabitants of the Planet. The modern civilization is a full achievement and has concluded at the end of the Aryan Teutonic sub-race: possession and use of nuclear energy, space conquest, globalization of instantaneous communications, genetic engineering and creation of new species. The modern man knows secrets of Nature, from dimension of the Universe to infinitesimal corners of the human genome, builds colossal works like Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur and invisible wefts of electronic chips. But this civilization does not know itself; its soul is wrapped by the most complete ignorance. Materially, it is a giant; spiritually, it is a primitive obscurantist.

The Western civilization, which has conquered secrets of the matter, started 24,000 years ago with the destruction of the last Atlantean black magicians and the most complete independence to develop on the evolutionary line fixed by the Idea Mother of the Aryan Race. By the beginning of the New Age, named Aquarian American, the sub-race will develop Egoentia of Being, as it is said on the first lines of Hidrochosa, the first Teaching of the Course on Spiritual development by the Master Bovisio, with a similar stage of 240 centuries. During next millennia, old-fashioned men and their conquests will disappear, as it has occurred with grand psychic powers of the Atlanteans, and the Aquarians will start the new civilization that we call provisionally here Spiritual American Civilization.

Many civilizations are remembered by History, from the agrarian reformation of brothers Gracus in Rome to those of the twentieth century, which have changed social structures in states and individuals; even changes of the nineteenth century, in Europe, and the most recent globalization of communications, commerce and migrations of peoples all over the Planet are called industrial revolution.

The word revolution is used with different meanings, from astronomy to social convulsions in disordered cities; it is always a deep change, a mutation of new form in the state or government of things. The Doctrine of Renunciation is a revolution of ideas about the human condition; the planetary expansion of the Teachings, such as has been already produced, is the beginning of spiritual transformation of individuals in society.

In order to understand a little its characteristics, equations of analogical contradiction will be used, from events of the reality that are shaking our times, which will give us keys to understand the future society.

On certain occasion, many years ago, being the Community of the Ordained in San Antonio with Master Santiago, during a ceremony of Perpetual Renunciation Vows, and conversing about contemporary matters, He demanded from me as follows, “José, we have to make a new world!”. As an impulsive youngster in those days, I replied, “Yes, Sir; but first we have to destroy this world, which it's no use at all”. Smiling, he replied, “Oh, no, no! Our work is for constructing, not for destroying!”

Many Teachings refer to the “destruction that will precede the era of Sakib” and the mission of the Renunciation Sons to soften its terrible effects. We should not imagine the catastrophe since we have it over our heads, being instrumented by human actions and violent events of Nature.

The Teachings promote an inner and individual transformation of men, but in no case speak of a direct action on society –they promote an entirely opposite promotion to revolutionary mechanics that are historically known. The latter, coming from aggressive civilizations that separate the Spirit from material phenomena on which it can impact –society, economy, governments and populations– have ever acted over institutions with the illusion that a political change would bring about the transformation of man by solving his problems. The motto of the French Revolution –“Freedom, Equality, Fraternity”– was a declamation, and on these days of students' revolts one can verify how the French are as socially and spiritually divided as before, are not free, are not egalitarian, are not fraternal. The same can be said about peoples of Russia, China, Cuba and so many others self-proclaimed revolutionary or democratic. Even the faithful of great religious institutions –who escape from mystical effort and take refuge in rituals, collective meetings and rigorous dogmas– have no inner peace.

The American Spiritual Revolution is an analogical contradiction to present forces that are bringing dissolution in the society. It comes from the knowledge of truths about inward Renunciation of the individual being, in a state of consciousness of pluralized worlds, in the complexity of the soul and Universe. The inflection node started by Cafh on a reduced scale is a prototype of the future society. In the beginning, the Founder would think of a laboratory model, with no more than one hundred persons, but later it increased and eventually they were thousands. Now they are millions of readers studying the Doctrine in every continent through Internet.

In 1957, the Renunciation Message would announce: “Let be granted to you, as a far-sighted gift of experience, to glimpse and prepare this world where sages and saints will be priests, lawgivers and guides of Humanity; where those who moderate and distribute the economic currents of peoples will be deemed their rulers; where producers will be benefactors of Humanity; and where intermediaries between God and man, teacher and pupil, producers and needful will disappear”.

The Message itself gives keys to a revolutionary strategy of spiritual liberation: “Carry your Renunciation Message to every human sector, to every soul, indistinctly: not becoming intermediaries but being united with all of them, with their troubles, and with their longings and anguishes. Be students among students, workers among workers, paupers among paupers, capable among those who are capable. The Renunciation will make everybody see that only the desire for possession, as a mental image and emotional state, is separating men into sectors and castes”.

“The good of peoples is not a result of wars and revolutions; it is an expansive capacity as the fruit of sacrifice, work, migrations and renunciation of superfluous things.”

Political revolutions begin and finish with pain, like all those things created in this world. In these times of overpopulation and human concentrations dissatisfied, social commotions are more and more and cannot solve the most elementary needs of men: food, health and education. Efforts made by international institutions of any ideology are in vain; in Africa, thousands of children are daily dying because they have no food, while there are governments spending fortunes on weapons. No revolutionary or conservative power is able to solve the problems of the modern world.

Master Santiago says: “Carry your Renunciation Message by living the life of all and participating in the idea of all. The first step to teach Renunciation is to divest ourselves of our own tastes, goods and life”.

Unruly and restless youngster, you are protesting in vain by the streets of Paris, Atlanta, Buenos Aires and Mexico! The enemies are in your mind and heart, and at home. Get rid of them! The fight is inside you, not outside and by the streets! You will be the winner in the battle for the genuine self-conquered liberation! Later, your victory will naturally extend on men, like a field blooming in the springtime, with no violence or destruction.

Renunciation is the law for the future world. An Aquarian Being does not fight, contend or use violence to transform Humanity; he expands peacefully. The American Spiritual Revolution neither starts nor finishes: it is, remains, germinates and extends throughout nations of the Planet.

José González Muñoz
April, 2006.