Number 74.- Now I wish to return


“The other time I wanted to take over me the sorrow of men, and I understood what there was in the heart of men, and wanted to carry and raise them to perfection; but I did not succeed. Now I want to return, but not to understand man and his evils, but to come into him in order to practice, feel, realize his evils and his blessings. To be bad and cruel and to suffer sorrow; thus l will take in myself the saint and the sinner so as to raise man to his perfection.”


Spiritual communication received by Master Santiago from the Divine Maitreya during a trip made by the latter to Rosario, which has been developed in Teaching of February 21st, 1951, and publicly spread through Reflection Number 49. The Great Solar Initiate has appeared between 1970 and 1977.


A: Jesus Christ. Great Solar Initiate of Fourth Category. Year 1.
B: Maitreya. Great Solar Initiate of Fourth Category. Year 2000.


Different objectives:

A: To attain perfection of God.
B: To attain human perfection.

Different ways:

A: Jesus Christ's Passion.
B: Sacrifice of every soul, of every person.

Different results:

A: A promised Heaven (Not obtained).
B: Individual perfection (Can be achieved).

Historic time:

A: Eternity of Paradise
B: American Era (2000 – 25.000 after Christ).

Ecumenical Action:

A: Roman Empire
B: Global Planet.

Available resources:

A: Oral communication and empire roads.
B: Cybernetic space, Internet, radio, electronic mail, television, aircrafts, railroads, business, press, books.

Political and social systems:

A: Roman Empire, slavery, illiteracy, handmade production.
B: Independent nations, diversified political systems, capitalism, global business.


A: Swords, spears, bow and arrows, chivalry.
B: Nuclear missiles, aviation, aircraft-carriers, submarines, lethal gasses, bio-explosives, mass destruction weapons.

Human conditions:

A: Thinly populated, rural production means.
B: Planetary population: more than six billion, uninhabited fields, mechanic farming; migrations, extreme poverty and riches, metropolis, economic-industrial-financial concentration.

Cultural situation:

A: Education, knowledge, culture and arts were reserved to temples and wealthy families. Working masses, peasants and slaves lived in complete ignorance; they did not know how to read. The only cultural expansion: gladiator circus. Culture thrived in important cities among exclusive circles.

B: Modern cultural life develops in free public places; everybody can gain access to concerts, expositions, lectures; even the most poor and distant take part through television, movies and radio. Culture is universal.

Religious condition:

A: Life was regulated by religions, ritualistic traditional institutions and ceremonials with differentiated god, although tolerant among them. In Rome lived together all religions of the world, from Persian Mitra Worship to Judaism and Egyptian worships of Near East. Ceremonies in temples and most attractive street processions met psychological needs of masses, as nowadays in Saint Peter's Piazza, pilgrimages to Mecca and picturesque festivals in India.

B: Now religious worships are unimportant for men and society. They constitute a secondary irrelevant phenomenon with no transformation power or capacity. Even priests are undermined by the same vices of ordinary people. Decline is gradual in every religion and chaos breaks up doctrines and their leading circles. Showiness prevails in outer actions: Pope's and Dalai Lama's trips, continuous ideological pressure by TV, tourist pilgrimages to temples in ruins, novel satanic sects with diabolic rituals, et cetera,


Courses on History, particularly History of Man, Great Initiates of the Aryan Race, History of Esoteric Orders, and Anthropogenesis, are necessary in order to consult, study and understand these thoughts about Maitreya's program and substantial difference from his former incarnation. In the communication to Master Santiago, he states he did not achieve his perfection purpose, which can be easily checked. General situation is worse than ever before, and at present humanity runs the risk of extinction. Several confronted powers have nuclear power that can put an end to civilization, as it was on the point of happening with the rocket crisis in 1964, and such as now the situation is both in Middle East and Far East. In addition to present situation, there are others with the same destructive effects: pandemics, global warming, bio-wars, custom degradation, infernal overflow of elementals in daily life.

When in the Pax Romana Jesus did not succeed in redeeming men, much less he would succeed with the same method when Cristians, Israelis and Moslems are cruelly smashing to each other for a land. Maitreya comes back with other liberation system and other objectives. A man willing to reach his perfection must assume his individual responsibility and perform every necessary personal sacrifice; no Redeemer will go up to a Cross again. Every man has his unique, unavoidable, non-negotiable, karmic cross, an intimate history of sanctity and sins, and he must solve his problems by his own means. Read in Theology the Teaching “Holy Revelation of the Mother Idea of Aryans” and you'll understand the meaning of this.

But man is not alone; actually and effectively he is with Maitreya; Maitreya is inside man and shares joys and suffering. So, step by step, man will be coming up toward the peak of perfection. How can be possible for the Divine Being to be inside million beings all over the world? The Great Solar Initiate has a vibratory aura comprising the whole Planet, so as a simple electromagnetic wave, through proper instruments, turns round the earth in instants and conveys information, image and sound perceived by remotest televiewers. If a mini-transmitter leads and commands spacecrafts in outer space, what cannot do the Great Being with his higher magnetism in any place of the world!

We breathe, eat, work and communicate even being thousands kilometers far away. We are receivers. Now the Divine Being has penetrated into us in order to practice, feel and realize our evils and our blessings. Being bad like us, he suffers own pain; he takes in himself both the saint and the sinner so that we can raise ourselves to perfection, To tell I want or I do not want is in vain; he is inside us and we are unable to throw him out. Although we do not realize, he is in the soul and manifests results: Iraq, Palestine, slum quarters, AIDS, hunger, drugs, secret vices; it is the new Passion of men. If some years ago the Mel Gibson's movie made us shiver with horror, now we are shivering with images of human passions. We are redeemers of our condition and we should pay for the ransom. Maitreya is with us in order to achieve the offering.

Since early ages, Human History has been a long involution process toward the conquest of matter, which has been reached in twentieth century by matter transmutation into energy by nuclear fission, genetic engineering and outer space expansion. Aquarius is the inflection node in involution; one cannot descend beyond because the elemental hell is below; if we fall in there we lose the human condition of mental individuality. Experiences have to be liberating, evolutionary, ascending. The liberation instrument is vibratory, established by the radiating barrier set all over the globe by the Strong Liberator. Nothing and nobody can with impunity elude it, and this is his participation from the intimacy of individuals. The moment is crucial for everybody; it is the salvation chance by ascending under the guide of the Redeemer inhabiting dwelling in us and in possession of the magnetic key to open the barrier. The Renunciation Way is quite long; thirty incarnation average, one every seven hundred years, in front of us during the American stage, going on pilgrimage to divine sources.

Let us think over it: Here is the one-and-only chance. It is our occasion not to come down any more, to stop falling and start going up by the ladder of the mount. Let us ask the Great Initiate not to forget us and to dwell in us. The best way to achieve it is detachment, by taking out of our souls and pockets those useless burdens that are preventing us from walking with the Redeemer.

José González Muñoz
July, 2006.