Number 76.– Where is Maitreya?

The first incarnation of the Great Solar Initiate, with the name of Jesus Nazarene was in Palestine, a geographic center of the Roman Empire, bridge uniting Asia, Africa and Europe, and a communication knot between old cultures. He did not choose other isolated areas in the world, like the Chinese Empire, or India, or incipient American Empires. His presence in the most active area permitted his message to extend in a short time throughout Europe by means of excellent Roman highways and an active sea traffic exchanging products and ideas between East and West. Romans attended to culture centers in Athens, Alexandria and Babylon to learn languages, literature and arts, and it was here where most vehement religious-philosophic controversies started. The Apostles soon spread the Gospel through provinces of the Empire, and Saint Paul's letters prove that his ideas were accepted by most oppressed classes.

Of the second incarnation –provisionally under the ancient Tibetan name Maitreya, that was announced centuries ago, and after its achievement between 1972 and 1977, according to Master Santiago Bovisio's Teachings– we take account of the question title of this Reflection by taking as a basis of the answer the same deductive principle as in the first incarnation: communications, its extended influence and characteristics of this time.

As it has been explained in the precedent Reflection, differences between the two incarnations –the first one, well documented, and the second one, surmised and proposed by prophecy at other social frame– become contradictory, even when analogical, and references to the past are not helpful to put in a frame the Redeemer's action. But Santiago Bovisio's Teachings –which are generous as to esoteric information, including the plan of the Redeemer's action– are sufficient to guide us, when and if we do not leave behind our researches about dogmas and monotheistic doctrines of the past.

“Where is Jesus?”, Joseph and Mary asked their neighbors, who were quite worried because it was a child that has lost his way, and at the end they found him in the Temple discussing with the priests. When their parents reproached him for it, He answered he must be about his Father's business. “Where is the Savior?, the desperate asked, and they do not find him in the temple.

The first words of Hidrochosa –initial Teaching in the Collection of Courses– are a synthesis of the time we are living –Aquarius– and the absolute opposition to the old word: “New ideas and works are being prepared for the world. If the race of Christian sign has highly developed collectivity states, and great mass movements and organizations, the sixth sub-race shall specially develop the egoentia of being”. Now we are at full growth of the new way to think and live, and fearful events that we watch in screens are reflecting and describing in a living and direct way so that we learn, come to conclusions and never forget the collapse of ancient collectivity states that have reached their end. The Redeemer does not stay in Saint Peter's Piazza or in Mecca along with millions pilgrims. There are too many boisterous people, and He wants to talk to the soul alone. Now there is a new place, a dimension newly discovered by wise men: the cyberspace, where the souls go along with good and evil, and where He communicates with them and shares joys and sorrows, in privacy and with no intermediaries.

We have received from a member of Study Groups of the Teachings a report where she offers a better explanation about the question that we asked above: “Where is Maitreya?”. It reads:

“One month ago I was given the best possible gift:

That morning, at noon, I was walking through a sidewalk and it occurred to me something like an instantaneous understanding of the Secret of the Universe, and I was unable to explain it. It was so profound and sweet bliss, so different bliss from all that I knew, that would entirely comprise and give me a wordless understanding of the whole Universe. I could perceive something that I would call the Immense Divine Love and, for some seconds, I was like in the Divine Hands or in an infinitely good being, or like to stay in the Great Heart: I have no words to describe what happened.

Spontaneously, I felt in me the need for offering Fidelity to the Divine Mother; here is what I learnt at that moment: “Whichever circumstances in my life be, Divine Mother, I will NEVER forsake you, your Love and your Reality”. May be today I would tell it differently, and that is what I said then. It was so.

