Number 75.– The Radiant Barrier

In precedent Reflection # 74 we have stated: Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate, has established by means of his Global Planetary Aura, a barrier wrapping and penetrating us with no exception, and that this mark fixes an inflection point between the characteristic involution of the human history since the beginning and the new evolutionary way opening the American Sakib's Age. We want to enlarge those concepts there announced, which are quite important, not only for understanding universal destructive events shaking this modern society, but even because they point out new courses of spiritual life: those redemption-responsibility doctrines appointed by the Divine Being to every one individually, having been all this explained by Master Santiago's Teachings and even by Maitreya's revelations that we have made known at this Internet site; everybody is aware of them.

The universal tradition assigns to Great Solar Initiates –Manu, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus– unlimited power on poorly developed men as a whole that at this stage are on the lowest involution step, since they are mixing their faculties with those of animals and detritus. Extraordinary science-technology breakthroughs have been reached by quite developed beings –both Moon Initiates and Fire Initiates– who throughout centuries have contributed with their benefic discoveries for Humanity. But those collectivities that have massively crowded stadiums, TV sets, cinemas, metropolis streets and transportations, are not creative but parasites coveting those gifts which others have contributed with. The intelligence is being transferred to computers, and men –who only are in search for pleasure– remain empty and with blurry, inactive grooves. They say, why strive if the artificial intelligence offers every solution that modern life is in need? Complaints of those who are responsible for education on every level are universal because of the low intelligence level of students: admittance examination in Universities point out a general failure. Social critics blame the poor efficiency of educational programs for those failures, but the evidence points out that the last generations of young people, even those of high class, who count on abundant means for their training, have drowsy or paralyzed brains. The new pandemics attacking the youth is mental atrophy because of gray matter transferred to computers and, reversibly, machines transfer their artificial intelligence to the youth, as one can prove it by the primitive language of those who communicate by Internet Chat, E-mails, electronic games and cartoons; they are returning to Lemurian communication shrieks and incomprehensible expressions, gestures and graphics.

Among symbolic stories of Genesis , one of them described a situation like the present one, which explains the meaning of the barrier fixed by Maitreya to men. God had forbidden Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of good and evil in the heart of Paradise. They disobeyed. God threw them out of Paradise and placed at the entrance a guardian Angel with a flaming sword not to permit them to enter, since still there was there the tree of life granting immortality. So, centuries have passed, and men have known every –good and evil– experience, and now they have unveiled the physical part of the tree of life, the genome, with which they can construct chimeras. The radiant barrier impedes it. He who falls under this gate has no return to human order, such as Adam and Eve never returned to Paradise. Through his previous message, Jesus promised his kingdom, which was not of this world, but of Heaven. Now, with his return, he announces whole perfection from inside each being, and has established a vibratory barrier so that none tries to commit a new madness. One can observe visible manifestations of the radiant barrier, or the Angel's flaming sword, for example, at burning fires in Near East, the ancient scenery of Jesus' Passion.

A renowned scientific and Professor in Cambridge recently has asked by Internet what would be the survival of Humanity with no chances to go on ahead, since it has reached the abyss. There were thousands of answers of every type, and certain scientific would have proposed a migration to other world, at other planetary system of the galaxy. Practically, it is the same answer of Jesus when he would state that his kingdom was not of this world. On the contrary, at present incarnation, Jesus-Maitreya says he is inside every individual, and he will raise the individual to his perfection from there. Human survival is here, with every one working on his whole perfection. Those who do not achieve it shall disappear forever and those who remain shall go on ahead, even though they are some few. The radiant barrier marks a division between degradation of human condition with no turning back and evolution to new ways to live, which are kept in the soul.

This radiant barrier is not a moral code of good and evil, like Moses' Tables: “Not kill, not steal, et cetera. It is a new vibratory structure wrapping the planet and its whole contents, even physical and astral men, which sprouts from Maitreya and is dependent upon Him who is personally in control. Technology developed by man at the cybernetic space helps in understanding this inceptive world that we cannot elude. Those who do not adjust their mental powers to vibratory waves of the Great Being have no chances to survive; they shall perish when their turn comes and shall not come back; as it is happening now, they shall remain at the plane of elementary detritus. One should meditate on the Course “The Becoming” to understand that their reincarnation will be impossible. Remember those prison rebellions, slaughters in Middle East, barbarism invading big cities, violence extended everywhere against human masses and frenetic fanatics in TV to understand that there are few chances to return to life in the planet after seven years. Master Santiago has created Communities of the Ordained in Cafh, but aspirants were not persevering; this is why they were few in those days. He said: “If I wished many Ordained, I would have them, by relaxing the Observance of the Regulation. But the Divine Mother wants Perfect Sons; this is why the “Holy Gate”, which opens only once, has so high threshold”. The same could be said about Maitreya's Radiant Barrier. The Community Ordination has ever been taken in Cafh as the model for the future race. Those who want to survive should study and meditate on the four Courses on Communities: “Interpretation for the Community Ordained”; “Intimacy of the Perfect”; “Superiors of Community”, and “Lectures at Embalse”. There you will find proper ideas and examples to survive in the present world, whichever the personal situation of every one is, because the key is to raise the vibratory level to the height of the Barrier. It was Master Santiago Bovisio himself in Community's recreations that pointed out to the Ordained: vibration was different in Stability's Radius from that of outside and even grass and plants had different astral colors at both sides of the wire separating the area; perfection on the line of Observance made the difference. Now, aspirants to perfect Renunciation can raise the Ired in their Stability Radius, however little is –the home garden, their private room– by protecting it against the world with right thoughts and good intentions during the meditation time.

We can obtain a better understanding of the Renunciation doctrine –the only Humanity's salvation way through those ideas given by the Maitreya's statement and by Master Santiago's wonderful statement. Renunciation is something living, real and active, in and out of the skin; it is the new spiritual structure moving on the vibratory space of Aquarius, whose limits and intensity are fixed by the Great Being with his own vibration for each individual, because man is the style and measure of his perfection.

Renunciation is an active reality in the being and not an ideology, or an illusion, or a empty word. It does not belong to monotheistic religions satisfied of a declared adhesion to the personal God that identifies them; on the contrary, it belongs to self-knowledge of the being and continuous efforts to improve, step by step, stage by stage. A progressive advance on the Renunciation Way is not accumulation of spiritual or physical gifts or goods, but instead detachment from those that overwhelm the being and keep him sunk below the survival barrier. It is like the castaway fallen and sinking into the sea that feels heavy, and after he empties his pockets and takes his clothes out, has to start swimming.

The Radiant Barrier is high, quite high, and ignorant people are adrift in rough seas of modern life. They will not achieve salvation if Maitreya does not help them. This time the Redeemer shall not ascend to any Cross to assume sins of others; he will be with them when they take their respective cross. A whole analogical reversibility has taken place between the first time and the second round.

The Maitreya's program comprises all men with no exclusion according to capacities of every one, independently from worships and races, whichever their evolutionary level is, and from the vibratory limit that we have called Radiant Barrier. Religions, sects, beliefs, dogmas, doctrines and rituals that so far have separated peoples in the name of gods represented by the former have finished their missions. As the Siva's Teaching says, “He destroys everything blocking his step and destroys himself when he does not find adversaries”. This is occurring now with enemy monotheistic peoples destroying each other until their disappearance.

The individual Radiant Barrier at the area where every one moves is thick and mixed with actions, desires, instincts, memories and ancient dreams. The key to dilute it is among us, and the Strong Liberator knows the secret of the souls to activate it. Promises can come to be true during survival times when abysses of shadows become a mountain of light.

José González Muñoz
July, 2006