Number 78 - Hymn to Maitreya

Many years ago, when the Master Founder still was living and the meeting of Groups was happiness, some of his disciples in the most intimate circle, his friends, with whom he usually met in the afternoon at the Café Tortoni , Buenos Aires, asked him for a prayer in order to approach the Strong Liberator, Master Maitreya. There are several Teachings explaining the appearance of the Great Being –they were compiled in Commentaries along with Courses of this Collection, at Internet site, including this Hymn. But unusual destructive events observed at present, force us to repeat a transcription of this wonderful mystical work –of the heart– that the Master has given for advantage of souls in search for peace.


Beloved Maitreya: dwell in us.
Reveal us the mystery of love.
Immeasurable loneliness of a being who lives among men, but is not human,
And becomes a man by the purest, unfathomable act and sacrifice of love.
Purity, eternal life of stainless love.
Alone, and at a time one with the souls.
We call you at the gates of the Divine Sanctuary.
We glorify you so that we may be lifted to Love.
We adore you in the innermost depths of our hearts.
Sink us more and more in the center of the heart, until ceasing to be an isolated and lost man.
To stop being an illusion.
I surrender my little heart to your divine hands.
To let fall inside this very secret chamber, where all is quietness, rest and calm.
Where one's heart becomes the heart of the Divine Mother.
May this chest harbor the Divine Heart, –infinite and eternal.
Teach us not to want any more.
Not to feel any more.
Not be any more.
No glance looking at oneself.
No gesture being of oneself.
May this one self not calculate any more.
Divine Mystery.
Deprive us of this consciousness which keeps us separate.
Carry us to the Kingdom of the One, Eternal and Infinite Being.
To see just the immutable light.
One would be Eternity is our gaze remained there motionless.
May remain in one's soul what is only a tool for your Work.
May every moment of one's life be to call you, to know you, to adore you.
Making of our daily offering a perfect holocaust.
May my looking at the light be more light for those who are alone and helpless.
May one's motionless heart become shelter and temple for the one who tries to love by living in Love.
To call souls, to give shelter to souls.
And all together, to travel through the way toward light.
Unveil yourself, and you shall Unveil the love of the souls, which will Grow and Expand.
Where are you?
In the innermost, secret center of every Heart.
Hidden, when one goes on to be a little heart.
Luminous, when one renounces to be, and gives room to the Divine Heart.
Moreover, come to our souls right now.
Make of us little grains of this bridge, which you build between Heaven and Earth.
Being submerged in the infinity of your Divine Consciousness.
Take all that I am so that I stop being.
May the Divine and Eternal Spark be Yourself.
Teach us how to carry all to the Eternal Unity.
To the Kingdom of the Ineffability.
Teach us how to discover you in the deepest center of the heart,
Where all is contained.
To break the heart of man, and to melt him in the divine fire so that the eternal heart of the Divine Mother may be revealed.
To be Yourself.
So a life will be Life.
Expansion penetrating the being of all things.
Kindle our vocation with the fire of your Love for the souls.
Make our soul to love it until our death.
And to want for oneself the total holocaust which Your soul teaches.
Take me entirely.
Because if an infinitesimal drop remains, it hurts and becomes death.
To be Yourself.
Receive us in the invariable center.
To see us all in one.
There every soul leads the souls. The Unique Heart contains every heart.
Ahehia ote Hes.
Eret Hes ote Ahehia.

This Reflection and the previous one are linked by contradictions and also together to understand characteristics and different courses of two ages: between the old Christian sign of mass society with no solution and the new starting American Renunciation Sign. Between both worlds, the Radiant Barrier of the Strong Liberator establishes the whole order over Humanity after 4,000 years of obscurantism. Detritus of all natural and human activities are fading away in more and more shadows invading the planet and, for a while, perhaps during the whole Aquarian cycle, we shall remain in silent quietness, potentially, for the recovery of splendor in Nature, greenness in forests, transparency in brooks, balance in Nature, vitality in animal and vegetal species, and disappearance of cities in the dust of their ruins, and androids submerged in the Radiant Barrier that is enveloping the Planet like a protective sea during this cycle. In their time, the Masters asked for community houses to be one thousand meters over the sea level; perhaps some time it cannot be possible to live under this level.

Throughout this generation, we men have this privilege: we are able to know the race change and the possibility of choosing between two worlds –a node produced every twenty thousand years: the old Teutonic Race, dying and decayed, and the emerging Aryan American Race, whose ideas expand by the Message of the Teachings. Aquarians will incarnate again and again many times, by learning how to live Renunciation.

This Hymn to Maitreya contains keys to the New Age, such as the Hymn to the Divine Mother preserves a millenary wisdom that gradually new generations shall develop. We suggest a close study of the Esoteric Courses: “The Becoming”, “Astral Aura”, “Science of Life” –all of them– and you can glimpse a virgin world of intact riches, waiting for its discovery by a brave explorer.

The physical world has mainly revealed its secrets –a magnificent effort crowned by nuclear fission a little before the Second World War. Still many territories of Nature are left; they are reserved for the future, but on other dimensions and with other knowledge and its tools. Through spiritual development, men can come into unknown dimensions of reality and perfect their mental, energetic and psychical aptitudes. By means of the Radiant Barrier extended by the Liberator, not only powers of the decrepit world become inoperative, but powers reserved to man are open; in Aquarius these powers shall start developing their capacities by harmonizing the mind and heart; the Hymn to the Divine Mother contains the wisdom of the Cosmos; the Hymn to Maitreya points out the way of the heart through which the soul will walk freely.

As it was told, the two last Reflections clearly state the alternative of the time, and between both worlds it is not death, as the sinister personage of the precedent Reflection suggests; on the contrary, it is the individual man, you, me, others that are there, and soon we should choose, rather, we should choose right now, because this choice is not an evolutionary process progressing and going back, but spontaneous soul illumination such as the soul is: a synthesis of many incarnations with joys and sorrows, which has reached this crossroad at a time predestined by his own inner reality, good or bad, saint or sinner, black, white or yellow, it does not matter, to find the Redeemer, who is expecting him at his own home.

Reader: Please look for the Teaching “Vocational Discernment”, in the Course “Intimacy of the Perfect”; there you will find details of this inner call that will help you to understand your own situation in this world. Although these texts had been written by Master Santiago for the Ordained of Community, his words reach all souls in search of the way. And if you wish to enrich this understanding in order to clear your decisions, you'll find in “Interpretation for the Ordained of Community”, first Teaching: “The Holy Gate”, how also this hour becomes a Portal between two worlds: This Portal is open only once.

Blessedness beside Maitreya.

José González Muñoz
August 2006