Later I walked on with my eyes filled with tears; I wanted to move away where none could see me, to weep and enjoy what I was feeling. It was like being touched by a magical wand suspended between the sky and earth. I had however to go on with my things; so, I went on to walk, but as if I walked among clouds. A person greeted me by my side and I had to conceal my feelings. I came near a wall and pretended to blow my nose; so I could weep and calm down. Gradually while walking, I was calming down. My sweet and profound feeling was that I had been carried to a non-return place, to a different soul state. It was the best gift in my life.

I lived it like a Grace and also understood its meaning: it is not a thing earned; heaven gives it or not, with no reason that one may understand. This is why I say it is a gift. I relate it only to what a little before I was insistently wondering: why do I have too much, while many others are suffering.

I have known the Divine Grace; my soul has been filled with Faith and Hope; now I live thinking about all that and how to respond to the Divine Mother's Call.”

The Great Being has announced: “Now I wish to come back; but not to understand the man and his evils, but to enter him to practice, feel and achieve his evils and his blessings. To be bad and cruel, and suffer pain: so, I will bear in me the saint and the sinner so that, from there, I raise the man to his perfection”. He is in the man and not elsewhere, according to the personal experience above transcribed. Those who are seeking in temples, public squares, churches, mosques and synagogues shall find intermediaries, rites, ceremonies, many statues, music and simulacrums; they will not find the Savior. History has turned 180 grades, and dogmas ruling over the human behavior have expired. The Great Initiate has decided to be direct protagonist in the individual soul perfection, and intermediaries have been fired.

Not only religious organizations of all religions –from East and West, Christendom, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sects, Order and Lodges have failed, but also political and cultural organizations: Universities, United Nations, Communism, Capitalism, political parties, marriage, family, education, literature, arts, civic life and ideas: everything outer, masses, the collective, what is not one. Money, entertainment, TV and perverted behavior, natural disasters, social disorder and declared incapacity to solve anything stand out. The Radiant Barrier established by Maitreya make those human subconscious and hidden forces fall into the abyss, and abort and become manifest within the sight of all; they will not pass below the Barrier; and destructive fires will wipe them out. Visibly, the Barrier points out a limit between life and hell, between degrading Involution and raising Evolution, between non-return past and promissory future, between the sign of Pisces that has ended and the new Era of Hidrochosa that starts.

Reader: Things have entirely changed, in and out of one; you can see it every day with your own eyes. Global communications put you in front of the world reality in real and direct time, as if you were seated on the wheel of the Security Council, along with the Israeli pilot unloading bombs on Tyre's quarters, or in a canoe with African young men aboard and adrift at the sea in search for an impossible dream in Tenerife coasts. Humanity with tragedies as a whole is home through the open window of the screen; you do not take part in the drama, but you participate according to your personal qualities: indifference, horror, displeasure or fascination. This reality grows and grows, and nothing can be made to change it; it is the collective karma of the ancient civilization convulsing it in its death rattles until the final arrival of justice.

There is no room in the world to find peace, or by violence of nature that is changing climate, geography, landscape and animal species, or by violence of men fighting with lethal weapons, business competition, and city and family disorders. Horrors daily perceived are an expression of that everyday reality; Hollywood's fiction, although produced by computers, reflects mental madness when Humanity is sick.

So, where is Maitreya? It is where He said: in each being, with good or bad time, with happiness or sorrow, at the start beside the newborn and at the end with the last breath of the dying person. He has no other place to stay, except in each soul to help man in going up to that perfection that every one unknowingly contains. Do not look for him anywhere out of you, however attractive it seems to you, and do not listen to siren songs from those who promise paradises and everlasting happiness. Why do they may seek peace, and do not discover Him? Because their hearts are filled with possessions and urges, and He wants a detached and empty soul, dealing with simple things of natural life.

We Aquarians neither deal with the old world, nor those offers that masses deem to be attractive concern us. We were born predestined to be with Maitreya and construct with Him the new Humanity. We are few, but this does not matter, because the future is here, and being sure and solid the Teachings of Master Santiago, we are leaving keys to a higher life for coming generations.

José González Muñoz
August, 2006